How do I create a page with Systems io? is the platform you need to save time and effort. It can be a real alternative to traditional hosting and CMS solutions. With you can easily create your own website. With you have a versatile tool. In addition, being able to centralize all operations related to your online activities in one place is a real benefit. In this article you will learn how to create a website with

Creating a website with

Source: Joseph Torregrossa is the best platform for marketing automation tools in one place. What sets apart from other marketing automation software is that it allows you to streamline all aspects of your marketing activities, from building forms and capturing pages to delivering your products and your numbers, from blogs to managing your commercial statistical data. You can implement your affiliate marketing program by creating sales pages.

Building a website with gives you automatic access to your online training. Therefore, creating a website is ideal if you want to make your training accessible online without having to go through a long and tedious process.

With a website on everything is done automatically. From a data storage point of view, you don’t have to go through classic hosting because all your text, images, videos and PDF files are stored in the cloud, which takes care of everything at no additional cost. Also, all content is included in the subscription package.

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Training is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone who has paid a regular price to access one or more of your online training courses. This is also the strength of You have access to one or more of your training sessions and can control this parameter by distributing it over time.

How do I create a page with

The useful steps to create a website with Systems io.
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Here are the useful steps to create a site with

Once connected to the platform, go to the menu and click on “Sales” and then on “Training”. All the training courses you download from the cloud are grouped here:

Create a Members Area

You must complete this task because you have not yet uploaded the training. To do this, click on “Create” and fill in all the required information.

This information is as follows: the name of the training, the description of the training, the access path or URL you have chosen, the color of the training area, the images added for the training, the possibility of adding chat software or other HTML tracking code and finally the training domain name.

Create one or more training modules in

The next step is to create a training module. Click New Module and give it a name. After that, click on “Add Chapter” and also give it a name. Adding images is recommended to make the layout more appealing to future students. The configuration of the accessibility of the training is also done in this phase.

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Now enter the construction part of the site, the layout of the latter. You add your own content and format it according to your needs. Eventually, all you have to do is integrate students into your own online training, and as I’m sure you’ll understand, this is tantamount to making sure you’re selling your training.

The benefits of using to build a website.

The main advantage of creating your own website through is that the website editor is very easy to learn.

However, will make your SEO work easier for you because SEO is important in online marketing. If you want to be successful on the internet. If you choose, you can automate important tasks, e.g. B. Sending emails to your members and managing access to the different training sessions for this or that member.

So you can create a sales tunnel on the same platform or create your own affiliate program while selling training. Of course, you can generate both entry pages and payment pages. The list of tasks you can do with is long.

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