Is it possible to move from sales to digital marketing?

I’ve been in the business for almost 10 years. I have worked in various sectors: real estate, automotive and telecommunications. Today I begin to go around in circles and I would like to convert. I tell myself that at my age it’s the best time and then spending my life on dating where I can’t see myself there. I thought about digital marketing because since the Covid crisis I have worked closely with the marketing teams, I have learned a lot and found it exciting. now I don’t know how …
What do you suggest ?

Changing jobs is no longer an “extraordinary” act as it was just a few years ago, and it will very likely become the norm soon. You are right to ask yourself this question and above all to find not only the way to get there but also the “why”!

The sale, a path for many others …

The commercial is similar to a complete sporting activity that would work a maximum of “muscles”. This job requires mastering different skills such as public speaking, organizing, negotiating, conflict management, listening or even the ability to understand market problems.

And this is why the practice of this profession can lead to a professional retraining that is as interesting as it is successful. Under certain conditions …

Plan successfully … your success

Performing such a conversion must be done with confidence, as it will require effort and some important choices. Also, (and as with any choice), it is essential that you do so consciously. First of all, by better understanding the profession of digital wholesaler (or rather THE professions!), Its implications and its less attractive side. And yes, because for this “new marriage” it will also be for better or for worse! For this, you need to conduct an introspection and perform a sincere and factual self-assessment of yourself. What are your real strengths? What are your most vulnerable spots on which you haven’t been able to really evolve?

If you can, turn to professionals to assist you, this will allow you to rely on factual information and even use it in your next applications. Therefore, connect this analysis with what was required before in terms of soft skills to fill a position as a digital marketer. If you want to successfully plan for your success, ask to see the “job description” of the positions you may be filling, this will give you a list of specific specific skills to master.

Accelerated obsolescence of skills

If you are still convinced (and for the right reasons) that your decision is the right one, then you will have to “go into detail”. Working in digital marketing (and why not as a Growth Hacker?) Certainly requires soft skills but above all hard skills (technical skills). And these will be difficult to acquire quickly in the field. Today on the training market there are many interesting offers on this topic, which can be realized in the “off” times of your job.

This approach has serious benefits such as understanding this new profession better, gaining credibility during your questions, and testing your willpower as well. You can also subscribe to some very specialized podcasts on the subject, attend conferences and finally meet friends / acquaintances who practice this profession and who can tell you about it (Linkedin is an exchange space that will allow you to do it quite easily)

Then, you will need to move on to the action step. And starting with your business!

Because a digital marketer who knows his market well and who also masters the techniques of the trade is a rare commodity. But for that, you’ll have to agree to take the time to learn! According to Isabelle Rouhan, author of the book “Jobs of the future”, 85% of the professions of 2030 still do not exist today. It introduces the concept of accelerated skill obsolescence that took 40 years in the 1970s to only last between 12 and 18 months today.

Then you are right to “update” your skills to the new realities of our world!

It’s your turn !

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