How to comply with the GDPR and manage cookies?

What exactly is the GDPR?

VSBy fueling digital marketing, data is more than ever the backbone of digital warfare. Personal data, which is highly coveted, is undergoing increasing exploitation, which has prompted the states of the European Union to put in place a legal framework for regulate the use of dataGDPR.

the The GDPR is therefore European legislation for the protection of data that every company is required to respect under penalty of large fines.

How to be in compliance with the GDPR?

Are you about to launch your own personal blog, website or e-commerce platform? One of the most important questions to answer: How to properly comply with the GDPR laws?

The first thing to know before starting is online compliance it’s not just about having a cookie banner on your website. Some elements are mandatory such as the reject button or the ability to obtain additional information through a banner window or to customize cookie preferences. In fact, the very strict requirements of the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) make compliance with the GDPR an area that is not very accessible and the intervention of a professional quickly becomes necessary.

Iubenda is THE digital solution that supports you in your GDPR compliance. The site offers an online service that allows you to make sure that your site complies with the GDPR laws in force in your country and assists you in managing cookies. Iubenda is also a certified CMP (Consent Management Platform). A detail not to be overlooked as the CNIL strongly recommends the use of a CMP to collect and archive the proof of consent to cookies.

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Iubenda, THE 360 ° solution for GDPR compliance

Iubenda offers you a complete set of solutions designed by a team of lawyers to make it easier for your site to comply with data protection laws. All at very affordable prices.

  • The privacy and cookie policy generator : this is the main service offered by Iubenda, but not the only one. The generator allows you to create your privacy and cookie policy in minutes. It includes all the necessary information (data collected, technologies used, etc.) to allow you to comply with the GDPR. You can choose from more than 1700 predefined clauses that cover even the most specific situations.
  • The biscuit solution : the service in question allows you to generate a fully customizable cookie banner and block the installation of cookies before obtaining the user’s consent. The Cookie Solution also includes a function to store evidence of the cookie preferences expressed by each website visitor.
  • The solution of consent : with this service you can collect consent to your contact forms according to the GDPR. Iubenda’s solution integrates well with the data collection forms present on the sites and synchronizes with legal documents. In addition, it includes an intuitive dashboard that allows you to retrieve consents at any time.
  • The terms and conditions generator : outside the framework of the GDPR, this service allows you to protect your interests by creating a document containing your customized general conditions. Indispensable for an e-commerce site, this Iubenda solution allows you to manage even the most complex individual cases.

The advantages of Iubenda products and services

Joining Iubenda gives you access to a range of services and benefits that will help you better manage the compliance of your website or application.

  • The experience of a global legal team with the convenience of a software solution.
  • Automatic updates: documents can be modified at any time and updated remotely as legal requirements change.
  • The ease of management of the different tools: multiple websites, a single dashboard.
  • The availability of documents in 9 languages, including French.
  • Flexible pricing is tailored to your needs.
  • Compatibility with popular platforms: plugins for WordPress, Magento, Joomla! and Prestashop to integrate directly into your website.

Then don’t hesitate to discover the Iubenda offer! And don’t forget that by respecting compliance you limit or even eliminate the risks of CNIL sanctions and generate trust among users.

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