Internet codes and social networks in France in 2022

After receiving a report from Digital Report 2022, we look at the statistics of web usage and social media research in the world, We Are Social and Hootsuite publishes the most important figures in France.

The ciphers keep internet usage and resources in France

Read the report on the 65.51 million people in France for verification:

  • 60.92 million of the population, 93% of the population (+ 2.4% of the January 2021 report),
  • 1.5 million supplementary Internet,
  • 52.60 million social network users, 80.3% of the population,
  • 3 million new social media users in France,
  • 5h34 time passed online in the day, not 2h19 via mobile,
  • 86.5% of users access the Internet via mobile phone.
Digital ciphers in France in 2022. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

The French are interested in more and more networked facilities

In 2022, 95.1% of French people aged 16 to 64 will own a smartphone and 79.5% will own an office. The ciphers will be available in January 2021. In terms of style, the report will be attractive for the tablets and attractive on the web. 46.1% of the French were able to do this, that is -5.7% since January 2021. In exchange, the purchase of connected works (20.3%), connected objects for the home (12.3%) or a Virtual reality case (4.4%) is in the net house.

The supports are used by the French interns. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

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En 2022, les utilisateurs français passat en moyenne 5h34 en ligne par jour, c’est 3 minutes de moins qu’en janvier 2021. Ils passat 3h19 à view of tv (- 8 minutes) et 1h06 à lire la presse (paper ou en line), at the same time a stable cipher. From 2022, les Français for 5 minutes more than daily Les Reseaux Sociaux (1h46), 11 minutes more on music via a streaming service (1h06) and 1 minute more on 30 minutes podcasts ).

The time spent on the internet, social networks and television. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

89.3% of French people watch TV and stream programmes

In 2022, 89.3% of French interns watched TV shows via streaming, just like me. It takes about 49 minutes to watch this type of program. Weekly search, 32.5% of French interns aged 16-64 music streaming, 12.5% ​​podcasts, 6.6% audio books.

The streaming services will take place in 2022. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

Google, YouTube and Facebook are the best sites in France

See Similar Sites Ranking Based on Annual Traffic to Sites in 2021. Google (29.3 billion visits), YouTube (9.32 billion), and Facebook (7.34 billion) are the sites that most frequently consulted in France. is 4th, Amazon 7th, Twitter 8th, Instagram 11th and Netflix 13th. Users used 11 minutes and 55 seconds on Google compared to 20 minutes and 51 seconds on YouTube.

The websites are plus consultations for French interns. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

The 20 most popular queries on Google

“Weather”, “Facebook” and “Google” form the podium of additional queries on Google. On the same level “YouTube” in 4th place, “TV program” in 5th place and “Translation” in 6th place ‘hui plus party. Subject, “Covid” se classe à la 7ème place du classement et “attestation” come en 19ème position (versus 11ème position en January 2021).

Requests more formulas from Google. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

70.5% of the French use the internet to get information

The raisons for lesquelles les internautes francais use internet song multiples. The vast majority of French people (70.5%) use the internet to get information. 60.6% of internet users use the tool to search for specific comments (recipes or tutorials). The increases “suivre les actualités et les evénements actuels”, ainsi que “rester en contact avec ses amis et sa famille” sont presque à egalité, avec 59.9% and 59.3% respectively.

The raisons qu’ont les internautes français d’utiliser Internet. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

Facebook and Messenger dominate the Social Media Plus Utilities ranking

The four main platforms of the meta-society come at the top of the class of society’s social networks. In addition, 73.2% of French internet users use Facebook and 59.5% use Messenger. WhatsApp côture le podium (55.7%) and Instagram came fourth (54%). YouTube ranks 5th and Snapchat arrives at TikTok’s 6th place.

The most popular social services in France. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

The French users of the Android passenger plus from 9 p.m. through the month of the TikTok application

The report reports on the time spent on social network applications by French Android users. He found out that the interns are over 21 hours old via the TikTok app. This is the best accommodation: +22% compared to the January 2021 report on Instagram and 5.4 on WhatsApp.

Time passed for French users on the various social networks. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

The potential publicity of the principles of social research in France

The report provides information on the number of users used to touch a marketing campaign on various social topics:

  • YouTube: 52.60 million users
  • Facebook: 31.35 million users
  • Instagram: 26.55 million users
  • LinkedIn: 23 million users
  • Snapchat: 24.20 million users
  • Ticket: 17.48 million users
  • Pinterest: 11 million users
  • Twitter: 10 million users
The use of social networks by French interns. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

Cellular services in France

Selon le rapport, les utilisateurs français pass 3 hours and 33 minutes sur lour smartphone chaque jour. The number of download requests between January and December 2021 is 2.08 billion. The level of spending on mobile applications and in-apps, representing $2.25 billion, is a 9% home.

digital report-2022-france-mobile
The key numbers of mobile use in France. © We Are Social / Hootsuite

The top 10 mobile applications are more useful

According to the realization realized by App Annie, there are 10 mobile applications (games) that can be disassembled by the most active users in France:

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Facebook
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. Instagram
  5. TousAntiCovid
  6. Snapchat
  7. Waze
  8. Netflix
  9. Amazon
  10. tick tock

This affects all mobile devices, FDJ, Candy Crush and Pokémon Go, which make up the podium of applications used in France.

The top 10 mobile applications are the most downloaded

Applied to the Annie app rating listed at the 2021 anniversary, there are 10 applications (few games) most downloaded in France:

  1. TousAntiCovid
  2. Whatsapp
  3. tick tock
  4. Instagram
  5. Doctolib
  6. bill
  7. Facebook
  8. Snapchat
  9. Uber eats
  10. vinified

The We Are Social / Hootsuite report is very complete. Discover all the information gathered while studying this study document:

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