How to democratize access to skills?

Together with Sophie Kerob, a serial entrepreneur who graduated from the School of Engineering of Mines of Paris and has an MBA from the Harvard Business School, we will discover the first digital platform for sharing skills.

Wooskill provides access to the skills, knowledge and skills of the people around us. Make-up, yoga, digital marketing, eloquence … the field of possibilities is limitless. Focus on one tool committed to transforming access to learning in all areas!

Can you tell us the genesis of the Wooskill project?

The story of Wooskill begins in 2019, when I sell, with my partners, our company Direct Medica, a medical teleconsultation platform. Having become Webhelp Medica, Direct Medica was at the time the French leader in multichannel health promotion.

Inspired by the concept of remote expert consultancy, the idea of ​​a platform dedicated to the sharing of skills was born. Together with Philippe Isaac, Director of Operations, we embarked on the Wooskill adventure!

Wooskill: what is it?

Wooskill is a collaborative platform where everyone can share their talents and skills with people who want to learn, wherever they are. From the choice of the ideal coach to the video exchange, through appointments and online payment, everything is integrated into the platform!

Since we are convinced that the skills of some can illuminate the daily lives of others, we have created a site for networking, from person to person, in order to increase the knowledge of all! Live, thanks to the video, the Skillers offer their experience to the students.

What are your platform’s missions?

Our mission is twofold. On the one hand, Wooskill democratizes access to skills by offering anyone, individual or professional, to make available and monetize their skills, whatever they are. The second mission is to support people in satisfying their desire to learn by connecting directly with experts, through our online platform.

Wooskill makes knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of location and budget.

Finally, Wooskill appreciates people! We all have a passion, a hobby or a skill: yoga, nutrition, wellness, social networking, coding, fashion. You may not know this, but your skills can help your neighbor realize their personal or professional projects in order to explore new horizons or progress in a certain field.

Today Wooskill offers thousands of specialized courses in around 30 subject areas.

What skill categories does Wooskill cover?

We have decided to offer a wide range to meet everyone’s needs. Therefore, Wooskill is a generalist multi-category platform. Dance, psychology, parenting, digital marketing, student orientation, sports, crafts, cooking, professional development, beauty, depending on your wishes, you will find a specialized Skiller.

In the current context, we noticed that some of our categories were particularly popular, such as areas related to alternative medicine, life coaching, yoga, makeover, academic support and personal development in general. The French tend to want to find playful and effective solutions to increase their way of living better, to feel good in their body and mind.

Among our 10,000 skillers, we have prominent personalities, such as Cristina Cordula or chef Mickaël Alix, one of the best crepe producers in the world.

How does it work ?

For students, it’s very simple! Access to our platform is free. It’s easy to discover our offers, study Skiller profiles and course content. Once you have made your choice, everything happens online: reservations, video exchanges and payments. Our platform is an effective tool by limiting intermediaries, facilitating learning and discovering new passions.

Who can become a Skiller?

All ! As an individual, you have the right to offer your services without having to create a legal structure. This practice must be occasional, for the pleasure of passing on, to make ends meet or increase one’s income. For independent professionals, our platform allows them to gain autonomy and visibility, to digitize their studio by optimizing working hours. We all have a talent, it’s time to share it and make it shine!

A word to conclude?

Come, discover, enjoy and open new doors. Thanks to Wooskill, you will love learning! You haven’t ceased to amaze us with people’s talent.

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