How does the Google search engine work?

SEO is an essential discipline for the good visibility of a website, but before that it is necessary to understand how Google works.

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SEO: three letters that have brought rain and shine for 10 years Internet. SEO-like search engine optimization or the art of optimizing your content to be attractive to search engines, and in this case to Google. Because Google now represents 90% of search queries on the Internet (data from December 2019) and can no longer exist on the Internet without Google.

How does a search engine like Google work?

So that you can position yourself correctly in the Google results and thus become visible Eyes It is important for most people to understand how the search engine works. Without this knowledge of the basics of research, it is impossible to take the right actions to optimize your website’s visibility. This is called referencing, more specifically natural (or organic) referencing.

A search engine is a huge directory of all the pages published on the Internet. There are billions and billions of them; and millions of them are created every day, even every hour. To compile this directory, Google uses robot responsible for checking all websites around the world. We call that indexingand it’s up to content creators to enable it for Google to include it in its directory.

Most often, this technical part related to optimization is delegated to competent professionals. In general, it is necessary to contact an SEO agency to have them carry out a referencing strategy, also called SEO. So how does Google actually work and how do you get your website to appear first on one? inquiry ?

Google: The basic principles to know in the field of SEO

When it comes to SEO, it’s important to understand what Google indexes, examines, and ultimately keeps in order to promote a webpage. It is the robot that collects data for indexing each page of the site, and the search engine examines: the textual content of the pages, such as titles, subtitles and text, the code of the site, images, links, keywords.

This is where the work of an SEO agency comes in Eskimos is important. In fact, the latter works to methodically follow the instructions of the Google algorithm in order to achieve a good positioning on the pages of the search engine. Working around SEO is therefore essential to get interesting results.

This work is mainly based on what internet users are looking for. It is necessary to know the requests made by Internet users to Google in order to be able to appear among the results.

When a user types a search in the search bar Google, the search engine robots are then activated to classify the websites according to the words entered by that user. But how does Google then organize itself in this period of a few milliseconds? How are website pages inserted to appear first or last in results?

In times of connected objects like Alexa or Google Home, we have to think about improving voice search. © Eskimos

SEO Best Practices

Specifically, the robots start studying different elements to determine which side to highlight first, second, third. To do this, it observes the relevance of the pages according to the keywords entered in the search bar from Google by user. The robots then cross various dates to increase the chances of responding perfectly to the user’s request.

Thanks to server and Database but also immense processors Ultra-powerful, Google’s algorithms study the relevance of the topics discussed on the pages of websites in record time. And this is where working around the rich content, keywords and semantic field of each page of a website is important. This is where good practice comes into play matter of SEO are proven. This is also due to the popularity of the site’s pages. the more they have backlinks and the higher the popularity indicator for Google. That backlinks are positive elements that prove the quality of a website.

Many other parameters are taken into account, such as B. the age of the site, their volume of the pages, the page loading speed, its audience… SEO is therefore important, but the webpages must not be too heavy in code so that they display quickly. Google will never highlight a slow website as their robots need to be able to index pages quickly.

Finally, cross-referencing all this data allows Google to know the order of priority that must be given to the pages indexed in its files. Here, too, the upstream work of the SEO agency is important in order to achieve good results in terms of visibility website. In fact, the skills to master Google and SEO codes are complex. It is therefore interesting to delegate this whole part to competent professionals.

The benefits of SEO to improve your positions in Google

Once you understand Google’s criteria, it’s important to take action on your website to improve your positions in search engine results. In fact, these are not fixed. They are constantly evolving. It’s possible to be in a bad position but take action to improve your results. Conversely, it is also possible to rank well but not to respond and lose your position to fall into Google’s results.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep a constant eye on your website to optimize your positions. We can appear in the first results of a week and then go from the first page the following week. There are two reasons for this: first, Google is changing its criteria; then the competition is active and uses the same assets. As a rule, professionals turn to an SEO agency to ensure optimal positioning and to carry out regular checks. Behind the idea of ​​a good positioning is of course a question of the good visibility of the website. For this, it is important to implement daily improvements in the field of SEO.

On YouTube, Google usually gives advice in English on how to do good indexing. ©Google

The SEO expert, like that of the agency Eskimoz in Lyon can then begin its work, for example, by conducting an audit of multiple pages on your website to identify improvements to be made. If you have questions about an agency’s role, you know that they can work on several points to improve the visibility of their client’s website. This can be done when enriching text content by creating a to blog that bring an editorial touch and thus make it possible to write long articles. An important criterion for Google. Keywords are added to the pages of the site as Internet users’ requests evolve and it is necessary to monitor the most searched keywords.

The establishment of backlinks is important for your website to be recognized by referring websites. Don’t forget to include new links in the existing content, and again, it’s important to link to reference sites, but not competitors. The technical improvement of your site must be taken into account. Whether it is about updating the server, CMS or even built-in scripts, SEO gets even better when it can rely on a fast and secure website.

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