Knowing how to give everything and think about SEO

I see too often that they create a lot of web players retention of information on their websites. That is to say, they don’t want to divulge the secrets of their experience or their brand (all things considered).

I recommend this instead: Share your trade secrets and work on your SEO at the same time. You can always keep a few, but dedicate everything to one topic and go as far as possible.

To this I am answered: you are crazy! So let’s see why I say this and demonstrate the effectiveness.

Why should (everything) be given on the Internet?

Few people actually invent something in the digital world, that it is community managementfrom Digital Marketing or even of influencer marketing. All we do is improve, adapt or occasionally innovate. New concepts are often ways to renew oneself or to create some kind of trend, which will very quickly be copied or picked up by others. Are they really new to all of this?

Reflection starts from a foundation, and often drains common sense and the means that allow you to return to neglected values ​​or principles that have already proved their worth. The difference will come from people who have an overflowing imagination and from creative people, for whom there will be a gift at the center. But it’s about knowing how to distinguish yourself and make a difference.

Don’t hold back your success and watch how marketing works in some areas where it was not a question of revealing their secrets, up to!

Example : Recipes in (high) gastronomy!

So far there was no doubt reveal your favorite recipe or one of them, which will be enough to reach a category of people. Have you seen starred chefs unveiling their recipes on the web in past years? It’s starting to happen more and more, as we understand that the magic of marketing could very well work in this environment. Check out some videos of Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen and you’ll understand right away!

So a great and renowned pastry chef will share the recipe for his chocolate tart! Many will then try to reproduce it at home, but who will succeed despite all the good advice given? Maybe 2 out of 10 people.

The difference ? often it is the gift that the person has, because the real recipe is the person himself!

From there a frustration will arise that can only be erased by eating the aforementioned cake. How to do ? Quite simply by going to the restaurant where the pastry chef would serve it or to the pastry shop where it would be sold.

Yet here it is not a question of selling it, but of giving the recipe to make it yourself. Much of the work in marketing goes like this: giving to receive, talking about others and not about yourself, helping the consumer rather than selling them directly, etc.

And for me good marketing in due shape if everything is well orchestrated! Reveal your recipes.

So why adopt this principle on the web?

First, so that readers can do it decide between the contents which all look the same. Otherwise who would you turn to if you were offered the same service everywhere without real explanations, details or demonstrations of what is being advanced?

Reveal your secrets and work on your SEO

I would dare to imagine who will be relevant with the arguments, and who will give you the added value to make a difference. So I can tell you it will generate business!

Let’s take an example:

If you’ve worked on an effective marketing strategy that turned out to be a winner for a client, create content that showcases all of your work. Work through the different steps until you demonstrate the results obtained or potentially those that could be obtained. Create tutorials, provide details etc …

What will happen then?

  • Some will fail to replicate your work.
  • The others will not have time.
  • There are some who lack human resources, tools, etc.
  • Companies will prefer to entrust you with the task of tying yourself to the results.

And no doubt many other valid reasons!

But there will be someone who will mimic your marketing recipe and maybe get the same result, or even better! Once again: how many will succeed and how many will not be able to launch, due to the lack of the constraints listed above?

Even if there are only 3 out of 10 people, and these people contact you! How many of them can you respond positively to? Will you have time? Should you delegate? Will you have to postpone the mission and start filling your calendar?

We’re just talking about a recipe here! So obviously! a crucial point is missing in all of this; Be found! and then joins specific content to come, which encourages you to create a website when you are a community manager, if at that time community managers are aware of this content, they will understand better.

Now let’s see why to work on SEO to make real sense of his work, like the disclosure of his little secrets.

Why work on SEO in parallel?

You should have realized by now that SEO will serve you position on search engines be found by your customers. Imagine for a moment that one of your content hits first position on Googleand that would generate traffic between 500 and 1000 clicks per month.

Why work on SEO in parallel?

Still here ! To how many people of those who would invite you, could you respond favorably?

A single well-placed piece of content could fill your agenda!

And there are those who tell you that a website is not very useful, and as for those who have one, it will not necessarily reveal their secret recipes.

I’ll leave you then see the full potential what can this recipe have that I give you, and which many still apply. But think that for a freelancer it can change your life, if you take the time to create a website and the content to be produced will follow.

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