How to create a successful email campaign

Many people think that email marketing is about sending out newsletters. Far from it, because “thejunk mail brings together many practices, some of which have allowed entrepreneurs to boost your sales Almost no resources. »

In this article, our partner Antoine from explains what email marketing is and how to create a successful campaign.

What is email marketing?

It’s simple: email marketing is simply the channel with which best return on investment (KING). According to a McKinsey study, email marketing is 40 times more effective than exploiting social networks.

L’junk mail t-groupsAll practices that consist of sending emails to acquire, retain or convert contacts.

We can separate email marketing into 3 categories :

  • transactional emails These are the essential emails for a sale.
  • Email sequences – It is a series of automatic and personalized emails that convert your contacts or retain your customers.
  • Newsletters – These are recurring emails that provide valuable information to subscribers.

These 3 categories are all for contacts on your mailing list.

A fourth category, a little apart, is that of cold email.

It consists of prospecting contacts without their consent.

This technique is only authorized for a professional public (B2B)

Now that you know how to build a quality email listyou shoulduse to create email marketing campaigns with the best possible results.

Start with an introductory email

The welcome email stats are extremely compelling.

On average, welcome emails have a 4x higher open rate than other emails.

To write yours, be inspired by the best!

Here is a simple and effective example of a MarkCopy welcome email:

MarkCopy welcome email

MarkCopy welcome email

MarkCopy confirms the subscription and welcomes your new contact.

The company explains its product and conducts a promise of future value.

Finally, MarkCopy promotes your social networks and encourages your new contact to actively participate in the company community.

Here’s another welcome email from Cabaïa:

Welcome email from Cabaïa

Welcome email from Cabaïa

What makes it effective?

  • Cabaïa highlights its brand identity and values.
  • Invite the customer to discover your storytelling with a CTA (call to action).

Take advantage of your welcome email to make a good first impression.

Cdiscount Newsletter Promise

Cdiscount Newsletter Promise

In its welcome email, Cdiscount clearly explains to its recipient what the subscription to the newsletter gives them access to: order management, privilege program and special promotions for subscribers.

The company highlights the value added from which your new contact can benefit thanks to your subscription to the newsletter, which gives you the feeling of being privileged.

do not do never a promise you can’t keepyour subscribers will feel cheated and will probably unsubscribe right away.

Your first few emails are particularly important in establishing a trust relationship.

How to write an email subject?

To have a good open rate on an email, you need to write an irreproachable subject line.

These are the First 40 characters your contact will see : This is the first content that will appear in an email notification or inbox.

According to a study by DMA-France, an original object is one of the first levers that leads to opening an email.

An effective email subject should be incisive and precise : use copywriting techniques (write to sell).

Is for example an object in the form of a question : “From 0 to 10,000 views on YouTube?”if you are in business.

You can also check the popular cultureor be a bit provocative with humor: “Why did Darth Vader have a translation feature on his helmet?”if you sell language learning programs.

As with any other content, include numbers draw attention: “The 10 WORST ideas to lose weight”if you sell fitness programs.

You know it, the nerve of war is money. So if you offer a discount directly in the subject line of the email, your open rate will often be better.

play in theemergency for your contacts to take action: “€50 off our new training until midnight tonight!”.

Personalize the object to convert it to a single content: “Did you enjoy the conference last night? We have something else for you”if your contact attended your webinar.

forget them descriptive objects of style”

  • The newsletter of the week;
  • Our news for the start of the school year.

They do not call for action, they do not propose no gainand do not highlight the content of the email.

Contrary to what some marketers claim, including emoticons is not always a good idea. It is even sometimes a negative factor in the open rate.

We think it depends on the age of your audience. It’s up to you to check it with an A/B test.

Some words should be avoided and others should be prohibited, so as not to be classified as spam and destroy your brand image.

Email address providers scan emails and track the riskiest words. These are in particular certain categories:

  • Money, easy and free prizes
  • Scams and password requests
  • Marketing too aggressive
  • health and medicine
  • sex and dating

successful newsletter

successful newsletter

AN the newsletter is recurring content (daily, weekly…), a bit like a newspaper.

It has several objectives:

  • Keep your email list (maintaining a contact is usually easier than acquiring a new one)
  • Convert them to the next step in your sales funnel (buy an offer, make an appointment, try a free offer…)

Still with a personalization goal, you can Create multiple newsletters.

For example, an investment website should write a newsletter on real estate, one on the stock market, and one on cryptocurrencies.

Thus, in segmenting your mailing listcan increase your open rate Newsletter.

We have seen it, timing it is one of the 3 key elements of your email.

Many studies try to answer the question of what is the best time to send an email. And many “experts” give conflicting opinions.

What you should remember: in generalyou will have a slightly higher open rate midweek.

Actually, it all depends on your person (the typical profile of your target):

  • If you are targeting professionals, avoid sending emails on weekends.
  • Depending on age and profile, most people read their emails when they wake up, while traveling, after lunch, or before bed.
marc fiorentino

marc fiorentino (investment banker and writer) got it right: he sends his market analysis to his 180,000 readers around 9:00 am to give a reading routine during breakfast, when waking up or on public transport.

Optimize mobile screen

optimized display on mobile

optimized display on mobile

When reviewing your emails, always open them on different devices to ensure optimal formatting.

Today, 79% of people use their mobile to read their emails.

Pay attention to these points to optimize your emails for mobile:

  • a short object
  • bigger fonts and legible (size 15 or more)
  • smaller images to reduce charging time
  • A great CTA button easy to press with the thumb
  • An email all so effective no picture (Android phones disable loading images in emails)
  • Do not put two links next to each other
  • double check that it is from the good mailing list

How do you encourage the contact to take action?

call to action

To convert the reader, you need a call to action (CTA, a phrase to call to action).

A good CTA is above everything good writing.

The best way to optimize it istest multiple variations with an A/B test and compare the results.

All the content of your email must be reflected in your CTA (located at the end of the content).

A good technique is AIDA structure :

  • Attention – a powerful email subject line
  • Interest – personalized content that demonstrates that you understand the problems of the reader
  • Desire – a solution to these problems
  • Values – a CTA to buy this solution

It may be interesting to take care of the format of your CTA: by having it in the form of a button instead of a link, your click-through rate can increase by up to 28%.

Feel free to make your CTA clearly visible:

call to action text ideas

Here are some ideas for call to action texts:

  • call us
  • buy now
  • Read the full article
  • Get your free copy
  • Start your free trialyou

For more information, read “ Email Marketing in 2021: Understanding and Implementing Best Practices“.

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