How does Google copyright work?

We can’t post everything we want on the internet, especially when it doesn’t belong to us. Google is no exception and doesn’t hesitate to get rid of copyright infringers through the DMCA. Find out what you run into for violating the Google DMCA, penalized content, and how to file a complaint.

What are the DMCAs?

The DMCA is simply the contraction of ” Copyright law of the digital millennium“. He’s a US law protecting content creators, artists, and more once again, against those who do not respect digital copyrights. This law has equivalents in Europe with the EUCD in particular, which operates in the same way. Despite the importance of copyright protection, these laws remain controversial as they are considered by some freedivers.

The list of copyrighted content

The DMCA actually applies to many types of content.

  • Audio : this is obviously the first example that comes to mind. When you use a sound or music that doesn’t belong to you, expect repercussions. It is also important to note that all audio formats will be recognized.
  • Video : same principle as audio, if you use a video that does not belong to you or that is not free of rights, you expose yourself to penalties.
  • images : be it a photograph, a drawing, an illustration or other, be careful not to make mistakes.
  • The text : even words are penalized. Of course, you shouldn’t pressure yourself with this look. It is not because you have a common phrase with another article that you will be penalized. Same thing if you mention someone else. For this to be penalized, the copy must be long enough. It is therefore HTML code, but also TXT, DOC, PDF, e-books, etc. In other words, the sharing of documents subject to rights is not authorized.
  • Software : Obviously you cannot provide software that is not yours and is not open source.

Another important point to emphasize, this law and this content does not only apply to your website. On social networks, the functioning is the same. Same thing for forums and any other places you are likely to create content.

The impact of a DMCA penalty on a website

What are the penalties incurred by the pages and sites that receive complaints?

You’re just exposing yourself deletion of the page in question, No more, no less. Currently, almost Deletion of 6 billion URLs has been requested due to copyright. It’s hard to tell if this deletion has another impact on your SEO. Otherwise, you can also end up in court in extreme cases.

How to report an abuse, a page or a site on Google? The Google DMCA Notice Complaint Form

If you wish Report a page that uses your content without permissionGoogle has prepared a form that you can fill out directly at this link:

Google DMCA complaint form

In this form, you must provide all the information that Google needs to make the right decision regarding the suspicious content. Here is everything that is expected in this module:

  • Your details : obviously you have to leave your name and surname, your email address and the country where you live. You must also indicate whether you are the owner of the rights or whether it is another person. It will therefore be necessary to designate it. If you use this form in a professional context, you must also indicate the company you work for.
  • Information relating to the work / content. In the first field it is necessary to explain in a sentence, in a descriptive way, to which the work or content object of the complaint corresponds. So you have to provide a link of the original content to prove its truthfulness. Finally, you must provide information on the URLs on which this content that violates your rights can be found.
  • Sworn declaration and signature. To prove the seriousness and authenticity of the request, you must declare on your honor the information you have just provided and sign.

All requests sent to Google are forwarded to You can then consult them and see the topic and sites affected by each of them. If someone complains against you, you can get the information directly from this site.

Google DMCA complaint example
Google DMCA complaint example

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