Innovations in the metaverse and digital beauty for L’Oréal on Viva Technology

L’Oréal presents its vision of the future of beauty at Viva Technology 2022, which will take place from 15 to 18 June in Paris. L’Oréal will guide visitors through an exploration of beauty in the era of the Web3 and the metaverse. At its booth, the group will present immersive beauty experiences developed by leading brands in its portfolio of luxury, consumer and professional products.

Beauty experiences in the metaverse

L’Oréal is exploring the possibilities of Web3 for beauty experiences aimed at a new generation of consumers. The group presents on-chain beauty, which is an opportunity to bring consumers and creators together on emerging platforms to participate in a new beauty economy.
Visitors to the L’Oréal booth at VivaTech will be able to experience beauty innovations online, offline and on-chain.

BigTechs can offer their payment services free of charge than banks

As far as Luxe & Tech perfumes are concerned, Scent-Sation by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is a point-of-sale experience. With a multi-sensor helmet based on EEG (electroencephalogram) technology, Scent-Sation reveals consumers’ emotional responses to scents and analyzes them to recommend appropriate olfactory experiences. This experience is created in collaboration with EMOTIV, which specializes in neurotechnology. Scent-Sation serves to identify the fragrance that best reveals the client’s emotions.

Additionally, L’Oréal brands are exploring what the group calls “on-chain” beauty in Web3 to strengthen bonding and engagement with communities. To do this, they offer experiences of beauty and personal expression, such as the discovery of virtual collections or the opportunity to discover a new generation of designers.

Yves Saint Laurent launches 10,000 NFTs

Specifically, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is launching 10,000 Golden Block NFTs to be collected in the “YSL Beauté” portfolio to unlock experiences and services. It starts with DJs’ “Social Token” on P00ls, a platform for creating virtual currencies. NYX Professional Makeup, a brand of L’Oréal, for its part, wants to accompany the next generation of creators and launches the first decentralized 3D beauty creator label of Web3, in order to draw the codes of beauty in the time of the metaverse. .

BigTechs can offer their payment services free of charge than banks

For its part, Mugler will celebrate the anniversary of its emblematic perfume “Angel” with the launch of its first NFT collection, “3D Angels”, designed by a web3 artist. Mugler thus lays the foundation stone of his “on-chain” loyalty program in line with the DNA of the brand “The real world is not enough”.
L’Oréal wants to build a diverse ecosystem of Web3 partners with artists, communities and technology platforms such as Arianee and People of Crypto, a creative laboratory that promotes diversity and representation in Web3.

L’Oréal announces that it has entered into a partnership with OpenSea, a key market for the commercialization of NFT, in order to create a universe in the codes of its brands, with unique virtual experiences and collectibles that explore the future of beauty. At the Viva Technology fair, the Lancôme brand wants to present the retail of the future. Lancôme offers products and services for its points of contact with physical, digital and virtual consumers. For example, Lancôme’s “Absolue Dual-LED Youth Treatment” is a new in-store device that uses LED light therapy and offers a skincare formula to treat skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Determination of the ideal foundation shade

As with the Lancôme Shade Finder, available in stores and online in 30 countries, it determines the ideal foundation shade, detecting up to 22,500 unique skin tones. And Lancôme’s LeSkin Screen establishes a skin diagnosis by detecting and aggregating skin health parameters based on 13 clinical signs, using artificial intelligence algorithms trained on 15,000 reference images.

BigTechs can offer their payment services free of charge than banks

As for Luxury & Tech cosmetics, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s “Rouge Sur Mesure” is based on Personal technology. It is a machine that uses artificial intelligence to offer the best experience in customizing lipstick shades, without leaving home. With a simple press, the device scans thousands of custom color possibilities, to match any skin tone or outfit, and in seconds creates a custom shade that is stored in the removable compartment for use at any time.

When it comes to virtual skincare, L’Oréal highlights SkinCeuticals Pro 1: 1. This device should offer consumers the ability to receive dermatological advice on the Internet via a private video consultation with a professional. This service is free. He will assess the client’s skin care needs and suggest an adapted and personalized routine.

L’Oréal presents its technology partners BreezoMeter, Sleepscore Labs, Animaze and Impact +

L’Oréal leads an ecosystem of partners. The group will present to Viva Tech the results of its data science collaboration with an innovative climate technology company, BreezoMeter. It will feature Sleepscore Labs, a leader in sleep research and quality. As for Animaze, a Web3 start-up, developed within L’Oréal’s Beauty Tech Atelier at Station F, it is about to debut at VivaTech with the presentation of a new era of virtual influence through the use of avatars. And Impact +, another start-up from L’Oréal’s Beauty Tech Atelier, will explain how to accurately measure and improve digital sustainability.

The beauty of the future will be physical, digital and virtual explains Asmita Dubey, L’Oréal’s Digital and Marketing General Manager. ” Let’s keep our feet firmly on Web2 acceleration and explore Web3 she continues. ” We have prioritized digital in all our efforts and our goal is to enrich the consumer’s journey, which continues to evolve from O + O (offline + online) to O + O + O, i.e. online + offline + on-chain she adds.

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