How do communications departments deal with CSR issues?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is essential for brands. It aims to transform the practices and activities of an organization taking into account environmental, social and ethical issues. Today all the stakeholders of a company are interested: human resources, managers, but also communicators and marketers.

In the 2022 edition of the brand engagement barometer, Cision, which provides communication and influence solutions and services, conducted a survey on business engagement practices with 507 marketing and communication professionals in France.

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The goal is to know the CSR strategies adopted in their companies and to better understand the evolution of the communication professions in the face of these new challenges.


CSR, an awareness that remains strong within organizations

Today CSR occupies a central place in brand development. For 76% of marketers and communicators surveyed, it’s even a matter of survival for their companies. Aware of the challenges it represents, 63% of companies have taken concrete actions in terms of commitment. This is a 5% drop from last year. For Cision, this cannot be explained with minor actions on their part, but rather with a real need on the part of communication professionals when it comes to talking about social and environmental commitment.

Companies are driven by different goals. ” The first is to make sense of work and act positively for the women and men that make it up. The second is to respond to the regulatory framework, and to the new and increasingly incentive regulations “Explains Cyndie Bettant, Cision’s marketing and communications manager.

There are also problems with the employer’s branding. We are in an era where companies try to retain their talent. Being a driving force for CSR issues attracts new generations “, He adds. Brand image is also an engagement factor. A committed company is the key to gaining consumer trust.

From now on, the transformation of CSR no longer translates into inaccurate actions. In order to get involved, brands make profound and strategic changes within their organization. This involves redefining the scope of action or changing their business model. By getting this study, you will learn about the various actions that brands take with regards to ecology, diversity and employee well-being. You can also read the opinions of employees who work in busy companies.

DISCOVER THE ESG – CSR WIRE media distribution circuit

The main role of communication departments

CSR shouldn’t just be a trend to be communicated. While most brands have understood the challenges this transformation represents, 80% of communicators feel there is still too much “CSR scrubbing”. ” A CSR must instill all the strategies of the company: from production, to purchasing and human resources. It is something very transversal “Explains Cyndie Bettant.

According to the Cision 2022 barometer, more and more companies are creating units dedicated to CSR, led by the General Management. 65% of them report directly to him. The Communication Department loses ground and leads CSR in 13% of cases.

There is no frustration on the part of communicators. The Communication Department returns to its essence: a role of pure influence, pedagogy and communication, essential to support this great transformation of businesses. Says Cyndie Bettant. The Cision study will allow you to understand how these new commitments are transforming the organization within companies and are transforming the professions of marketing and communication.

DISCOVER THE ESG – CSR WIRE media distribution circuit

Being able to communicate your CSR commitment

The barometer reveals that 94% of communicators believe a brand should communicate its commitments. This is a continuous and very strong growth with +28 points in 2 years (66% in 2020). This allows you to explain to consumers what is done internally and the reasons why changes are made, but also to be transparent with your customers. By obtaining this study, you will discover the reasons that push brands to carry out communication campaigns on their commitments.

Cision has seen a growing demand from companies to communicate their CSR strategy. In fact, many brands have turned to its Wire solution, which distributes press releases to 8,000 media partners and news sites in over 170 countries. ” We have seen three-digit growth in the share of press releases addressing these CSR and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues Says Cyndie Bettant.

This is why Cision has created Wire ESG, a broadcast circuit dedicated to these issues. It allows you to reach financial institutions, media dealing with financial information (such as Bloomberg and Reuters), as well as 20,000 journalists and media outlets in Europe and around the world who cover news on sustainability, alternative energy, inclusion, diversity … These are all elements that are part of the CSR.

To deepen the theme of the transversality of CSR commitments within organizations, the role of communicators and marketers as well as the most appropriate communication solutions,
download the Cision 2022 Barometer.


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