Interview: Three years later, the Summer Edition of lesBigBoss is finally in person, to the delight of digital decision makers!

We interviewed Hervé Bloch, the founder of BigBoss Events: The LinkedIn of Reality, as our Capital magazine colleague pointed out in 2018 … This influential community brings together key digital decision makers each year through immersive event formats where Business , Content and Network …

Influenth: Hi Hervé, can you introduce yourself to Influenth readers and tell them about your background?

Hervé: Hi I am 46 years old and 3 children. I’ve been a web dinosaur since I worked on it in the late 90’s when this market was born and I’m still there 25 years later …

Very quickly I understood the power of the network and capitalized on my professional network to perform in the digital world both in IBM (IT giant) and in Nexint (start-up specializing in digital accessibility that I co-founded), Emailvision (saas marketing solution automation) or Come & Stay (performance agency of marketing).

After creating several communities: The Net Workers and Internet Managers Club, I launched a web TV dedicated to digital decision makers and after publishing 400 interviews I told myself that it was necessary to bring all these beautiful people together through a ski event… We are in 2013 and Fernand Bonnevie, Jean-Claude Dusse’s teacher at Les Bronzés font du Ski has just passed away … so I decide to call my event the big boss go skiing! The format takes hold and the following summer I charter a plane to Fuerteventura.

Since then I have organized more than 150 events, recruited more than 50 employees, gathered more than 6,000 decision makers and raised 18 million euros from Montefiore Investment.

Influenth: It’s very impressive! How did you manage the health crisis?

Hervé: Upon first delivery in March 2020, we immediately decided to do so digitize our formats. I have scrutinized all the solutions on the market and selected the most relevant, in particular to manage one-to-one affinity meetings: the Vimeet solution

And finally at the end of 2020 we took the majority of the capital of the company that publishes the solution. The health crisis has therefore pushed us to digitization. But let’s be clear: a face-to-face event format is much more powerful from a relational point of view … When we had no choice, we distributed all our formats remotely but from the second half of 2021 we resumed our face-to-face formats. to face.

Influenth: So face-to-face is the only possible way for you?

Hervé: We will say that in the realm of the blind the one-eyed are kings … For want of better, we have lined up distance formats but they don’t have the same relational flavor. On the other hand, we have decided to offer a digital interface called Bigboss365 to animate our communities all year round and allow decision makers to organize video on demand sessions with service providers that meet their current needs in the short term. It is therefore necessary to capitalize on the 2 approaches: physical events to connect and integrate an influential community e digital interaction to meet immediate needs and maintain a constant link with its ecosystems.

Influenth: This week you are organizing your famous Summer Edition, can you tell us more?

Hervé: Yes, indeed this Friday we will bring together nearly 700 decision makers and key digital players in Greece in the Olympia region for a crazy weekend. The Business, Content and Networking triptych will be at the appointment of this fifteenth face-to-face work.

For business, it’s no less than 7,000 meetings and one-to-one affinity meetings … On the content side, we will organize a “learning expedition” seminar around the Metaverse … And finally, on the networking side, its 3 days in total immersion promote relational exchanges from boat trips to evenings, including moments of idleness around the pool …

Our formats are very Manichean: we invite decision makers from ETI and large clients who have short-term projects to implement and budgets associated with digital acceleration, and we offer service providers to sponsor our formats. From one edition to the next, we will monitor the data business to ensure a ROI (return on investment) to our attendees by providing a ROE (return on emotion) and a ROT (return on time) …

Influenth: who are the headliners?

Hervé: We have an emblematic jury president: Soumia Hadjali, Sephora’s Chief Digital Officer EME and an exceptional jury made up of digital personalities from Altarea Cogedim, Amorino, Burton, Capfi, Cdiscount, Class’Croute, Club Med, Dericheourg, Disneyland Paris, Effy, Eramet, Habitat, IKKS, Interflora, LVMH, Monoprix, Ovoyages, PointS, Servier and even Qatar Airways.

This jury constitutes the crème de la crème and thus the influence at its peak!

Influenth: We have heard about a social initiative, can you tell us more?

Hervé: You are well informed! In fact, I have a guest of honor from the associative world. This is Nicolas Rossignol, founding president of the association Tout Le Monde contre le Cancer, which creates actions in connection with hospitals to bring moments of joy to children with cancer.

I had invited Nicolas during the first Summer Edition in 2014 and the format made it possible to collect over 1 million euros in donations in kind to the association. I would like to repeat the feat again this year. Because yes, influence also allows good causes to be served by allowing them to benefit from the sounding board of an event that brings together high-level decision makers.

In 2018, on the occasion of the 10th opus, we offered a revolutionary eyewear to a blind person who was able to see for the first time thanks to technology! We were very proud of this initiative because the technology is effective but very expensive.

Influenth: how your event is influencer marketing

Hervé: Bringing together so many influential decision makers allows, in my view, to disseminate marketing innovations and empower colleagues to take responsibility new topics, especially those related to the Web 3 : Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, NFT… Speaking of NFT we will offer each participant a unique digital work that could be worth in the coming months what the Singe collection is worth.


Influenth: But are there any places left?

Hervé: great question! Officially no, but we never reject influential decision makers (big guest guests) … On the side of the service provider (sponsor partner) we are “sold out” for a long time, but if a latecomer wants to participate, we can look at the relevance of their solution and if it matches the expectations of the decision makers, we will find a solution …

Influential: who to contact?

Hervé: From decision makers Matteo Cimino and from service providers Vincent Guinard, but frankly you act very fast!

Influence: Thanks Herve! See you in Greece then!

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