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What possibilities and options do Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer to make public? Whose social network uses the notorious marketing, recruitment and ROI feature?

First goal: branding

Branding consists of more engagement generation (likes on posts, comments, partial pages, etc.) for sponsored publications (Facebook), tweets (Twitter) and updates (LinkedIn). For this to be the place to engage with a fanbase or reach a wide audience with a business-relevant message, content sponsorship is also important.

Facebook and brand

Facebook offers helpful options for participation in objects of brand visibility, video views, media impact, TV campaign relays, reach, etc. Facebook has an arsenal of a brave public area and offers specific formats adapted to branding (Page Post Photos Ads , Page Post Video Ads, Premium Video Roll-on, Logout Page Ads,…) and a kind of “Cochut for Mille” (CPM ) in addition to impressions, reach and frequency. Your messages (or news feed) are focused on the main user usage with a large space for photos and high-quality graphics.

Alexis Roucourt, Social Media Consultant at SocialMoov

Alexis Roucourt, Social Media Consultant at SocialMoov

Twitter and branding

Twitter offers an instant conversational format that adapts to the events of the past, materialized through the famous #hashtags, and an audience focused on CSP + Belle, early adopters and opinion leaders. You can also find articles on these topics, with sponsored tweets and cycles of @usernames et mots-clés, obviously adapted to engagement campaigns. It is also possible to inspire in addition to the tendencies and conversations that generate a maximum of interactions (RT, favorites, replies) and take advantage of a favorable organic context: Buzz autour d’une Broadcast TV, d ‘a Brand News, a sporting event, etc.

LinkedIn and branding

LinkedIn communicates on a branded object using 3 formats: Classic Ad, InMail and Sponsored Update. This is the focus of business orientation and networking on the platform, the advertising rhythm is based on professional experience, current professional function, area of ​​activity or share in the company. Part of the potential of LinkedIn lies heavily in the visuals of turning into an awareness gainer. In fact, the cycling and professional context criteria are essential to achieve a quality objective. In addition, the advantages of LinkedIn in France include a relative of young people reporting Anglo-Saxons to the touching population, as well as a large and a large number of students. The profile of the user of the moyen is donc plus qualifié: CSP +, 35/49 ans, revenus supérieurs à 54k € annuels, etc.

Second goal: create a community

Public relations on social issues, in addition to the audience, also includes the creation of a “community” to support the company’s operations in the suite according to the regular rules. Yes, in the case of a mobile application, it is possible to use it via the in-app apps. You can add a Fan Ad (Facebook), Followers (Twitter) or Followers (LinkedIn). Further installing a mobile application, recruiting participants for a contest via a Facebook application, etc. In the College of Social Media Advertising, it is a good idea to focus all communication on the community. The fan course days last no more than a month and it is preferable to have a small community dealing with a big cock with a big cocktail. Cependant, sans auditoire, le message ne passe pas et le recruitment of fans, followers, members qualifiés …est LE point de depart primorial qui s’accomplit via des publisariires specificiques.

Facebook to create a community

The “Like Ads” (PLA) is the only one in the unique and unique format that the “J’aime” generation publishes on the site. This format is available on mobile and desktop (newsfeed or right column). The advantage of this format lies in the possibility of using the user on a single page.

Adopt a book

Concernant le Mobile, a specific format dedicated to installing applications that exist in the form of Page Posts optimized for reviews from the App Store or Google Play Market.

These posts are similar to the topic.

Twitter to create a community of followers

The existing two formats were recruited from supporters. The Premier is a sponsored account with a “classic” (promoted account) diffused in the timeline, consisting of a simple follow-up module inviting to a precise account.

The second account is sponsored in the timeline (sponsored account in the timeline). This final material was added to a tweet that is followed by a “Follow” button that allows you to direct the account to the original tweet. The participle efficace lorsqu’il est rattaché à un tweet à forte viralité organic.

Audiences can “compensate” for an impactful tweet by following an original account. In addition, Twitter has expanded the availability of advertisers in “Mobile App Card” format, designed to recruit users on mobile devices, with an image and a large area of ​​clickable call-to-action choices included in the Store download . Different point of view on Facebook, most people install an application that does not use the application immediately, Twitter can pop-up the rapper in-app to open the application for free download.

Adrien Rosier, Social Media Consultant at SocialMoov

Adrien Rosier, Social Media Consultant at SocialMoov

LinkedIn: Build a community of professionals

LinkedIn offers another system that can also help you get engaged on companies’ “next” pages.

LinkedIn the introduction of a function next to the button “S’subner” on Facebook. This “Follow” button allows you to endorse the content of someone’s shared content on your LinkedIn flow without having to be in direct contact with them.

Ainsi, a personne aura un très grand nombre de ‘followers’ sur son profile LinkedIn sera categorisée comme influente. It is in the hands of corporations to be known as notorious and recognized as experts in respectable fields.

Three-dimensional object: the ROI

L’objectif ici est de menr l’audience hors du réseau social, ver une landing page web où se déroulera la conversion. This type of campaign is partially adapted to the logic of collecting prospects (evaluation by form) or generating sales for e-commerce. Ainsi, the number of companies using the latest Facebook and Twitter to generate the business code and an unchanging ROI, stormy le bras à Certaines ideas reçues sur la profitability of advertising campaigns on social issues. Observe ainsi, on certain e-commerce campaigns, a return on investment of €5 for €1 investment, voir plus on campaign prices with exclusive offers.

Facebook supports ROI

Facebook offers a wide range of ROIstes: Domain Ads (vignettes) in the right column (right or right side), Page Posts Link Ads with a customizable call-to-action button (“Acheter”, “Scribe” , “Télécharger” , etc.) et, depuis peu, le Post Multi-Products que permet de mettre en avant 3 produits simultanément avec un lien de redirection précis pour chacun des 3 produit.

These formats are associated with Facebook’s capabilities allowed by Acquisition Costs (CPA) to simulate search results (Google Adwords).

Twitter and ROI campaigns

Twitter recently introduced the Website Card format, which is specially adapted for direct response. Celui-ci consists of a large clickable interface, an image and a call-to-action button. The Website Card is available for Tweets who can voluntarily engage in engaging, respectful Twitter Best Practices to maximize virality and improve the efficiency of a sample lead generation campaign. Also, Twitter announces the introduction of an “Accept” button to accompany your Promoted Tweets. Ceci, a Twitter pixel tracker, is on its way to ROI campaigns with traffic results.

LinkedIn: the ROI passe par the emails

With an approach to the heart of branding, a professional position, LinkedIn offers an instant opportunity for direct response campaigns, InMails sponsorship, and strong lead collector integration with an email campaign, desktop and mobiles. And on the occasion, it is likely that the new formats will always complete the existence of a single ROI optic.

Finally, a range of social media offers in multiple formats to be answered in an ensemble of different objects on desktop and mobile. Ainsi, penser i réussir la combination between les different options offered par chacun de ces medias sociaux est la guarantie d’une social strategy à la fois coherente et rémunératrice en tout point. For this it will be possible to send a global message about the message of interest (interesting to the audience, all the power and efficiency of the company for business) and the best way to touch the cable (combination: format + placement + enchère + message + picture). And on the other hand, for a meeting between the company’s presence and price, you pay the password / brand on social issues.

authors : Alexis Roucourt etc Adrian RosierSocial media consultant at SocialMoov


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