how to improve the performance of your site thanks to growth marketing?

Digital has completely changed the expectations and needs of consumers. Now, 80% of them want a “Compressed Commerce” experience, that is, to move as quickly as possible from the inspiration phase to the purchase phase. To meet this new need, growth marketing appears to be the key solution. This new strategy seems inevitable for optimizing brand experiences.

Before configuring it, it is necessary to evaluate its digital maturity. The latest playbook published by Emakina, Front-Commerce and Contentsquare aims to help you in this process. Their team of experts give you multiple tips to start a process of data analysis and business performance improvement of your ecommerce site.

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The key things to remember before embarking on growth marketing

Implementing a growth marketing strategy requires awareness of certain elements, starting with the fact that an aesthetic e-commerce site is not enough to achieve one’s business goals. It is essential to think about your platform within a global course. From brand discovery to purchase, every step needs to be optimized, across all channels. The brand experience must therefore be designed in an ecosystem, with a content strategy adapted to each touchpoint.

To deliver the expected customer experience, you naturally need to take an interest in buyer behavior. Now they want to be able to quickly get products on their favorite channels. Therefore, it is vital to make information about your brand and its items easily accessible on its platform, as well as beyond. By obtaining this guide, you will discover the three factors that most influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

To develop an effective strategy for your e-commerce site, you need to implement a continuous performance approach. At the heart of this must be the user. This ebook will help you understand how growth marketing can help you with this task.

In short, standing out from the competition by offering frictionless, end-to-end digital travel must be a priority. You will get actions to perform in this playbook.


Replatforming, a multi-phase project

Through a specific case, you will discover how to integrate growth marketing into a replatforming project. This is done in several steps. In this playbook, Emakina decrypts each of them, starting with the pre-replatform. You have to manage the scope of the project, choose the partners, carry out analyzes, take care of the design, build the new platform … Lots of elements that are detailed through clear diagrams in the playbook.

Then comes the kick-off time. We need to make sure everything is ready to go live and test the new platform with synthetic data. The site can then be launched gradually. The post-replatforming phase is then carried out in three phases, which you can read by downloading this guide.

As you may have guessed, the challenge is to follow each step carefully. Emakin can accompany you during each of them. The digital business agency is in charge of audit, co-design, compliance with delivery, implementation and ongoing performance. All this, based on proven technological solutions such as Contentsquare for data analysis and Front-Commerce for the design of high-performance and mobile first interfaces. In the last part of this ebook, you will find out how his method can help you before, during and beyond the replatform.

This playbook is essential for understanding how to put growth marketing at the service of your e-commerce site’s performance. Don’t forget to download it to know all the tips and recommendations from Emakina, Front-Commerce and Contentsquare.


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