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The # çaMarque event, dedicated to efficiency, took place on Thursday 12 April at the Microsoft Campus. Starting from the premise of a consumer who has become an “omni-consumer”, brands are now immersed in contradicting injunctions with points of contact between the brand and its audience multiplying exponentially. In this context, how to build a new customer experience, how to build a marketing strategy, how to measure its effectiveness? Based on the results of Kantar’s unique barometer, fifteen brand managers from different backgrounds shared their efficiency equation. This morning, moderated by Fabrice Lundy and Céline Bouvier, ended with the announcement of the winners of the Favorite Brand of the French. Jean-Luc Chetrit, CEO of Union des Marques, questioned the need for “understand what works or doesn’t work with brands from different industries“. To the question” What is audacity in advertising? “, Hervé Navellou, CEO of L’Oréal and President of the Union des Marques said that” three things were needed to make brands understand: the existence of a new digital ecosystem to know and practice. Also, beyond the products, we need to be more in the experience because digital reinforces this desire, and finally the fact that consumers expect transparency, sincerity from brands. “More than ever, a brand needs a very strong point of view, it is necessary to understand its usefulness, the raison d’etre, it must be explicit“, emphasized Hervé Navellou. For the latter, the brands that survive today are those that innovate and do it responsibly. and commitment. To speak of daring in the face of contradicting injunctions, General Dominique Trinquant mentioned in particularly the importance of planning when in the army, for him “audacity is to have taken one of the options in a plan, go there and go for this upstream planned option“. For the general, the defense of a country is above all the citizens and therefore, applied to the brands, the teams constitute the heart to face any unforeseen event. Marianne Siproudhis, general manager of FranceTV Publicité and marketing and communication director of the France Télévisions group , described the mission to inform within his group but also to entertain and educate the public. A mission that requires audacity. For example, for the two election evenings, the France Television room was transformed into a hub by mixing the ‘AI, augmented reality that allows a local connection with the French.take advantage of technology to increase publishing“Ms Siproudhis points out. In addition, France Télévision is currently working on the launch of a collection of seven upcoming productions entitled” Les audacieuses “, including in particular a series dedicated to George Sand. François Nicolon, CMO Media Division , presented Kantar’s exclusive study for the event revealing the French point of view on audacity. The aim of this study is to question the French about their trust in brands. It therefore appears that the media arouse distrust and that, on the contrary, brands are establishing themselves as trusted actors. As omniconsumers multiply their shopping paths, the French have been more open to sharing their personal data with brands they trust (42%). Furthermore, they are more open to sharing their data if they are given a tangible advantage in exchange, such as offering discounts on products and services. (71%). makes a brand bold? “, 39% responded to a brand that innovates and is one step ahead of its competitors. Transparency emerges at the second level (35%) underlining the importance of having this dialogue with the French. Finally, the third important element demonstrated in the study was commitment (32%).


During the event four prizes were awarded and the first dedicated proximity, it was Decathlon to win this medal. Erwin Soquet, Decathlon’s communications director, said on the occasion “Our employees are the best embodiment of this closeness. Our decathlete provide the best customer support and it shows“. Subsequently, Kärcher won the trust award given to Florian Marguerie, head of the e-commerce department of the brand. The latter explained”this is due to the mission of giving the advantage of efficiency to the cleaning department. We have the possibility of immediate visibility with our product and an increase in productivity.“The commitment award was awarded to Novamex – L’arbre Vert, Géraldine Séjourne, marketing and communication director and Marco Pettelli, president were present.”Behind a committed brand is above all a committed company“underlined Géraldine Séjourne,”we have noticed an awareness of young people who are more open to adopting new habits, which is excellent news for brands“. The grand prix of the favorite French brand that crowned the St Michel brand. Cédric Lunel, marketing director, explained”I have to associate all the St Michel employees with this income, there are 1,800, it is a reward above all for them.” He added “this validates the brand’s mission, which is to popularize gourmet and well-made products“. This award rewards the work of the fundamentals of the brand, namely quality, closeness, trust through long-term commitments, all with humility and simplicity. For Cédric Lunel, the challenge for St Michel from now on is to maintain this. quality and, finally, humorously concludes, not “do not change“.


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