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Avenue du Bouchet 2
1209 Geneva

Board of directors

  • President: Eric Hoesli
  • Managing Director: Tibere Adler
  • Directors: Yves Daccord, Louis Dreyfus, Sarah Girard, Abir Oreibi


  • Tibere Adler, CEO
  • Madeleine von Holzen, editor-in-chief
  • Zeynep Ersan Berdoz, Director of Strategy and Development
  • Olivier Schwarz, Finance
  • Nicole Pomezny, Human Resources

Chief editor

  • Madeleine von Holzen
  • Paul Ackermann, MP
  • Xavier Filliez, deputy
  • Serge Michel, deputy
  • Eleonore Sulser, assistant
  • Assistant and Office Manager: Monique Graber Sangiorgio

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Relationship with customers
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readers mail

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The directions

SA time
Avenue du Bouchet 2
1209 Geneva

main writing
Avenue du Bouchet 2
1209 Geneva
Telephone: +41 22 575 80 50
Administration: Myriam Hagberg, Pascale Singh

Lausanne Newsroom

Madeleinstraat 18
1003 Lausanne
Telephone: +41 22 575 80 50

Bern Drafting

Federal Palace Press Center
Bundesgasse 8-12
3003 Bern
Telephone: +41 22 575 80 50

writing of zion

16 Cruciblestraat
1950 Zion
Telephone: +41 22 575 80 50

Neuchâtel Script

Box 2645
2000 Neuchatel
Telephone: +41 22 575 80 50

Columns and journalists

News and hyperlink
Florian Delfoi
catherine framery
cham iaz
Etienne Meyer-Vacherand
camille pagella
Fanny Scudiri
Marie-Amaelle Toure

Aline Jaccottet (head of section)
Stéphane Bussard (Geneva International)
Valerie de Graffenried (New York)
louis motto
Little Simon
Paul Ackerman (Paris)

Vincent Bourquin (head of section)
Gregory Baur (Zion)
Philippe Boeglin (Bern)
Boris Busslinger (Zurich)
Marc Gueniat (Geneva)
Michel Guillaume (Bern)
David Haeberli (Bern)
Raphael Jotterand (Lausanne)
Camille Krafft (Lausanne)
Laure Lugon (Geneva)
Fati Mansour (Geneva, justice and law)
Vincent Nicolet (Geneva)
Yan Pauchard (Lausanne)
Sylvia Revello (Geneva)
Aina Skjellaug (Lausanne)
Alexandre Steiner (Neuchâtel)
Celine Zünd (Lausanne)

discussions and opinions
Frederic Koller

Science and Environment
Sylvie Logean (head of section)
Aurélie Coulon
Denis Delbeck
Pascaline Minet

Aline Bassin (head of section)
etwarea ram
Mathilde Farine (Zurich)
richard etienne
Emmanuel Garessus (Zurich)
Fanny Noghero
Rachel Richterich
hive sebastian
Anouch Seydtaghia

Weekend of culture and climate
Stéphane Gobbo (head of section)
Virginie Nussbaum (Deputy Head of Section)
Julien Burri (books)
Juliette de Banes Gardonne (classical music)
Alexander Demidoff
Antonio Duplan
Marie-Pierre Genecand (theater)
salome kiner
Lisbeth Koutchoumoff (books)

Time, Society
Célia Héron (head of section)
Marie-Pierre Genecand
agatha seppey

Laurent Favre (head of section)
Caroline Christina
Lionel Pittett

Anouch Seydtaghia

T Magazine
Rinny Gremaud (editor)
Veronique Botteron
Nausicaa Board
severine saas
isabel stoudman
Emilie Veillon

career pages
Julie Eigenmann [email protected]
Advertisements: [email protected]

editorial secretaries
Simon Moreillon
michele rettig
Jadija Sahli
Olga Yurkina Stahli
Antoine Willemin (digital)

Anne Wyrsch (resp.)
Paul Battiston
Patrick Chappatte (designer)
Eddy Mottaz (photographer)
Catherine Ruttimann
Mariella Solazzo

Video and data journalism

Xavier Filliez (resp. video)
Isabelle Aeschlimann (video)
Victoria Corà (video)
Isabelle Boudjkhi (motion designer)
Severine Chavé (video)
Duc-Quang Nguyen (data journalist)
Xavier Paineau (video, motion designer)

desktop publishing
Cyril Domon (resp.)
Exhibit Clemency
melody auberson
Cristina Immele
Martin Snow
Alain Stuck

Geraldine Schönenberg (resp.)
johanne badot
eric diener
julien maret
Samira Payot
Anaise Viard

Business development and marketing

  • Zeynep Ersan-Berdoz, Director
  • Adriane Bossy, Partnership Project Manager
  • Julia Chivet, content coordinator in alliances and editorial supplements
  • Sébastien Cretton, director of development and financing
  • Carine Cuerel, Marketing Director
  • Marion Craen, Director of Marketing Projects
  • Clément Espuche, Key Account Manager
  • Liliane Maibach, Director of Communications and Acquisitions
  • Céline Martins, Operations Marketing Director
  • Noémie Stockhammer, Marketing Assistant
  • Séverine Sturmer, Director of Digital Marketing
  • Karine Von, Product Manager
  • Sergio Vonlanthen, Marketing Assistant

[email protected]

time events

  • Valere Gogniat (manager)
  • Dania Bordian
  • Elise Friedly
  • Mary Racine
  • Alexia Tonomal

Social media

  • Audrey Afsary, Head of Social Media
  • Marine Baud, Social Media Manager
  • Margaux Béna, social media manager

documentation service

Available publications:

The physical consultation of the files is not allowed. We invite you to go to a public and university library.

reproduction of articles

For any request for permission to reproduce an article, on paper or digital media, please consult the information available at

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