how Miss Marvel was born from the death of the X-Men

Before his series Miss Wonder On Disney+, the heroine is the result of a failed strategy by Marvel to kill the X-Men in the comics.

Considering the sums of money that characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the X-Men can amass, it makes sense that fights take place behind the scenes. So when Miss Marvel (Iman Vellani) seems to arrive like a flower in the MCU with her series Miss Wonder and a pleasant first episode, its origins and success are a major thorn in Marvel’s side. Because if the comic publisher had hoped for the success of the character, The Maison des Idées wanted it to be the same for its kind, the brutes. Yes, her again! We had revived an old trauma by talking about the show into people canceled but it was just a brick of Inhumansgate.

Before Disney regained the rights to the X-Men (and the Fantastic Four) by purchasing 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios was not allowed to use mutants in films. So came the rather logical idea of ​​” Why are we promoting the competition by making comics about characters that we can’t use in movies?“. That’s when the replacement of the X-Men in favor of the Inhumans began, and from that editorial genocide will come Miss Marvel.

A heroine spot she didn’t steal

X-Men vs. Inhumans

It all starts with Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel Entertainment, as well as Marvel Comics. This eccentric businessman saved Marvel Bankrupt in the late 1990s, as a good financier he launched the exit strategy X-Men from Marvel’s editorial line to no longer promote a film franchise that it does not own. So 2013, after the crossover infinitya Terrigen cloud (a mist that activates powers in carriers of a latent Inhuman gene) spreads across the world at the event inhumanity. Normal people are suddenly given superhuman abilities including young Kamala Khan, the future Miss Marvel.

However, this cloud has a devastating effect on mutants and will lead to their near extinction. But the X-Men fight and go to war against the Inhumans they believe are responsible for the disaster. This last stand will give the events death of X in 2016 and Inhumans vs. X-Men in 2017. By that time, the mutant successor was already in place. Black Bolt’s (the Inhuman King) royal family has already gained prominence by participating in the massive crossover Civil War II in 2016 as well as in new series like All new monsters and The creepy brutes in 2015 – a name reminiscent of Marvel’s intentions, as one of the X-Men’s historical and founding series is called… The creepy X-Men.

Miracle: imageThe Comics of Provocation

Parallel to the disappearance of the X-Men and the appearance of the Inhumans in the comics, a film had been planned since 2011. into people in the MCU. Also from the second season of Marvel’s agents from SHIELD In 2014, the Black Bolt species is introduced to prepare the general public for these pseudo-X-Men. Meanwhile, Fox came out in 2014 X-Men Days of Future Past (the franchise’s biggest hit), the R-Rated Dead Pool (2016) and the will logan (2017). Superhero movies that defined the genre. More importantly, it proved that mutants still had loyal fans and that Marvel’s strategy of imposing the Inhumans instead was a failure.

In fact, despite (and because of) the pressure they are being put on, the comics about King Black Bolt and his people don’t meet with the expected enthusiasm. This failed marketing stunt ends when Disney 2016 overtakes Marvel’s hierarchy, Kevin Feige (the architect of the MCU) no longer having to go through Ike Perlmutter (with whom there has often been tension) to speak to Mickey’s company. Perlmutter, known for his misogynistic and racist choices, is also amicably fired by Disney. Feige will therefore cancel the film into peoplewhile Perlmutter, still head of Marvel Television, is yet to launch the series into people for its well-known success. The King is dead, long live the X-Men and Miss Marvel.

The Inhumans : Photo The Inhumans Season 1“I want success”

The Wonderful Ms. Marvel

But in this wave into people grows and finally suffocates a few years later, one character buzzed against the odds: Miss Marvel/Kamala Khan. This brand new heroine joins the Spider-Man roster in her debut. Young and upset with a complicated family life, she must grapple with the everyday life of a high school student while discovering powers she must master. This makes Kamal Khan Pakistani of Muslim faith, a character with so many novelties which probably got the most reactive readers talking. Still, Miss Marvel is the nugget emerging from the mud that was the X-Men’s displacement strategy.

Miracle: imageThe first in a long line

From his first series Ms. Marvel, published between 2014 and 2015 and written by G. Willow Wilson, exploded in sales. number #1 is Best selling comics of October 2014. The author continues with a second series entitled again Ms. Marvel of 38 issues between 2015 and 2019. Kamala Khan’s adventure continues in The magnificent Ms. Marvel which will have eighteen editions from 2019 to 2021. In addition to her solo series, the super heroine is the leader of championsa young team she formed after leaving the Avengers (yes, it’s an Avengers) that will have multiple series and a relaunch.

Any run from Ms. Marvel is acclaimed by critics and audiences alike and has multiple editions in the prestigious top sales of the week des New York Times. The heroine is valued so much because she is a representative of modern youth as the Muslim community, while taking part in the events of the Marvel Universe. It thus attracts new audiences to the comics and diversifies the Marvel fan base. His popularity will make him the main character of the game Marvel’s Avengers in 2020 alongside legendary superheroes (too bad the game is bad). And of course there is his series, the first step before film The wonders with Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

Miracle: imagewith beautiful people

superhero hic

But while the glittering fame Kamala Khan enjoys makes Marvel happy, her affiliation to a family of superheroes that cares little is binding. Because it had to be adapted for the MCU – something that had to be a given the freak she was in the comics – logically implied integration of the Inhumans. Adjustment work was therefore necessary for Marvel and Disney if they wanted to wow audiences. So his Disney+ series turned out to be an opportunity to rewrite the character’s mythology to correct the shortcomings of his comic book version.

Miss Marvel: Photo Iman VellaniShine bright like a diamond

The MCU and paperback’s Kamala Khan is a fan of Captain Marvel and wants to look like him first before creating her own identity. So it makes sense to revisit her origins by casting young Marvel Studios Khan with cosmic powers as a teenager. In this way, Miss Marvel will have a much stronger bond with her idol with whom she will share the same lore, making their relationship more intense than that of the comics. Her desire to be the new Captain Marvel is amplified and her personality remains unchanged. Ultimately, the series might even be the perfect opportunity for Marvel to make the heroine what it really wanted by creating her.

With this adaptation work, therefore, Kamala Khan should logically fit into the Captain Marvel storyline, particularly through her superheroic gifts, which she now holds from a strange bracelet. Its origin is unknown at the moment, even if it bears similarities to the nega bands worn by the first Captain Mar-Vell (hold, hold, hold). Another cosmic superhero, Quasar, is also equipped with identical quantum bracelets, allowing him to generate Green Lantern-like forms. All of these comic book influences probably served the writing of Miss Wonderdismissing the embarrassing origin story in favor of a welcome galactic dimension.

Miss Marvel: Photo Iman VellaniNo more shame family

From that behind-the-scenes fight, Miss Marvel was born, whose the overwhelming success made him an important personality of the Marvel Universe. If it was obvious that she would one day show up in the MCU, the question was how would Marvel Studios proceed. Disney+ seems to be on the right track at the moment with a nice first episode, the result of a thoughtful adaptation (we hope).

After Ike Perlmutter’s plan was wrong, Marvel set the record straight by reintroducing the X-Men into their editorial line. But this comeback comes at a price, the Inhumans are decimated in the miniseries death of the monsters in 2018 and buried the stories of Black Bolt and his ilk for a while. In the case of the mutants, on the other hand, it is an event with an equally explicit name that heralds its return in 2017, resurrectionwhich the series will follow House X and power of X by Jonathan Hickman, who will pave the way for the relaunch Dawn of X. An exciting revival to inspire Marvel Studios to integrate Cyclops, Wolverine and his gang into the MCU.

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