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Every year in France, the digital sector creates thousands of jobs. According to a study by the professional union for the digital ecosystem in France (Numeum), the sector experienced a growth of 6.3% in 2021, representing more than 540,000 salaried jobs. As a result, the demand from companies is high, many of them are already looking for talent capable of implementing the latest and future technological innovations.

Choosing to study in the digital sector means having to choose from a large number of high schools in the area that offer courses in all forms. As soon as you get your Bac or after a Bac + 3, it is important to choose the right course to ensure your future professional integration and success in the web professions. The hardest thing is not finding a school but choosing the right training that meets your expectations and matches your professional aspirations.

There are many digital schools in Paris and several factors need to be taken into consideration in order to choose the school that best suits your expectations. It is important to know the school’s educational resources and the quality of life on campus before registering. Take advantage of the open days to get to know the trainers, collect the experiences of former students and learn about the reputation of the school and all the information necessary to confirm your choice.

The importance of a degree program

The first criterion to consider when looking for training in digital marketing is the recognition of the degrees offered. Make sure that the training courses are accredited and / or recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research or that they have the RNCP label. Take care to choose a public or private school that has diploma courses to certify the employability and aptitudes of the student in the professional environment. In addition, this type of training will give you the opportunity to resume your studies later as part of continuing education. A good way to stay up to date throughout your career. Be careful though, in some private schools not all programs are necessarily recognized by the state and you may not have a validated Bac + 4 but simply an equivalent license, for example.

Active collaborators to better understand business developments

The continuous evolution of the digital professional world is constantly changing codes and practices. For proof, let’s go back about 5 years. Who could have predicted the explosion of a network like TikTok or the growth of Twitch? Who could have predicted that hybrid work and flexible office would become so important in the digital transformation of companies? Or predict the advent of “Dark fashion” in UX / UI design? In order for there to be no delays between your training and your professional integration, it is important that your school integrates quality and active external speakers into its teaching staff. At the center of business issues and more generally of the sector, they will therefore be able to better convey to you the issues that shape their daily life and therefore allow you to better understand the future developments of your activities.

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Work-study training, setting foot in the professional world as soon as possible

Digital is today a constantly evolving sector: it is therefore important to inquire about the feasibility of a study-work path in the school of your choice. Work-study training is the perfect combination of practical experience and theoretical courses. Work-study allows you to face the realities of the sector while being paid (between 55% and 70% of the minimum wage depending on the age and the contract signed) and benefiting from university fees. If immersion in a company allows you to build a solid experience, it also helps to strengthen the agility, versatility and organization of students in a context where the company is going hybrid. Transversal skills that recruiters love in the digital industry.

Associative life, the side project that can make the difference

At first glance less important, the community life of a school is in fact an important selection criterion for the quality of life on campus. Participation in extracurricular activities can be very enriching and formative. The associative world of schools, in fact, goes beyond the organization of simple “drink parties”! It really allows you to develop other forms of soft skills.

Sports, cultural, festive or busy, the associations present on campus are numerous and allow a form of professionalization (management of partnerships or administration of the association, organization of events, etc.). Commitment to associations shows human qualities that can make a difference on a CV.

Developed by Eliel Berdaa, Pedagogical Director of the Digital School of Paris “It is an important step to make your choice is to attend the JPOs of the desired schools. You will have the opportunity to meet the teams of teachers and students who evolve within the school. You will then be able to get a first idea of ​​the school, the environment and the means made available to learn in the best conditions. “

The alumni network, a significant resource

With the multiplication of digital training courses, what better way to talk about school than a former student? For example, to name just one, the alumni network is one of the important pillars of school life and is a privileged place to gather valuable advice. For students, the alumni network acts as a launch pad for recruiting and allows them to connect with the professional world.

Dedicated application, group on LinkedIn or Discord, the alumni network always presents itself as a real asset differentiating from schools.

Whether they are coaches, headhunters or facility speakers, alumni are invaluable in your studies and are often ready to discuss and advise you from experienced professionals. True ambassadors, they carry the values ​​of the school and allow future students to project themselves “after training”. The alumni network thus becomes the privileged meeting point between students, trainers and recruiters and facilitates obtaining a first job.

Based in Vincennes, the Digital School of Paris offers all of these aspects in its courses. Pioneer of innovative solutions, the school offers a complete training course accessible at all levels: post-Bac, Bac + 2 or even Bac + 4.

From the 3rd year it is possible to take the course alternately to discover the reality of the web professions in the sector. A model “winning for all” which mixes theoretical teaching with industry experts and complete immersion in the business world. Thanks to the MBAII training, the school offers 5 specializations: expert in Digital Marketing, Digital Architecture, E-business and Digital Transformation, Digital UX / UI and Digital HR. Open to the future talents of tomorrow, the school offers the possibility to personalize one’s own path according to the attitudes and sensitivities of each one.

Eliel Berdaa, educational director of the Digital School of Paris explains to us: “Choosing a digital school requires analyzing a number of criteria that will lead you to a career with a future. At the Digital School of Paris, we work closely with companies to, on the one hand, combine theory and practice during your work-study program and, on the other hand, to develop programs to stay up to date on industry developments. This proximity has one goal: to promote your employability upon departure and this is how 90% of our students find work within 3 months of graduation. “.

To find out more about the Digital School of Paris, visit its page dedicated to the school!

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