Innovation: Yofitt, or how to do your sport in freedom

Yofitt is an innovative mobile application, which allows you to practice your sport a la carte and face to face, without obligation. Co-founded by Lina Jaidi and Ismail Alami, the young startup thinks big and offers its customers passes with access to multi-gym and multi-sport activities anywhere in Morocco!

Access more gyms and different sports activities all over Morocco! Now it’s possible with the Yofitt mobile app. In fact, two young startuppers, Lina Jaidi and Ismail Alami, have co-created a new concept for sports fans in Morocco. Yofitt is an innovative concept that allows you to practice your sport freely and flexibly anywhere in Morocco. “It’s kind of like the Airbnb equivalent of sport!” The two co-founders say.

Genesis of the concept
Yofitt is a concept that was devised by its two co-founders each on their own. You should know that at first they didn’t know each other. It is precisely a common knowledge that connected the young startuppers, who ended up coming up with their idea and then launching their project. Lina is sporty and very mobile; she also practices various disciplines.

After paying for the subscriptions that same year, Lina noticed that there was real demand, but also a niche to fill in this business. “I would have liked to have had access to an alternative offer to play my sport wherever I am and whenever I want. And my goal was to do my sport without having to incur an additional cost, ”says the co-founder of Yofitt. Ismail, on the other hand, represents the case of several sports fans, who sign up for a room and hardly go there and end up never renewing their subscription.

And, as a result, they abandon the idea of ​​playing sports for the simple reason that no offer meets their needs. “When we met, it was the perfect match. We shared the same ambitions to answer a common problem. So we embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship, creating Yofitt ”, assures Ismail Alami, co-founder of Yofitt.

How does it work ?
Since Yofitt was born, a mobile application accessible to all, athletes can in fact have a pass with multi-gym access and various sports activities, without obligation. “From now on, you can do bodybuilding, boxing, yoga, paddle match, even surfing, tennis or other sessions through the same application,” explains Lina Jaidi.

Through the Yofitt app, the person is not limited by a fixed schedule imposed by the gym he is affiliated with. In fact, he remains active, anywhere and anytime. “You will be boxing with a boxing expert, your yoga in a yoga center and more…” adds Ismail Alami.

To date, Yofitt has more than 30 members, managers of sports halls, and offers no less than 1,000 lessons per week. In just a few months of activity, the application has been downloaded by more than 2000 people, of which at least 500 are active.

In fact, Lina and Ismail’s project takes on its full meaning day after day. “We really feel a need across the board, Yofitt provides a solution for all types of athletes. This pushes us to work harder and to arrive at an offer that meets the needs of all our users as much as possible ”, assures Ismail Alami in this sense.

In its implementation phase, the co-founders turned to several incubators and managed to unlock grants, particularly with Bidaya. “Bidaya is a human incubator, who accompanied us in our launch process.

In this sense, we have been followed on various aspects, in particular digital marketing, Human Resources, the development of the solution (technical side), the business plan, etc. ”, observes Lina Jaidi. Ismail Alami adds that “the incubator has seriously challenged us to come up with a serious, consistent and reliable offering, particularly with the grant funds we have released to date.”

Yofitt was thus able to first unlock the Innov grant idea from Tamwilcom (ex-CCG), before having other support (financial and technical) based on the different growth phases of the startup. “Even more, we are fortunate to be accompanied and supported by quality mentors,” say the co-founders.

ambitions promising
The young startup won the “Startup & Digital Transformation” award from the Moroccan Federation of Sports Professionals (FMPS), during the second edition of the Morocco Sports Awards. The co-founders were thrilled with this distinction and did not fail to ensure that it will bring them more energy and perseverance to fulfill their ambitions.

Following this consecration, the startup also benefited from the financial support of the Horizon Press group, which took the initiative to offer it, together with another startup (Pikala), a loan of 100,000 DH each, to guarantee its growth. but also to offer them visibility to be consumed on Le Site info and

In terms of ambitions, its founders see Yofitt becoming, in the future, “the largest sports hall in Morocco in terms of the number of partners, venues, activities and users. Becoming a unifying hub for athletes from all over Morocco “. Yofitt also wants to proudly represent Morocco and expand into other markets, especially Africa.

Finally, it should be noted that Yofitt, in the context of collaborations with various companies, offers preferential rates dedicated to its employees. One more motivation to enter this sport.

Sanae Raqui / ECO Inspirations

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