How do you regulate your tariffs as a freelance editor?

L’un des casses-têtes qui revient sans cesse quand on démarre comme Pédacteur web freelance (more than 20 years old for all activities on the internet) c’est: «How do I set my service tariffs? ». That’s a brilliant question, and it’s no small thing. In the practice of rabbit tariffs, if you take the right to the market price, you risk not being able to live properly with this activity and not taking the margin with you, as customers compete against the more competitive competition. Alors quel pourrait être le “price only” ?

The invoice mode in the web editor

The traditional de facto billing mode in the editorial office for the web effect of the sign and the feuillet. A character that matches a letter of text, spaces, and compresses. And 1,500 correspond to 250 mots by 1 feuillet. An item of 500 Mots was made by 3,000 people or 2 people. The “sign” is a unit of account used in journalism.

The ideas of reality and actuality

A web editor job isn’t limited to editing, it’s a failure. Some clients don’t understand Freelance Editors’ rates for writing a “simple article”! This is necessary to take into account the pace of research and analysis of the information to be maintained, but it is also possible to plan the article and the pace of decrementation, but also to correct and reflect before delivering it to the client. It is a souvenir and important to have a number of different phases that are charged when passing the multi-character float. It is applied in this case long hours.

To estimate your price, you can also have a copy of the type of text to be produced: press release, email newsletter, website, article, e-book, etc. Selon la complexité ou la lourdeur de la täche à accomplir, the coût final sera plus ou moins élevé.

The classic backyard

Lüne des erreurs les plus classics du Editor Debutant dans le metier, c’est de brader son travail. Your competition matters, you should sell your services at your best price! The debutants are always interested in getting the first customers to encourage very little competition that competes with the lack of experience and “social prestige”. Rien n’est plus erroné!

A customer who is satisfied with your services will not be able to accept the price, he is satisfied, he will be able to accept that everything is worth his money, that he would not want to buy an Audi A8 at the same price. Twingo!

Souveniz-vous que vous faites ce travail pour gagner votre vie et vivre de cette activité. Pay attention to any fees you have to pay: you pay 21% of the fees and you have to enclose your invoice. I would like to have the status of entrepreneur in the shovel, you must include and include in the payroll the cost of your work and a professional guarantee, the cost of electricity, your internet subscription, etc.

These differences are the main aspects of your time and bill. And we know that the whole is beautiful and always pours the maximum out of the reality of what you are dealing with in your activity.

Yes and SMIC hours for a salary is in: €7.58 no In 2017, for an independent, considering everything that happened before, he’ll multiply that by 4 to bill the author €30.32 the hour soit 0.51 centimes / minute.

PVD (Competition in Development Policy) competition

The editors of the bases in the developing countries and the platforms of the web editors responsible for the honors and scandals of the Caucasus are freelance editors. For those who participate in the PVD competition, it is clear that an editor in France will not be able to compete with an Indian editor in Malagasy! Comme nous l’avons vu, en France, l’État prend 21% of welfare payments and the fact that they care more about the poor!

In order to have a correct salary in France, he cannot accept a blog ticket to participate €3.50 and €5 !! He understood the problem when, in a country like Tunisia, he voted the SMIC monthly in 2009 from 260 euros for the 48-hour limit and 225 euros for the 40-hour cure. The minimum wage in Madagascar is quantitatively inferior €40 !!

A tax protectionist

In order to protect the activity of the editors installed at Hexagone, the state should take into account the measures taken to create a tax protection that is mandatory for all web editing commands via one of these payments. The tax should be higher than the value of the difference, which is different from the French tax. It also applies to the publisher or operator’s bill rate and extends the balance to the French Lutheran Army publishers. The tax is a complete distortion of competition.

The tariffs in force are 2017


  • Editorial office: (150 days): from 60 to 180 €;
  • Articles of 500 per person (3,000 marks): from 100 to 360 €;
  • Article per 1000 mots (6000 marks): from 200 to 500 €;
  • File for 2000 Mots (12,000 Marks): from 300 to 800 €;
  • Daily rate: from 300 to 500 €.


  • 1 web page (creation) -1,000 characters: from €50 to €150;
  • 1 web page (recitation) 1,000 characters: from 30 to 60 €.


  • Advertising reimbursement: from 350 to 500 €.

Certain editors may also charge 100 or more. Given the tariffs noted in 2017, he can cite an article from the 500 Mots blog (3,000 characters) to which he can return 40 € per 100 mots. And that for an article of 1,000 mots too 35 € per 100 mots.

FYI, this article finishes at 2:30 p.m. and is billed at: 0.51 cents X 150 minutes = €76.50 with hourly rates. If the current account is valid, the 6530 players must have received 1088 mots, or more than 4 feuillets, the account must be added (1088/100) X 35 =€380.80.

The difference between the two types of billing is important and clearly to the advantage of such hours for the client, but not for the editor! Et vous, comment positionnez-vous your offer? The debate is open in the comments!

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