How to attract customers in 2022 in the digital age?

Digital marketing strategies to attract customers in 2022

In an effort to attract more and more customers, many companies are opting for digital marketing strategies. In fact, unlike other types of traditional marketing that have now disappeared or are not used, marketing that concerns the digital world is booming. So, in the digital age of 2022, using the right marketing strategy is truly your best bet for getting customers. In the rest of this article, we’ll give you the best tips for achieving this.

Define your target audience (Buyer Persona)

Before implementing a good digital strategy, the first thing to do is to identify your target. Obviously, going risky to win potential customers won’t help you much. Investigations must therefore be carried out before hoping for the success of any other strategy. This is what the term “buyer person” means. The latter, in fact, is used to talk about the public of a company. In other words, it refers to the profile of the people who are most likely to be interested in the services or products your company provides.

To clearly identify the “Buyer Person”, it is necessary to identify the social status, age, profession and hobbies of the customer, but also his fears, habits, desires, expectations, fears, aspirations, real needs, his channels of information and acquisition of the product you want are marketing. The goal is to know how the product or service meets the expectations of the latter. You will then need to ask a number of questions that will allow you to access this type of information. The answers to these questions will help you establish a very precise profile and more accurately define the ideal digital marketing strategy to implement. And this step is critical when we know that the business ecosystem is now more governed by marketing.

Promote your product with freebies

If you have a product that you would like your customers to adopt, and if you can afford it, do not hesitate to organize marketing campaigns to have it tested for free or at a low price. The example of online casinos shows very well how effective this tactic is. These betting sites offer many different bonuses for players to test their games and services, and these are often won over and remain after the trial period. It is also possible to find many free slot machines online, which means that bettors who come to the site have already tested this type of product and are convinced of it. It is therefore essential to get customers to find out what you are selling without having to put too much financial effort.

Ensure proper management and optimization of your website

A self-respecting company must have an attractive website and make regular updates. In fact, it indicates your seriousness with a buyer. If you don’t have one, it’s time to create one, because some customers like to visit a company’s website before making a purchase. It is therefore important that your platform is simple, easy to use, orderly, clear, precise, well organized to present your products and services in the best possible way. In other words, the website must be managed so that it appears in the top search engine results when someone types relevant keywords.

Today, the use of mobile devices for many activities has increased a lot. It is therefore essential to attract customers that your platform is also optimized for smartphones and tablets. A well-optimized web platform for mobile devices will have better loading speed and better visual stability, providing a better user experience. Seeing that Google has launched 3 new tools to assess website fluency shows just how fundamental these criteria are.

Automate your activities

Automating as many tasks as possible allows you to prioritize your projects (from priority to less) and save time. If you can automate tasks in the right areas, it could help you greatly increase the benefits of your strategy. Here are some areas to consider for automation:
– Marketing emails: Automating your marketing emails means that you need to schedule the email delivery for already selected contacts in advance. It is also possible to set up email series to be sent to multiple people by providing them with personalized follow-up.
– Social media posts: Here you have to plan ahead which posts to post on all social media platforms.
– The flow of prospects: if an Internet user wants to download something, you just have to send it to him instantly by e-mail so that he can retrieve it. You can then send scheduled automated emails with additional data on what he is looking for.

Use digital marketing strategies to gain exposure

Strategies and tools optimize your presence on the Internet, especially on social networks and search engines. These tools will help you save time and improve your strategies.

SEO strategy and tools
Natural referencing SEO is all about appearing on the first page of a search engine without paying a dime for advertising. To do this, various factors come into play such as the quality of the content, the charging time, the adaptability to the smartphone, etc. SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs allow you to perform SEO audits automatically and with a predefined frequency. Thanks to them, you can also analyze the quality of the content available on your pages.

SEA strategy and tools
SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is the same as SEO with the only difference that it uses paid advertising to promote a brand. It allows the company to be visible through an investment. However, as soon as you stop paying, it becomes invisible on the net again.

SEM strategy and tools
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) also consists in increasing the visibility of a platform by bidding on keywords and paying for those that the Internet user can type in the search bar of certain Internet engines. It’s also a paid reference, and you can use tools like WordStream or Optmyzr to properly manage Google Ads campaigns.

Social media marketing tools
Thanks to them you can automate the planning of your publications on social networks and the management of the community. You can use one of the following HootSuite or Buffer software. You can also buy subscribers on the internet to convert them into leads created to meet the demand for marketing services.

Use inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is a smart strategy aimed at attracting prospects in a natural and interested way. It is in harmony with the purchasing process of the customer who prefers to be the sole decision maker. That is, the consumer chooses to know the product features and customer reviews of their own volition without an intrusive or premature approach from the company selling the product or service. The advantage of inbound marketing is that the company’s prospects are already interested in the company, because it was their own research that led them to the brand in question. In other words, the products offered by the company correspond to the needs and expectations of prospects. To be successful with an inbound marketing strategy, you need to convey a strong image of an expert to your target audience and build trust with them. To achieve this, you need to associate SEO with content marketing.

Content Marketing consists of distributing information content to your consumers and prospects that can bring real added value to society. Simply put, if a customer wants to know how to grow an orange, they need to share content that talks about how oranges grow, when to water them and the different varieties. In this way the consumer will be seduced and convinced of your gardening competence and if he has to buy he will choose you rather than one of your competitors. Any type of content (video, podcast, article, interview, etc.) is likely to add value to help you position yourself as an expert.

Make social sales

Social networks have a preponderant place in the customer journey and in the purchasing decision-making process. The advantages of these lie in the fact that it is possible to observe the interactions resulting from the publications of a company, but also to exchange directly with prospects to find new customers. In other words, you have to use social networks to find potential customers, interact with them and then support them. This is the very definition of social selling. If you weren’t using this strategy, now is the time to do it, as chances are you’re losing contact with your social media-focused competitors. The amount of data circulating through social media is immense. It allows a precise understanding of the needs of the target thanks to which it is possible to transmit, at the right time, the ideal content and thus capture the attention of potential customers. The prospect could then go alone directly to the brand platform or decide to get in direct contact with the company.

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