In our hearts, a company based in Clermont-Ferrand offers to plant trees to honor deceased loved ones

In the troubled ground of the clean cut, on this land of Bourg-Lastic, raspberries are the first plants to bring their touch of green.
But the ten volunteers who came with the company Dans nos cœurs and its partner association Bois Pérenne intend to give the plot another face. Equipped with all the necessary tools, they have at their disposal several hundred young cherry trees, chestnuts, birches … ready to be planted in the open ground. The beech shoots are already in place.

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“This was a postwar fir plantation, as there have been so many. The trees were cut down last year. Today the owner wants a more diversified plot “, explains Jules Lefrançois, president of Bois Pérenne. It was he who chose the species that are planted here, with the dual aim of giving life to the landscape with local species and anticipating the effects of global warming. providing resilient species.

“A more sustainable alternative to flowers”

The company Dans nos cœurs, based in Clermont, participates in this process, structured around its website specialized in services in the world of funerals. Finances the trees, on the one hand. He mobilizes his forces to plant them, on the other hand. “For us it is an action consistent with our values. It seems natural to us to offer a more sustainable alternative to flowers, both for symbolism and for the planet ”, smiles Anne-Sophie Tricart, director of Dans nos cœurs.

A dozen volunteers participated in the planting on this plot of Bourg-Lastic.

On the site, each tree is associated with its virtue: wisdom for the oak, purity for the cherry or generosity for the chestnut. Thinking about their deceased loved ones, customers choose this symbolism to keep the memory of the deceased alive. “Planting a tree is a gesture that people remember,” says Émilie Thiebaud, head of digital marketing.

“A more sustainable alternative to flowers”

The approach is interesting: the site sells nearly 6,000 trees every year. It joins, too. For this sowing day in Bourg-Lastic, a team of volunteers was formed. It brings together customers who haven’t hesitated to don the volunteer costume to participate in the day’s action. Juliette, for example, came from the Paris region with her son. She lost her father in April 2020, at a time when supporting the deceased was difficult, due to the Covid 19 pandemic. On the Dansnoscœ website, she chose to buy a pear tree to pay homage to him. . But her approach didn’t stop there.

“I find it very nice to plant a tree. It is quite symbolic. Our coming here is a continuation of the planting of our pear tree. Physical involvement makes things even more concrete “

Juliet (Coming from the Paris region to participate in the planting)

Dans nos cœurs and his volunteers plant trees in Bourg-Lastic

“A tree is a memory”

Martine, from Veyre-Monton, reads the funeral notices published on the Internet on a daily basis. She also bought trees through the site after the loss of loved ones. “A tree is a memory. And I know the people I bought them for were attached to nature, ”she says.

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Several locations in France host or will soon host these plantations, from the Tarn to the Morbihan via the Sarthe. The project is also developing internationally, through partnerships in Peru, Colombia and Madagascar.

The company Dans nos cœurs was created in 2009 in association with several daily newspapers on the publication of funeral notices. The services have then constantly expanded. She now lives in Clermont-Ferrand.

Jean-Baptiste Ledys

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