How do I set up an automated online business with

Automation of an online business serves to accomplish the main task that requires your intervention and uses automation software to do the difficult tasks. In other words, you do the work once and the automation software repeats it for you. All the work is not up to you alone. With task automation, your online business can run on its own. Thanks to, you can run an automated online business that will bring you income without spending all your time. However, creating an automated online business requires a few essential steps.

An idea for your online business.

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In order to generate an automated online business, you must first find an idea to develop. This is the first step to get started.

Some online businesses require some skills on your part, some don’t. But with any online business, it is important to master certain internet marketing concepts. For example, you can start selling digital products, affiliation or infopreneurship, etc. These are very lucrative deals at the moment.

Thanks to, creating and automating your business is very easy once you have decided to become a member. On the marketplace you can also find affiliate products to sell and earn up to 40% commission. Once you have an idea for your business, you can move on to the next few steps.

Determine your acquisition strategy.

Whatever online business you want to develop, you must have customers. But before you can win these customers, you have to go through a well-defined process. First of all, you need to generate leads, get leads. To do this, you have several options: create a YouTube channel, a blog or a page on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Next, you need to build a reliable audience by frequently posting quality content related to your niche (domain) on your page, blog, social media or all these websites. These acquisition channels are all important. This allows you to drive traffic to your capture page, from which you can build your contact list, which is vital to the success of your business.

Define your sales model.

Automating an online activity also means setting up a fully automated process through which you acquire customers (sales tunnel). The effectiveness of your automated online business depends on this process.

In general, you need to drive traffic to your email collection, freebies, and offers through newsletters in order to make sales. Depending on your business or goals, some steps in this process can sometimes be changed or reversed. It’s up to you to decide what works best. Therefore, you need to understand how you’re going to do this and clearly define your sales plan (or sales funnel).

Grow your business with a subscription.

How do I create an automated online business?
Source: Tech2Market allows you to create and automate your online business. You can start with a free subscription to This allows you to test the functions of the software for 14 days free of charge. During this trial period, you can already start automating your business by creating training courses, email capture pages, sales funnels, etc.

Create a valid capture page with

The acquisition page or landing page is very important for your online business. This is a landing page where traffic from your various channels should end up.

The capture page allows you to collect emails from prospects to build your contact list, this is an essential part of your business success. Because if you don’t have contacts, you can’t sell anything.

On your capture page, you should see a small form asking your prospects to enter their name and email address in order to receive the freebie (e-book, factsheet, or webinar, etc.) you are offering. To make it more effective, the capture page should contain engaging content. You need to write a catchy title, provide some details about the content of the giveaway that you will be downloading, and show the giveaway’s graphics.

Create automated and targeted email campaigns.

All leads saved on your capture page are added directly to your contact list, which you can then contact later. allows you to tag different contacts in order to categorize them according to their origin, the offers subscribed to, etc.

Thanks to you can launch newsletters or automated and targeted email campaigns. For example, you can create emails that are automatically sent to prospects within a certain period of time, or create a newsletter that is published regularly, e.g. B. every three days.

Convert your prospects into customers.

Email campaigns allow you to share your expertise with potential customers, other free solutions, but above all to offer them your paid offers or products. In this way, gives you the opportunity to create a sales page to which you can redirect your customers. However, you can also choose:

  • Build sales funnels based on your goals
  • Direct your potential customers to the goals
  • Automatically manage your product sales
  • Add automatic payment methods to your sales pages.

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