how to innovate in your digital marketing plan?

Most of you probably already know that digital content marketing is the dominant sales strategy these days. However, we know that there are so many tools to diversify a marketing strategy that we may not use some of them, simply due to lack of knowledge or time. That’s why, in this post, we’ll tell you how to make the most of popular webinars to innovate your sales strategy and get more customers …

What is a webinar?

Let’s start with the basics. Webinar derives from Web + Seminar which, redundancy aside, is a webinar or videoconference broadcast live as audiovisual content on a given platform. It exposes information on a specific topic and seeks audience interaction.

This content typically lasts 1-2 hours and features a professional explaining a topic.

It can be free or paid, but in this case we are trying to generate leads or potential customers. The ideal is to offer free webinars to present certain benefits or features of the products or services we offer.

Webinars are usually streamed live, but it’s best to record and upload them to the company’s website so they are available to users who are lost but may be interested in their content. .

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What are the benefits of using webinars?

Webinars bring originality and professionalism to the digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the most important benefits they can bring you, if you decide to start using them:

  • This is another marketing strategy that allows you to generate quality content, while strengthening the other tools you already use to get more leads;
  • It is an effective and original tool to explain concepts that are difficult to clarify on a website or on social networks;
  • This allows you to be recognized as an expert in the field you deal with, because you show an aspect of your product through professionals;
  • You attract a lot of potential customers at first, as you need to register to attend a webinar. This way you get a customer base interested in your product, which you can convert into future customers;
  • Promote user engagement because they can interact live during your webinar and ask questions. This allows you to gain user trust in a more direct way;
  • This generated engagement allows you to offer new webinars and already have interested customers who are sure to attend and invite their leads.
  • In addition to the live broadcast, you have the option to post it on your website so that it is seen by more users and receives even more interactions, and the video is shared by the users who were present during the broadcast. This will enrich your networks or blog, making them more interesting for visitors;
  • Low cost is an advantage not to be missed. You just need some time to plan the conference well and advertise it as much as possible, because there are good free tools for conducting webinars.

Basic tips for starting a webinar strategy

In this post, we mainly focus on free webinars that aim to present a product or highlight some benefits of our services, in order to attract new customers. Here are some tips to keep in mind when developing a webinar strategy:

  • Be clear about the content you intend to present and the audience it is aimed at;
  • Find a trusted professional or speaker who is very familiar with the topic you are about to address and whose way of communicating is in tune with your audience;
  • Make sure that the content is truly useful and of high quality because this is how you will get a positive result from the audience. You can add graphics and presentations to make it more educational;
  • Give your webinar the maximum possible distribution across all your social networks, with paid advertising if necessary, by mailing, in collaboration with influencers, by announcing it on your website, among others;
  • Communicate very clearly the date and time when the webinar will take place. Also establish a date range for registering for the seminar, trying to make it as broad as possible, in order to spread the webinar as widely as possible and ensure its success;
  • Offer participants perks, such as discounts on products or, why not, a live lottery;
  • During the webinar, try to encourage audience participation by asking questions through the chat, because this is the idea of ​​this tool: that there is interaction with users;
  • In the end, don’t forget to advertise the product you want to sell, either with a link or by letting the public know that you will email them the information. Also let him know if a future presentation is already planned.

What tools can be used to create a webinar?

Once we have clarified the key content and concepts we will share to make our webinar a success, we cannot forget the digital tools we will use to create a webinar.

To do this, we will need an online platform that allows interaction with users in order to distribute the content. There is a wide range of possibilities, ranging from free providers to paid platforms.

First of all, we will mention Youtubewhich is not only free, but also has a wide range, since today most smartphones have the application downloaded and it is very easy to access it from a computer. Youtube allows you to broadcast live and offers the ability to chat live, ask questions, as well as record the broadcast and share it on your networks.

Another option, albeit a little more informal, is Instagram Live, which allows you to ask questions live and even interact with public cameras.

For those looking for a much more professional platform, they can opt for GoToMeeting or GotoWebinar, two paid but specialized platforms with many more features for a perfect webinar. They also have related functions, such as sending mailings and payment systems for attendees.


There are also options like the Zoom or Google Meet platforms which are free and easy to use, but have a limit of 100 attendees and, in the case of Zoom, an exposure limit of 40 minutes. If these limitations satisfy you, these are good options to get you started.

There are many other platforms, including popular ones like Anymeeting, WebinarJam, and ZipCast, all of which are paid, but with different features, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.



The tools that digital marketing offers us are very varied and it is up to us to make the most of them to obtain quality prospects and potential customers who generate a strong bond with our brand.

Webinars share many benefits with other inbound marketing strategies. But by positioning yourself as an expert on a subject, they put you in a privileged position over the competition.

With minimal investment, you can be in direct contact with your audience interactively, provide them with quality content and learn from their needs and concerns, which makes it a unique and essential strategy in terms of marketing content.

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