How to eat on a polar expedition? The two Belgian adventurers, creators of Nanok Expedition, explain it to us

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The two adventurers arrived safely on the east coast of Greenland after long weeks of intense effort. An essential thing that allowed the realization of this first stage of their atypical triathlon: nutrition. For such a challenge, rigorous nutritional preparation is essential. To do this, they surrounded themselves with the Belgian company Lepivits.

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Soon it’s time to kayak

For the sea kayaking part, the two adventurers have planned smaller rations as the kayak does not allow them to carry large quantities. They therefore know that the caloric intake of their rations will be slightly lower than what they spend on the spot, but they hope to supplement it with hunting and fishing. Small rations but in sufficient quantities therefore offer long-term safety even if the two Belgians risk losing some weight.

So, for sea kayaking, we start with menus of 3000 kcal per day, per person, which should allow us to last 45, 60 days, and we will have to integrate with on-site fishing. ” explains Nathan Goffart.

An essential framework: Lepivits

LEPIVITS is above all a Belgian family adventure, born in Brussels more than 10 years ago. I took over this family business formerly called “Leppin” to start an innovative health project that was very close to my heart. Since 2019 I have inaugurated a laboratory in Wavre surrounding myself with a young and dynamic team passionate about food. My brother couldn’t escape and he decided to quickly join this great adventure. Today LEPIVITS specializes in the production of clean food supplements composed, among other things, of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes in order to complete the athlete’s nutritional intake and optimize everyone’s well-being. explains Neil Goffart, CEO of Lepivits.

LEPIVITS has set itself a twofold objective. First, we want to raise awareness among the general public about a functional and preventive approach to nutrition by writing articles on health. Our health blog explains the importance of a balanced diet and daily supplementation for physical and psychological well-being. Furthermore, we innovate in the research and formulation of natural food supplements at the forefront of nutraceuticals, avoiding the addition of synthetic excipients. Today, many health professionals trust us and integrate our natural solutions into a comprehensive healthcare approach that emphasizes prevention and patient nutritional monitoring. develops Neil Goffart.

“So let’s see a little concretely what they will take on the spot. So they will have their own magnesium and vitamin B supplements, hence for their energy intake. They will have their Maxivits, so the intake of multivitamins and minerals, especially vitamin D, zinc, vitamin E, and good antioxidants to avoid causing too much inflammation. This is another vitamin D supplement for good muscle mass production. And here is CO-Q10, perhaps a little less known, but which will promote energy performance, thus ensuring that our mitochondria function better. concludes Neil Goffart.

Nanok Expedition?

For those who haven’t heard of this atypical project yet, Nanok Expedition is a sporting milestone coming to life in Greenland. An atypical and one-of-a-kind triathlon that subsequently combines a crossing of

600 km on skis along the Arctic Circle

1000 km in sea kayaking

· 1 km of vertical gain for the opening of a ‘big wall’ route in adventure terrain.

The Big Wall part: after already 3-4 months of effort, they will conclude their expedition by opening a “big wall” in the Cape Farewell fjords region. In fact, this region is dotted with many large 1000m-high walls, and many of them have never been climbed. They therefore aim to pave their way in “big wall” style and finish their expedition in height and beauty!

This video was produced in collaboration with Lepivits.

Thanks to Fat Boy’s Sports Bar & Grill for the welcome during the shoot.

The Nanok project is supported by the Clyde and Bonnie agency.

Clyde and Bonnie, aka Nicolas Hubin and Charlotte Creplet, have been supporting entrepreneurs for over 10 years in developing their project. The Nanok project was another challenge that Clyde and Bonnie wanted to tackle. This support takes the form of both coaching and training, in Digital Marketing, Lean Methodology and Growth Marketing. The bigger the impact, the better, of course …


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