How to optimize your landing page: the basics

You spent hours designing a landing page. They invest in PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click) marketing and email marketing campaigns. But nothing helps, the conversion rates don’t take off! Daunting, isn’t it? It’s time to optimize your landing page…

The Basics: What is a Landing Page?

Remember that a landing page, or landing page, is different from a home page. Unlike a landing page, which often encourages visitors to explore the site, it drives visitors to convert. She encourages them to click on your call-to-action (CTA) to do so Collect a user’s contact information via a contact form.

Unlike your homepage, landing pages are campaign-based lead generation tools. They target a specific traffic flow and have one goal: to convert a higher percentage of internet users into qualified leads. The term “conversion rate” is therefore naturally associated with this site.

The two main types of landing pages that guarantee conversions:

  • Clicks: it is the simplest landing page. Clickpages provide details about a product, service, or offer and its benefits to persuade a prospect to buy it. This landing page allows a user to just read the content and click through to your site through a CTA to complete the process.
  • Capture (or Generate) leads : This is the most common landing page. It collects a user’s contact information, typically a name and email address. These pages contain a form in which you can enter your details in exchange for a typical offer, such as a an e-book, but will not have an exit link to navigate to other pages on your site. This type of landing page is perfect for building your email list.

What is landing page optimization?

Landing page optimization refers to the process of improving each key element of the landing page to increase conversions. Instead of redesigning the whole page based on intuition only, base it on data.

This includes several elements:

  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative behavioral data to see how users interact with the site;
  • The redesign or elements of the site via a/b testing;
  • SEO optimization to improve search engine performance, update content or CTAs, etc.

The best part? You can collect information before your landing page goes live. For example, by surveying your audience, you can better understand what they expect and like.

Of course, you can’t have a successful landing page on day one. Once the page is online, edit it little by little based on the conversion rate analysis.

How do you calculate the conversion rate of a landing page?

Calculating your landing page conversion rate isn’t rocket science. Use three metrics:

  • A period of time, say a 15 or 30 day period;
  • The total number of visitors to the landing page during a defined period of time;
  • The total number of conversions during this period.

To calculate your landing page conversion rate:

Divide the total number of conversions in a given time by the total number of visitors to your landing page. Multiply the answer by 100 to get a percentage.

You may be wondering what is a good conversion rate? The average conversion rate across all industries is around 2.35%, but the top 25% of landing pages convert at around 5.31% or more, while the top 10% convert at 11%, according to WordStream.

However, conversion rates remain subjective: what may be a good course for one company may not be for another. Most importantly, set your own marketing goals and improve YOUR current conversion rate by following these landing page optimization tips.

These are the basics you need to know to optimize your landing page. I will share with you how to do it in a future article.

See you later !

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