“How to improve the relationship with clients in the real estate sector?”, Cédric Laporte

How to increase customer satisfaction throughout the purchase process of a property: from prospecting to after-sales service. This is the topic of the coaching signed by Cédric Laporte with 3 good practices to win the hearts of sellers and buyers. Read now to provide a 5-star customer experience.

Considering that real estate consultant concerned about the sound quality relationship with the customeryou wonder how to win the hearts of sellers and buyers ? Such as increase customer satisfaction in your business real estate? I suggest you immediately discover the best practices for improve customer relationships in the real estate sector. Ready to offer your customers a exceptional service it’s a dazzling experience? Let’s go !

Good practice # 1: build trust with sellers

Anticipating the needs of property owners

You can’t really put yourself in someone’s shoes, we agree! For this it would be necessary to adopt the system of beliefs and thoughts of the other, which is impossible.

But you can empathize. Intuitively put yourself in the real estate owner’s shoes, figuring out what he might need. What are these expectations?

If you try to understand your salesperson, you are already in a mutual aid process that your customer will surely perceive and appreciate.

By anticipating their needs, you are more efficient and greatly improve customer satisfaction.

Personalize the customer relationship with the seller

When I talk to you about anticipating owners’ needs, it’s not in a general way, but in a personalized way.

Each seller has their own expectations. You have to discover the particularity of each of your customers. The human being is largely what makes, for me, the beauty of the real estate consultant profession.

👉 My advice for personalizing the customer relationship with your seller:

  • be curious and attentive;
  • practice active listening: try not to think about your answer while your client is talking to you, but to fully understand what he is saying to you;
  • then ask the right questions to find out what motivates your customer;
  • address needs that seem unmet with him (need for information, need for efficiency, need for time, need for reassurance, etc.).

Carry out non-intrusive real estate prospecting

My strong point is non-intrusive prospecting! You have to adapt to the new expectations of property owners. Competition is stiff and your potential clients don’t hesitate to compare real estate consultants.

Improving the relationship with clients in the real estate industry begins with the first contact during prospecting.

To have a profitable and effective prospecting system, it is necessary to define a strategy adapted to the new needs of property owners:

  • information;
  • quality;
  • trust ;
  • customization.

Use digital tools to provide your potential customers with quality information for free. You will be present (even omnipresent) in their daily life and inspire their confidence little by little.

Do you, too, some people you don’t know, but listen to, read or watch every day, seem familiar to you? You will tend to trust them more than someone you see for the first time.

Be very present: on social networks, by email, on your website, at neighborhood merchants, in mailboxes, etc. Your prospects will feel like they know you personally even if you’ve never met.

To go further: I reveal other tips for build trust with your sellers.

Best Practice # 2: Enhance the Buyers Buying Process by intervening from the start of the project

You can simply post ads for your properties for sale in your window and wait for potential buyers to contact you.

But you can also be proactive in:

  • support the buyer from the beginning of his real estate project;
  • bring him value from the first phase of his purchase.

For this, the idea is to be present even before the buyer identifies his need. The ideal way to achieve this? Invest in a targeted digital marketing strategy.

Be visible on social networks and on the internet to promote your real estate experience

The web is the new word of mouth 2.0. If you are on the right local channel and provide the right information to your readers, your audience will grow quickly.

As with sellers, the prospect who needs information will consume your content. If you value him, he will trust you and even feel like he knows you.

The chances of him turning to you when taking action for your advice and support have increased tenfold.

To be visible, you need to take care of:

  • your professional profile and the content you share;
  • your local SEO with your Google business listing.

Set up an email capture strategy

To stay in touch with your prospects and acquire customers, even outside social networks, nothing better than e-mail.

With a very low cost, an e-mail campaign can reach thousands of people.

👉 How to build your mailing list? Offering quality content around the topic of real estate purchase (e-book, guide, etc.) in exchange for contacts, su Facebookon your website or any digital media you use.

👉 What kind of email should you send to your contacts?

  • a newsletter with news from the agency, the real estate market, legal, etc. ;
  • a product catalog: a selection of products for sale targeted on the basis of profiles;
  • customer follow-up with a satisfaction questionnaire.

To ensure the quality of your mailings, pay particular attention to the subject of the email and the reliability of the content.

Propose original and quality real estate ads

Above all, in order for your ads to be visible, I recommend that you distribute them on many channels: your website, real estate portals, social networks, etc.

So, to stand out, you can:

  • create a video with a virtual tour of the property and, why not, a few touches of humor;
  • write a copywriting ad, copywriting be a persuasive method of writing;
  • use the power of storytelling to tell the story of good.

Best Practice # 3: Guide customers through each stage of the notary sale

As you know, your work does not stop with the signing of the sales contract. Away from there! Even once the deal is closed, your consulting mission continues. If you have established a quality relationship with your customers, you will undoubtedly remain their main contact.

The signing of the sales contract at the notary

To develop customer satisfaction, it is imperative to be present at the time of signing the sales contract.

Often you are the one who sends the file and all the information to the notary. If the latter is there to provide security and legal advice to the parties, you are there to facilitate interactions.

Does the buyer have to apply for a building permit and seem overwhelmed? You can guide it and recommend an architect.

From the buyer side: the search for financing

👉 Why help your buyer client find financing?

  • Increase the chances of making the final sale;
  • Enhance the customer shopper experience and perhaps make them an ambassador;
  • Maximize your seller’s customer satisfaction, happy to see the sale made.

👉 How can you help your buying client find financing?

  • Having made a point with him upstream, before the real estate visit, for having coordinated the debt capacity and the overall budget;
  • Make him benefit from the contacts of your network (broker or banker);
  • Accompany him around the deadlines to meet to get his loan.

The authentic repetition of the sale

To take care of the relationship with the customer, it is essential to be present on the day of the signing of the sale at the notary.

Of course, it is also this event that triggers the payment of your invoice … But above all, keep in mind the importance of this day for your customers!

Quality support is comprehensive support.

It is also important that you guide your buyer that day (and days before) on the steps to take:

  • transfer the sale price to the notary’s accounts;
  • possibly participate in reading the meters;
  • take out property insurance;
  • etc

The bonus idea for improving the relationship with your clients in the real estate sector: extending buyer support after the sale

For a significant customer experience, why not advantageously distinguish yourself by creating a specialized service for after-sales problems?

This is a widespread practice in new properties with after-sales service, but which can be transposed to the old one, obviously adapting it. It is more after-sales service.

Remaining the privileged interlocutor of your buyer client in case of questions or problems, within a limited and determined period after the sale, is a very strong added value to your real estate consultant service!

You may get the impression that it will be a waste of time, the file will be closed and the invoice paid. However, this practice can bring you many benefits:

  • retain your customer, previously a buyer, but who will soon be a seller in turn;
  • give him a life successful customer experience and out of the ordinary;
  • enhance your image as a top real estate advisor;
  • encourage recommendations.

“The best advertisement is a satisfied customer. »Bill Gates

In short, to ensure that your customers, sellers and buyers, fervent ambassadors, offer them a customer journey 5 stars at each stage, from:

  • listening to them;
  • bringing them value through your content strategy and personalized support;
  • cultivate trust through your authenticity and professionalism;
  • be by their side at every stage of their project.

To help you more concretely in this task, I recommend that you take a few minutes on the phone with you. Book yours now free coaching. See you soon !

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