How do you communicate the impact of an event?

After a certain time of the event, the physical B2B events are in place. Durant la sanise sanitaire et les nombreux confinements, leurs confères digitaux ont pris du gallon. The events are a pillar of a good marketing strategy. Learn how to significantly influence the level of awareness of a brand or your company. The result of an event is a great communication party. This is the author’s message, let’s get ready! Revoyons ensemble les bases pour a évenémentielle efficace…

The definition of your objects

Avant de vous lancer in the promotion of your event, vous devez comprendre pourquoi vous le faites. Do you want to agree? Why are you organizing this event?

Define your objects to define the location and organization of your event:

  • What kind of help do you have with your event? What is the difference between your competitors and other market events?
  • What do you want to do? What is your position in your market?

En effet, travailler vos objectsvous permet d’identifier les informasi kles, essential pour vos support de communication. Who are you talking to? What happened to the event? How to participate Why and participate? What are the gains?

One of the most important objects to define is the budget and commercial objects. You can see that this means your event is a failure.

  • What ad do you have?
  • How do the participants agree? Minimum? Maximum? The perfect idea?
  • Would you like to contact others?
  • What kind of traffic does your user have on your website? Ways to get your community involved? Is it possible to have the same visibility?

You are the object that helps you define your plan of action. If you agree with what you want to do, you can add more or less. They help you define your budget and refine your strategy.

Define your cable

One of the most important objects to define is your goal. You can have different goals to see your event. But it is not possible to address them in a human way. You get the segment. They serve your people to help you in this phase.

Une fois leurs motivastva et freely identifiés, vous devez concevoir des communications i discours adaptés à chacune.

Define your skills

You have always been able to understand what are feasible things and what are not. In the realization of these objects, people are important. Why? Car ils vous permettent de komprendre ce ques vous pouvez faire ou non si vous devez faire appel à des prestataires, mais ils vous permettent également de voir la quantity de kontenu / design que vous pouvez realized et donc de prioriser vos actions.

Lorsque l’on parle de moyen, on parle également de moyen financier. Setting a budget for your communications is important.

  • What a man? How many people inside/outside is the event?
  • Who is my funder? In a budget function you can use and support your actions.

For the love of communication, various supports need to be developed. First of all, you need to create a landing page where you can collect the information of the participants. A good landing page should have a unique object with a unique message. But it is so that the visitor realizes a precise action. Read your coordinates here / register for the event. If you want to save more, I invite you to read this article.

event communication

Communicate effectively through your event

Lorsque, you’re coming into this phase, your event is set. You know the date, the topic and your objective (lead generation, awareness, expertise ().

You can’t help but communicate this. For a working feature I recommend you to communicate 4 or 5 weeks before the deadline. Why? If it’s too early, you can lose potential visitors. Cec s’étant inscrits vont oublier. It’s almost equal to projection. Beaucoup ne s’engagent pas autant à l’avance.

The shock of communication supports

If you want to be more visible, your communication is multi-channel. We must see together. In this phase, the digital event is your best friend.

Website, Banner, Popup

When you feel good about your work, chances are your website visitors will find prospects. It is interesting to look at the event.

You can create a special page in your resources with your events. This page allows you to get an online replay of your webinars and convert potential leads.

The banners are always open to visitors. You need a color to draw from, with a message and information about your event. Please return directly to your landing page.

A little more intriguing, but very effective, is the pop-up in keeping visitors. If a person leaves your website or has a page related to your events, the pop-up can only change their name. Also help choose the colors you like with a dish and informative texts about your event. You can instruct and sign an application form or read your landing page.

mailings and newsletters

Le mailing a toujours su faire ses preuves. Here the importer is a good segment of your bases of people. You can send personalized mailings in a problem and problem mode.

You can define a script with the following mail types:

  • Save the date;
  • Premier Mail’s Invitation;
  • Second invitation email;
  • Confirmation of registration;
  • Abseiling one week before the event;
  • Rappel la veille de l’événement;
  • Rappel le jour J (pas obligatoire) “Participate on vous!”.

The object is important. It will be clear.

In your emails you can use the language, the subject, the date, the program. If you have prestige invites, keep up the good work. You can also watch a video of the event summary.

The mailing adventure can be quizzed. You can use one of the scenarios you have developed with the autopilot. In the function of certain sports you can return the good news.

Another interesting support is your newsletter. She will be able to save a large audience. Well done, the results go beyond the fables of a mailing dédié.

social research

Social research responses to the differentiation of communication objects. It is permanently designed to create visibility and increase the impact of your event even on packages.

In B2B, Twitter and Linkedin are two other plus allies. Néanmoins, Facebook n’a pas dit son dernier mot et est un réseau à ne pas negliger.

In an organic way, the content becomes the attractive content for life, with a catchphrase giving an interview to the intern of plus s’y pencher. The adventures of LinkedIn and Twitter disrupt the intervention. When you respond to your post, you get bored with the algorithms and see more.

You will not enter a line on your landing page. You can also comment on people. The entire booster is under control. The faint of heart will be able to enter your suite in your writing. The comment on LinkedIn is the algorithm of particular application. Her contribution is donut plus poussee.

Ensuite, ciblez exactly those prospects who are interested in Matched Audiences. You can also use LinkedIn direct link which is simple and easy to write.

Well done I think you want to be #specific to your event that you communicate about supporting your support. Cela vous permettra de gagner en visibilité sur les reseaux sociaux, d’être mieux suivi, de communiquer plus facilement le Jour J et récupérer du content.

Through your trading teams and account managers

He doesn’t have to go back and forth and the good old phones. Your commercial teams and account manager are all handsome in that very quick way of making a living. Your role as a coach should be in your business and customer success manager.

Another channel you can develop together with others is LinkedIn, thanks to advocacy. Like the explicit Yann Dirheimer de Hootsuite, this strategy “It’s also a good thing to contour the ‘lack of organic reach’ issue to increase your messaging to your employers and growers, as well as engagements and packages. Put simply, people trust their name more than any brand.”

And this is a webinar? You want to realize a virtual event? The communication author of this event is the same. The webinar does not support communication. The event followed the adventure. Thanks for the reruns and the video, the events after the event will take place again.

Communicate with followers and after your event

trailer event

Yayest. Nous sommes le Jour J. Pourtant, votre travail ne s’arrête pas ici. You can also live your event after kissing. I want to say goodbye to the whole world. As? thanks live

Le live vous permet d’élargir votre audience et de toucher un public different. On top of that, the ensemble of people doesn’t want to come back up and interact with you. The live tweet is perfect for the whole thing. Community creation with your community.

More Twitter isn’t the only thing. You can upload Facebook live, Twitch or Instagram stories. You have a different audience across each platform. You can do this and define what is important to you. In fact, the live need of time and focus will be able to moderate and respond to comments in real time. It is important not to pass.

After the event

Your event comes at the expense of good content. Capitalize this.

The Prime Minister decided to comment on the participants’ meeting and the inscriptions. For the whole thing, use the mail and your social media for a big door. In two days, offer a summary of the event with severe weather. It can also be written as an image, photo or video.

In fact, video support is the best feature for events. Simple, reusable, visual and viral, it matches the number of critical searches from interns and brands.

This new content includes Lords of the Event They touch the touch of new news. They feed your social media, blog and website. The adventure is one of the main in different formats. For example, a keynote is recorded in a video, updated in podcast format, written in article form, reprinted in quote form in the formats, plus dishes for your social media and blog posts…

For the rest it’s up to you! Alors, 1,2,3, go and good event!

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