Knowing how to refer to a clothing e-commerce site


Discover the most common mistakes that prevent you from correctly referencing an e-commerce site in the field of fashion.

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The biggest difficulties to create a clothing e-commerce

Since the 2010s, e-commerce has experienced a real explosion. The Covid crisis has accentuated this phenomenon. Today, to continue to exist, it is absolutely necessary to digitize. Yes, but if installing an e-commerce site is advertised as easy by some CMS, the truth may be quite different. Before jumping headlong, in fact, the project must be thought and matured. Marketing strategy, brand image, SEO, nothing is left to chance. This is all the more true for e-commerce in competitive areas such as clothing.

The marketing strategy, the basis of your e-commerce

The idea of ​​an e-commerce focused on clothing matures in your head. You are eager to create it and even more to put it online. But be careful, if you want to skip the steps, you risk sinking your e-commerce yourself.

In fact, before you want to sell your clothes, ties and shoes, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. Just like with physical clothing stores, you have to integrate all the classic communication levers into an upstream strategy. The essential levers for any communication strategy and any marketing strategy are:

– the search for your person ?;

– the definition of your promise ?;

– any barriers to purchase (and the answers to be provided) ?;

– the advantages of your products ?;

– your narration

It is this “classic” strategy. what your digital strategy will entail. Whether you want to do it yourself or choose to hire a digital marketing agency like Mindfruits.

SEO, your biggest challenge

SEO is on everyone’s lips today. And for good reason … being at the top of Google’s results is the guarantee of getting the best click-through rate. But you still have to get there.

If ten years ago you could still easily rank on a competitive keyword, things have changed a lot. Today, to have a chance to reach the top, your keyword strategy needs to be thought out in advance.

It is more about using vague words like “men’s suit” to fool yourself of a top spot in the SERP. Today, the keyword strategy needs to be worked on in more detail. Now we need more complex keywords that identify, if possible, the DNA of the brand. For a shop like Hockerty, the “men’s suit” thus becomes a “tailor-made men’s suit” to underline the specificity of the brand.

The complete strategy must be thought upstream. It is then integrated, right from the start, in the creation of the site, in particular with the tree structures, the multifaceted menus and the logical links between the pages.

ADS strategies to implement yourself

Even with a smart SEO strategy, getting results at the top of the SERP can be time consuming. In general, even for a specific keyword like Hockerty’s “tailored men’s suit”, it takes several months to see real results.

An “advertising” strategy with ADS is therefore necessary to “launch?” the brand. This affects both awareness and acquisition.

Notoriety and storytelling, your best support

Notoriety is essential to progress on the web. For this, a brand has two main assets:

– storytelling;

– visual creations.

Storytelling will give the brand DNA. It is he who will make readers want to follow you. In general, storytelling is accompanied by visibility campaigns, especially through articles for guests.

Quality visual designs are essential from the start. It is with them that you will communicate both in your advertisements and on social media. Because, today, the use of social media is fundamental in all marketing strategies, and even more so with a clothing e-commerce. Facebook, of course, but also Instagram and TikTok are essential for your notoriety.

A rapidly evolving acquisition

Acquisition also takes more time to set up. You should expect 3-6 months of optimization before campaigns bring you a good return on investment. Shopping on Google is also evolving and will require quality images, photos and videos very soon, more than ever.

E-commerce is booming. Online stores have never been so numerous. The fight for the top positions in the SERP is intense. Generic keywords are no longer accessible. In a competitive industry like apparel, you need to be resourceful to get better results. Hockerty also understood the principle with a positioning centered on his specialty: tailored men’s suits. Furthermore, you have to think about all your upstream marketing to directly activate the right levers: storytelling, advertising, social media with a strong position and visuals of great impact.

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