Key Steps (Part 2)

Digital is an exciting industry and you won’t regret it if you decide to become a digital marketing freelancer. In a previous article, we saw the right questions to ask yourself and what to expect. Now it’s time to proceed step by step…

In this article, you will learn several steps:

  • Develop your skills
  • Choose an ideal customer
  • Follow blogs
  • Build your site
  • Build a customer base
  • Determine your tariff

Develop your skills

While a degree can be helpful, getting into digital marketing isn’t necessary. Initiative and experience are the most important prerequisites for success. This field of activity is constantly and rapidly developing. While digital isn’t necessarily your specialty, it’s important to keep up with trends and what skills are in demand.

For example, this training “Developing your activity with web marketing” will allow you to train web trades and develop an effective digital strategy.

Choose an ideal customer

What types of clients and/or industries do you most enjoy working with? For example, you can only focus on nonprofit organizations. Or you may focus on a specific industry such as software, retail, e-commerce, finance, etc. It’s up to you to find the ideal customer.

Follow blogs

Practices change regularly in this sector. There are always new updates on tools, social networks, trends. Search engines in particular often change the way they rank websites, and some ads become too familiar to succeed.

Experts in this field approach this in two ways:

  • They create blogs;
  • They follow other professional blogs related to their specialty.

In any case, blogs have become places where expertise is presented and the latest trends are discussed. Regular reading of these blogs can help you stay abreast of changes and discover new opportunities.

Build your site

A great way to start as a digital marketing freelancer is to create a website. Embed your blog to host your articles and show good SEO practices by optimizing your own website.

You can ensure your website gets lots of great results to increase your brand awareness and visibility in the SERPs. A portfolio that showcases your work is invaluable to being taken seriously in this industry.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Freelancer: Key Steps (Part 1)

Build a customer base

At first glance, the task of networking and finding clients can seem daunting. This is also one of the great challenges of freelancing in digital marketing. Here are some tips for finding potential customers:

Start with people you know. The best way to get the word out about a new freelance business is to start with your current network. You may be able to get work directly from them, or they may be able to give you referrals for potential clients.

Walk through the platforms: These are online job boards for freelancers. If you don’t have a solid experience yet, you can find small clients there to begin with and continuously increase the number of projects and clients you get. However, remember that these websites charge high fees and commissions, so use them with caution;

Use Facebook groups : There are many Facebook groups for freelancers. It’s a great place to connect with potential clients and fellow freelancers, and to learn about job openings.

Use LinkedIn : Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers and letting people know how you can help businesses. LinkedIn in particular is considered a major player in France as a professional social network. So, learn how to use LinkedIn to find new customers.

Try cold emailing or cold pitching to prospects. It’s one of the most traditional methods freelancers use to find work, but it’s still very popular.

Determine your tariff

Next, estimate your freelance salary and set your rates. There are several ways to structure your pricing model:

  • Per hour ;
  • By project;
  • Per month ;
  • The combination of the three.

Customers have different needs and expect a certain flexibility from freelancers when it comes to pricing models (and tariffs).

Choosing your price is a tricky process as it can affect your footfall and profitability. There are many factors to consider when setting your price, including:

  • your skill;
  • The complexity of your work;
  • The availability of competition;
  • The nature of your customers.

Research competitors using channels similar to yours and find out their prices. As a beginner, you can start low to build your reputation and customer base.

But don’t underestimate yourself and your work when contacting potential customers, but make sure not to be as rigid as stone in negotiations, especially at the beginning.

Are you a little lost? Here is an article that will enable you to understand web freelance pricing.


Becoming a freelancer in the digital marketing industry is a great experience. Digital marketers can choose what tasks they want to perform, and it’s a job you’ll never get bored of.

On the other hand, it’s not a job for everyone. To work as a freelancer you have to be motivated and have a lot of self-confidence. If after reading this article you are more than ever excited to become a digital marketing freelancer, now is a good time. Getting started!

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