How to prepare your (new) staff before the summer season in CHR?

Summer is coming ! During this crucial season for many restaurateurs, a large turnout is expected in outlets and tourist facilities. In our country, vacationers and local tourists are particularly expected! Will the staff be there and ready? Not so sure! This is the whole purpose of the white paper proposed by Mapal OS, whose digital back and front office solutions will allow you to respond quickly to your operational problems.

Article produced in collaboration with Mapal Os.

Today, professionals in the hotel and restaurant sector are facing new challenges:

  • The current high tourist demand (+ 135%) implies new needs in terms of recruitment to cope with the strong increase in consumption.
  • New teams require fast and efficient training.
  • In the face of a large influx, purchases and production needs are on the rise and need to be controlled, especially in this period of inflation.

Furthermore, following the recent health crisis, companies in the hotel and restaurant sector, which after two years of intense tension are unable to catch their breath, are eagerly counting on the summer of 2022 to relaunch their business.

It is therefore essential to prepare this period carefully!

In this latest white paper, “How to prepare your (new) staff before the summer catering season?”, You will discover many tips and best practices to support restaurateurs in this crucial season!

Following the recent webinar organized by Mapal OS on May 31st, Emanuele GRELAUDco-founder of Easily f & b e Elsa DANG, director of marketing and communications, spoke about the many advantages of technology in the hotel and restaurant sector. We invite you to discover the main lessons … What you want to undertake the digital transition of your facility to overcome this difficult course:

Achieve effective recruitment and strengthen the cohesion of your teams in the hospitality industry

Recruiting is the starting point for any restaurateur who wants to prepare for the summer season: this step is essential, because it determines the quality of your future teams! In general, it is noted that the summer period in catering often attracts quite young profiles, sometimes newbies in the sector … So it is essential to find sources of motivation for these new talents: “We are witnessing a change (…) today, it is no longer the company that chooses its employees, it is the employee who chooses his company”, Notes Emmanuel GRELAUD, during the webinar. The solutions? A flexible framework, conducive to well-being, a company that is familiar with digital or a structure that shares strong and significant values ​​… So what? Are you ready to offer this framework for your new teams?

Finally, do not forget that a good employee is an employee trained and supported in his learning: you must give him the necessary keys so that he can acquire autonomy and responsibility! Teaching the skills necessary to the characteristics of the position is no longer enough: it is now a question of promoting career prospects and ensuring the learning of employees to develop them professionally. The Flow by MAPAL solution is a learning management tool that allows companies in the sector to set up an individualized training path for each employee based on their experience and skills. Learning is provided to them via course modules, videos or podcasts. They can also see their progress and solidify their skills through periodic assessments. By increasing your recruiting and training efforts, you will benefit from a greater engagement of your new talents!

Purchase and production as close as possible to your needs to control profitability

“Summer in restaurants” often rhymes with “millions of guests!”

To meet consumer demand it is essential to manage your purchases and stocks in an irreproachable way: profitability depends on this! Plus, preparing your menus in advance can help you simplify production and produce as accurately as possible, without risking the food losses we know so well! Emmanuel GRELAUD reminds us: “In the hotel and restaurant sector, the peculiarity is that it is difficult to know the margins of the products sold, as well as the sales forecasts, which will have a direct impact on purchases.“. For this, Easys f & b tool is a great ally: this software, in fact, will allow you to centralize your purchases, improve your relationship with suppliers, but also manage your stocks with an iron fist! Finally, you have the possibility to develop pre-established menus, accessible to all: ideal for multi-site catering!

Enhanced and optimized productivity for restaurateurs

In the summer period, the hotel and restaurant sector is faced with a strong wave of consumers: tourists and vacationers flock to dozens, hundreds … Even there it is necessary to prepare in advance to guarantee the quality of the service, while respecting the health and food safety.

First and foremost, as mentioned above, you need to have a good sales forecast to anticipate demand and staffing needs. Next, optimize your team’s schedules to avoid understaffing or even over-staffing. Planning management platforms such as Workforce by MAPAL allow you to develop “the perfect planning” and distribute it to all teams, for smooth and effective communication.

Simplified and consistent management of operational processes

In the hotel and catering sector, every company operates according to very specific operational processes: each employee must therefore master processes that are often boring and complex. Also in this case, MAPAL’s Easily f & b catering management solution allows you to share with your teams all the operational processes necessary for the proper functioning of the business … And this, for each phase! Each employee has the information and data necessary to guarantee the quality of meals on a daily basis. What to reassure the new seasonal recruits and avoid them so many hitches!

Industry compliant operations

When it comes to regulatory compliance, all your employees need to work in full compliance, so as not to endanger anyone – you, your teams and your customers. “Errors are human, so it is necessary to set up a checklist system that allows you to establish a list of actions to be performed, but also to warn when they are not performed”, Explains Emmanuel GRELAUD.

Also in this case, MAPAL offers its “Compliance” solution which allows you to monitor your operations, thanks to digital checklists. This digital platform allows you to monitor the status of each operational process and anticipate any incident!

So ? Convinced? If you too want to prepare for summer in complete tranquility, MAPAL will support you in your digital transition! Do not hesitate to discover the white paper “How to prepare your (new) staff before the summer season in catering?” and happy summer everyone!

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