How do men use Pinterest?

While Pinterest’s audience is predominantly female, male usage has steadily increased. The social platform now reaches around 27% of men aged 25-54, which could present a unique digital marketing opportunity for more men’s brands and products. But how do men use Pinterest for their buying journey? How can you optimize your marketing strategy on Pinterest for men?

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While Pinterest has always been a huge hit with women, more and more millennial men are creating Pinterest accounts over the years. For example, in 2016 men accounted for 40% of new signups, while in 2018 Pinterest reported that half of those who joined the social platform were men.

At that time, they were mainly looking for DIY projects for children, kitchen appliances and home projects, home gadgets including smart homes, camping equipment and outdoor ideas. In fashion, there’s been a surge in searches for vintage watches, shoulder bags, plaid pants, and even French haircuts (source: Pinterest).

For 2022, the social platform has released new key insights into how male audiences use Pinterest in digital marketing and how they use the app compared to other users.

The study shows:

  • 55% of male users want to go to the cinema more often;
  • 55% of them want to go to a restaurant;
  • 50% want to host house parties in 2022;
  • 60% are looking for new family-related activities;
  • 30% of male pinners want to buy a new car.

Additionally, Pinterest reports that 75% of men want to spend more money this year to reach their goals.

How to plan a marketing strategy on Pinterest?

Here are three things to consider when planning your Pinterest marketing strategy:

  • Personalization is the main driver of success: More than any other factor, finding the right item is the number one reason men say they have had a successful shopping journey;
  • You convert faster: When men are looking for something, they do less research in a category before making a purchase;
  • These are premium buyers: They are willing to pay more for a brand they know. So it pays to contact them early and often. They also prefer to pay full price to get what they want faster.

How do I reach men on Pinterest?

Above all, plan your strategy to reach men at important times in their lives, such as B. seasonal holidays, cultural events and the big moments in life. Bring your message to the moment for even greater impact. In other words, Identify important moments in their life to communicate at the right time. For this, To better prepare your marketing campaigns on Pinterest, there is a 2022 social media calendar.

With that in mind, you should energize your messaging and targeting by incorporating ideas and trends around male lifestyle interests. Base your campaign on Pinterest search trends in 2022.

Finally, show how your latest products can help men in their daily lives. Promote new products.

If you still think that Facebook and Twitter are the be-all and end-all of social networking, think again. 80% of Pinterest pins are repins, which means this is a platform that can very well bring traffic to grow your brand. Once on Pinterest, also focus on the male target audience as they now have great potential in digital marketing.

Source: Pinterest

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