Internship or digital work-study: how to prepare?

Take an internship or work-study program in digital professions, it is often a first experience for many students. Experience for which you need to prepare yourself by paying real attention to it. It can improve a CV, open doors for you and, in many cases, lead to an employment contract.

Let’s take a look at the internship on the one hand and the study-work path on the other, with the advantages they can bring you for your career plan. So we will see how to approach them and prepare ourselves to give the best impression.

In the beginning you will have to do your research and analyze various commercial offers on the domains you contact, in particular through a site such as The site has the form of a search engine with 3 first levels of filters: researched discipline, domain and geolocation.

You can start with a targeted profession and possibly the desired field; Communication, Digital Marketing, Events etc. You can then refine your searches with new filters, specifying here internships or work-study, see student work or work. In addition, you can also indicate the start date, duration and year if necessary.

iThis internship or job search filters

This is in regards to the main functioning of an internship or job search engine, broadly speaking.

Do a corporate internship

An internship in a company it is a more or less long learning period, ranging from a few weeks to several months depending on the conventions. Allows you to put into practice the acquired knowledge of a training and then validate them. It can be taken by young students, but also by retraining people, who already have experience in the business world.

Do a corporate internship

Training centers often offer this format on long digital courses. This is the case, for example, of training in community management and in particular in digital marketing. These are courses in which it is essential to practice regularly to gain experience and above all to keep up with developments.

The benefits of digital internships

The internship often begins after the theoretical part followed in training, and offers many benefits to students, including:

  • Immediately validate what you have learned by testing yourself,
  • Immerse yourself in the business world,
  • Get up and running quickly,
  • Work on a project and follow it for the entire duration of the internship, mainly on internships lasting several months,
  • Lead to a job based on his level of involvement and the needs of the company,
  • Obtain financial compensation beyond a certain period,
  • To be a good trial period for the company,

Follow a work-study program

Work-study is a contract between a student and a company that will be able to put into practice what they have learned by learning in a school or training center. Alternations may differ from one facility to another, 15 school days and 15 company days or one week per side, or even in the form of 2 school days and 3 company days.

Follow a work-study program

The alternating period it is often longer than an internship. It can last from 1 year to 2 years, including the school part. The interest lies mainly in the instant practical application of one’s theoretical learning, but also in better digesting one’s lessons.

The advantages of a digital study-work path

The alternation begins with the theoretical part that will be followed at school, and will offer essentially the same benefits as the internship or more, including:

  • Quickly put into practice what you have learned,
  • School and business balance, which allows you to better digest and assimilate the learning of a trade,
  • Become operational immediately after the alternation,
  • Work on projects that take longer to implement, while internships would be shorter. Internship. In addition, several projects can be initiated over long alternations.
  • The possibility of hiring is often more important in the work-study than in the internship, for its duration but also for the investment that allows a better follow-up.
  • A better level of remuneration in general, based on age and agreement.
  • It is also a great trial period for the company hosting the student.

How to prepare for an internship or a digital work-study?

The first thing to do is consider an internship or work studio as a job, and not as a simple step aimed at validating one’s theoretical knowledge. You have to put yourself in the employee’s shoes and give your best as if it were your job.

How to prepare for an internship or a digital work-study?

In this way you will be judged at your fair value and thus put all the possibilities for a possible hiring on your side. Several indicators will allow you to make a good impression and immerse yourself in your role. Let’s see the points on which it will be necessary to emphasize.

Prepare your CV and cover letter

First of all, you will need to prepare yours job interview and be successful, because even if it is an internship or a work-study, it is still a recruitment for the company that will host you. As such, prepare your CV and cover letter and take care to present it well and meet the prerequisites. Ask for help, but logically your school should offer a module on this topic.

Search the host company

Show that you know the company that will validate your internship or study-work program. Be it its history, its products / services or its corporate culture. You will have to know them perfectly and sometimes even down to the numbers. Do research on the internet in advance.

This information will be fed into you during the interview, but it must also resonate with you, even more so if the company represents a professional ideal in your eyes.

Analyze the digital presence of the company

As part of a digital position, it is good to do soanalyze the company’s online presence. Look at its website and analyze its strengths and weaknesses and only mention them if asked to do so, or as part of a mini audit that would demonstrate your analytical skills and curiosity. Emphasize strengths and minimize weaknesses by using the term recommendations rather than weaknesses. Do the same for social networks by analyzing recorded publications and interactions.

Try to understand the strategic logic of the company and put yourself in the shoes of your future role. What would you do to improve the company’s communication and / or digital marketing actions? Immerse yourself in the best conditions of your future role and project yourself as if you were there. A recruiter will appreciate if you play together.

Introduce yourself to the different services

If you are selected for the offer you applied for, take the initiative and consult your direct manager to tour the services. The goal is to introduce yourself to all the people who represent the different key departments of the company.

Depending on the number of employees, ask for support to introduce yourself to all employees in one speech. So you won’t neglect anyone and you’ll get to know each other quicker, which is more rewarding than getting to know each other at the bend in a hallway.

Take your role to heart

Whether or not you are promised a job at the end of your internship or work-study program, always give the best of yourself. Don’t be demotivated if you’re told the company isn’t hiring! Sometimes we see the opposite happen and it can also be a test to measure your level of investment.

Take your role to heart

If you are interested in the position, show that you want it, without replacing it of course! As much as possible, also do what you love and don’t go back on your mission.

Immediately become autonomous and curious

Quickly become independent, because it is a guarantee of involvement with a company, even more so if the job is well done. The more autonomous you are, the more you will be entrusted with the mission or missions that have been entrusted to you. But also be curious about your manager, without overstressing him and staying in a learning position.

Avoid giving lessons or showing that you know better than others! Conversely, be humble by taking on the same role as an employee but staying in learning mode. You will have a lot to learn from your colleagues and managers.


Here are some tips to better understand an internship or a study-work path, and consider them as a real springboard for your professional life.

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