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Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. It can also be said that it has a market monopoly in this area.

All pages that appear in the results offered by the tool after a query are not in the same boat. In fact, the search engine is working to classify all the platforms to submit them in a specific order.

Every effort should be made to improve your ranking so that you are placed as high as possible.

What is SEO?

Search engine results are not offered randomly. They are provided based on ratings that determine their relevance levels.

So the higher a website ranks in the responses to a query, the more relevant it is considered to be in its field.

All platforms are therefore working to match this description in order to generate the most clicks and increase their traffic. There are a number of methods and techniques that can be used to do this.

As a group built around a strategy, they represent SEO. We recommend that you entrust the implementation to professionals in the field to ensure its effectiveness.

As indicated on the page, two types of referencing can be distinguished depending on the specifics of the methods used. the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also called natural referencing is one of them.

It is characterized by the use of free means aimed at permanently changing the ranking of your page. Your action focuses on the parameters taken into account by Google’s algorithms.

How to rank better in the Google search engine

Onsite Optimization: How to Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Onsite optimization refers to improving all technical and editorial aspects of a website. Also known as “on-page” optimization, it focuses on specific parameters that define your website’s relevance, performance, and fluidity.

HTML tags

HTML tags are codes that make your online platform easier to navigate. They serve that purpose Text formatting and structuring content in general. In practice, these tags allow different parts of a text to be distinguished. HTML tags include the “Title” and “Meta Description” tags.

The structure of your URL

Put simply, the URL is the link that leads to your site. Even if it is not obvious, it represents an essential element of your SEO. Improvement is possible thanks to onsite optimization.

Therefore, the number of characters is limited to what is strictly necessary, and important words, referred to as “keywords”, are included in them. These relate to your job and are representative of your company. The aim is to make it easier for Internet users and search engines to identify your website.

The content of the site

In addition to technical aspects such as HTML tags, on-page optimization is also interested in the content of your platform. This will be revised to be as relevant as possible. In this sense, several changes are possible. Ensure the originality of your texts is a good start. You can also use a better structure to make them digestible and accessible to all readers. The aim will then be to give really useful answers from the first words and throughout the text.

Offsite Optimization: Netlinking

A perfectly constructed website is not really useful if it is not visited by Internet users. It is therefore necessary to carry out upstream work to give it some visibility. This is where offsite optimization comes into play. It is defined as a set of processes that transform the way your website is perceived by internet users and Google.

With this type of optimization, no corrections are made to the website. On the contrary, its action will serve to highlight the platform and showcase it on the stage front. Netlinking technology is used for this purpose.

it is the use of external links, also called “backlinks”, which must be inserted into the content of other platforms. These links are designed to redirect users to your website. They must then be used consistently and on reference platforms. Therein lies the difficulty of the exercise.

Finding a large number of these types of platforms is not easy. In addition, they must propose topics related to your field of activity. This then requires meticulous and sometimes lengthy research; hence the usefulness of entrusting the task to professionals. They already have an extensive network of partner platforms that you can use.

how to rank first on google
how to rank first on google

Keyword Research: The importance of finding the most appropriate ones

Keywords are one of the most important elements that Google uses to measure the relevance of a website. They represent key terms that are intended to represent your company and its activities. In practice, these words are used to find your website when inserted into the search engine bar.

To avoid confusion and confusion with the competition, your keyword field must be as accurately as possible. Because of this, you must take the time to choose them well. We recommend researching your competitors beforehand to get an idea of ​​who they are using. That way you don’t make the mistake of positioning yourself on the same thing.

There are tools to help you easily go through this stage. Once you use the right keywords, your Platform will be more visible for both Google and internet users. This leads to an increase in your traffic in the long term.

Tools and techniques to measure SEO progress and success

Once the SEO strategy has been put in place and applied, it is appropriate to evaluate its progress and impact. To achieve this, you can use various tools and techniques. They will help you to know the most effective measures and possibly realign your strategy. Among the tools available you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console for example.

In addition to tools, certain techniques such as studying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are useful to take stock of progress in SEO. There are a variety of KPIs that need to be explored, and not all are relevant or essential. Focus your analysis on sizes like that valuation from bounce. It allows the engagement generated by a piece of content to be evaluated.

You have them too Exchange rate which is pretty important for a trading platform. It measures the percentage of visitors who become customers. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, this equates to the number of visitors who made a purchase. You can rate your website and improve your optimization to reach your goals.

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