Influencers to support all cryptocurrencies

To rest the bases

Hasheur, le mastodonte français du Web3

YouTube 559,000 subscriptions, Twitter 317,000 subscriptions, TikTok 165,000 subscriptions


The Park of Hasheur, by its own name Owen Simonin, enforces respect: ​​14 years ago, the youth treasury and a Minecraft server managed to manage a team of chambers. Aujourd’hui âgé de 25 ans, Owen a one caquette: à la fois youtubeur and CEO of the company Just Mining, « always invest in the blockchain “And the referendum for Forbes magazine. On YouTube, Hasheur is one of the most important on cryptocurrencies in France. You are objective: «Permettre à M. et Mme Tout-le-Monde de s’informer sur les Sujets complexes liés aux cryptomonnaies et tout ce qui gravite autour, comme les NFT et le metavers. » More questions for Hasheur de faire miroiter à ses centaines de milliers d’abonnés la promesse de devenir riche en un claquement de doigts. For youtubeur, influence rhyme with responsibility: “We just noticed that at the time. ». A teacher’s pedagogical approach, more importantly Owen found a subscription for his subscription – 35 years vs 40 years or one year – and what a cryptocurrency course in a brutal way. Bitcoin has lost more than 50% of its value in six months.

For those who want to invest… and who say (un jour) devenir riche

TefeurS, the multi-million dollar streamer

Twitter 375,000 subscriptions, YouTube 115,000 subscriptions


At 27, TeufeurS is a success story that can be written more than once. Old router driver created on YouTube in 2010 to use these Journées de Chômage in parlant current videos. You can enjoy a great community, find the streamer in the online casino or commune to win a fortune with bitcoins. A domain that has the best chances: within some money, millionaire’s income (in bitcoins), some partners can be used with online gaming platforms. A radical change for the streamer, who will be filming live in his 19m studio2 two years later. Aujourd’hui installed in Malta, il Continue de partager ses victoires (et parfois ses échecs) avec sa communauté. Depuis le mois de janvier, TeufeurS a carrément lancé son propre média, NFTalk, qui place les NFT au center de notre vie quotidienne, en abordant autant l’impact écologique de la blockchain que l’utilization des NFT dans le droit notarial.

Yann Darwin, the opportunistic entrepreneur

YouTube 229,000 subscriptions, Instagram 79.7,000 subscriptions


Rien ne predestinate Yann Darwin – Yann-Loïc Chort of son vrai nom – to comptabiliser of centaines of millions of vues sur YouTube. The credo of this old pompier? Democratize investment, everyone is educated. To comment on the property, it’s first date allowed to be fired and changed life paid at age 25. The investor-entrepreneur-influencer has been surfing the new investment opportunities for the past few years and embracing “A 360° Approach” : “It should be possible to master additional classes of assets (exchange, real estate, cryptocurrencies, counters) in order not to be able to fully exploit volatility for cryptocurrencies. » Also, in your videos, the adoptee is a cash who really clings (he lives in Dubai or is based in the Greenbull Society). However, it is clear that the businessman is a very good teacher. “I produce long content, one of those quarantine minutes that the bathroom puts off. You’re the one! Investing is a skill that works without a simple recipe. » CQFD.

For those who don’t have time

Tim Camads, the ticker in full bloom

TikTok 237,000 subscribers


« Omar Sy is dedicated to the NFT collection »,« Try cryptocurrency bills »,« Visit the apartment in the Metaverse »… In the ultra dynamic videos of the second maximum, Timothée Camart, aka Tim Camads sur TikTok, described the news of NFT, crypto and metaphors of madness and entertainment. Result: 237,000 subscriptions in less than two years. The young man of 25 years left an education in digital marketing and started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2021, helping one of the experts. The proportion of firsts in TikTok. A little, the new, for “surfers” to meet the curious curiosity of the author of NFT, more interesting for a “fascinating environment”. “Potential potential of this technology, not only in terms of community and economy”. They are long-term: his “Recognize how to be an expert on the subject of NFT and thus be able to coach a school and a company.”

Caroline Jurado, the ticket maker for debutantes

TikTok 110.5k Subscriptions


The motto “airdrop” here isn’t that others have the celery burns? The phrases “Shorter in Crypto” and “Bearmarket” relevant to your long-term code? You are a good endorser. With a welcome and accessible password for debutantes – and debutantes – Caroline Jurado, who created Linkky, a logical RH, before the reveal, is offering help on her TikTok account with ultra-vulgar content and ultra-courtesy to figure out “the universe” of cryptos. This passion for virtual monks, which are not one of the most important investments due to confinement, Caroline wants to be able to translate into a large number in the logical logic of the “club”, as well as in the names of male communities. Leave the jargon and technical engineering behind for Cela. For her, “Blockchain is the economic revolution, and it has to do with what empowers women as men.” Russian couples: 110,000 subscribers, up to 45% are women. The Cryptos de Caro newsletter is currently owned by 26,000 prime investors. Without subscribing to the YouTube chapter, you will find the most important tips here, for example “Explaining Web3 to your mom”.

Initiate what you want to support

Gregory Raymond, the crypto and NFT journalist

Twitter, 134,000 subscriptions


Cover the achievements and debates of the finance and technology world, this is the last time. “The Internet for this mother is not on September 15, 2008, the day of the bankruptcy of the American bank Lehman Brothers. Ne comprenant pas ce qui s’apparentait à un cataclysme et n’en mesurant pas les conséquences, je me suis juré de ne plus subir cette incompréhension », peut-on lire sur le profil LinkedIn you journalististe qui a d’obord rêvé de venir critique de cinéma avant de se laisser happer par les cryptos. The crisis of the Cypriot bank in 2013, which provoked the packaging of Bitcoin, will be a new indicator. On Twitter, the ex-journalist of the magazine “Capital” spreads a series of information about cryptocurrencies and the international blockchain, which is one of the best in the social network. By the way, Gregory Raymond cannot be an influencer: “The journalistic sense and my function as a role model simply complement each other on the complicated topics. » Regular invitation to BFM Crypto Plateau to be The Big Whale Media’s March 2022 media coverage with Raphaël Bloch (ex- “L’Express”, “Les Echos”) in the form of a new week-to-week newsletter «In 15 minutes to the Infopoint». It is important for him to understand the Web3 revolution in order to decipher and anticipate the world of demons. Exactly: “Using mathematics for us to read. ».

Yoann Lopez, the investor who used to democratize cryptocurrencies

39k on LinkedIn


Yoann Lopez is passionate about cryptocurrencies, investing and metaphors. « I have been interested in this university since 2011 », Confie celui qui étudie alors l’economie et le droit, soit à peine trois ans après la creation du Bitcoin. After several years of digital marketing (with Withings and Comet) we made serious investments in 2016. The municipality partager publiquement les details de ses investissements sur Medium. In 2020, the Snowball newsletter was launched in two versions, free and unpaid. This year the viewer publishes “L’Effet snowball ou comment investir avec intelligence”. With the name of the object: « Democratize the University of Cryptocurrencies and Finance and invest in investors and investors of all horizons to create financial independence from correspondence. “Snowball, which has more than 29,000 subscriptions, still has €1.6 million to develop. Next level: Vertical Bar Newsletter (Web3, NFT, DeFi – for “decentralized finance” –, Metavers…), Apporter des Conseils Finance Personalisés aux Subscriptions (thanks to the financial agreement to invest in investments). All in one great app! To find out what Web3 did, the tips for investing in a “business anecdote” from around the world: 39,000 people follow Yoann Lopez on LinkedIn.

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