La Poste Mobile reorganizes itself around data, retaining its customers and avoiding the “alarm clock”

La Poste Mobile, La Poste’s mobile operator, has carried out a major transformation of customer data over four years. To do this, the operator created his own in-house teams with expertise in data for both marketing and IT. They have regained control of the use of data and associated tools and strengthened their collaboration on these issues.

The customer data transformation project started in 2018

La Poste Mobile is a joint subsidiary of La Poste and SFR created in 2011. It markets mobile offers based on the SFR network. The data transformation project started in 2018. The operator’s churn rate, ie the starting rate of its customers, was therefore 10 points higher than the market average.

La Poste mobile reduced the churn rate of its base of 2 million customers by 2 points in 2020, excluding the Covid effect and reaffirmed in 2021

First results of the data transformation, La Poste mobile reduced the churn rate of its base of 2 million customers by 2 points in 2020, excluding the Covid effect and reduced the churn rate by a further 2 points in 2021 thanks to implementation of a new score to calculate a customer’s risk of exit. This score was built with the Equancy consulting firm. ” It really is a great success says Constance d’Ambrières, head of digital marketing and customers at La Poste Mobile. She spoke at the “Data and AI” event organized by the Hub Institute on May 17th.

This success validated the approach. ” This allowed us to ensure that the organization would invest resources in IT, marketing and customer relations. she continues. Two fewer abandonment points means 35,000 customers retained per year. ” Two abandonment points equals 1 month of conquest. It is as if we have made 1 more month of sales explains Costanza d’Ambrières.

A Test & Learn approach that brings data into La Poste Mobile’s strategic plan

La Poste Mobile’s marketing team proceeded step by step, using Test & Learn and worked to convince Codir at every stage, achieving good results through good use of data. ” Over the years we have managed to mobilize the company to the point that our Data Acceleration project is part of the company’s strategic plan. says Nina Crazover, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer of La Poste mobile. You are involved in communication, marketing, CRM and digital.

We had a mass approach, and we gave discounts to the people who would stay

In 2018, the dropout score was outsourced and poorly controlled by La Poste Mobile’s internal teams. Actions to reduce customer departures were mass actions, regardless of the value of each customer. ” We have taken a mass approach, treating all customers equally. It didn’t necessarily meet their expectations and we gave discounts to people who would stay she continues.

The data analysis skills were very much on the side of the information system and not the trade and it was necessary to find a free moment in the roadmap of the information systems teams to carry out the projects. ” We weren’t in the action of reaction as we can be today Nina Crazover proceeded to persuade Codir of data contributions based on specific business cases, which unlocked subsequent funding to drive data transformation.

The important thing is to show the results to Codir

You have to start with a very specific business case in which I was able to get results, which I was able to show in Codir. Codir has been able to understand, see that there are results and move forward, work on another business case. This is how we validated the additional investments each time and it required more scalability she explains. All individually produced evidence on specific cases was routinely presented once a week to Codir. ” This brought a dynamic, Codir saw concrete results and said it was ready to invest also in my teams, in the IT department, in the loyalty unit of customers at risk. ” points out.

Let’s start with a business problem with specific questions “

The challenge was to engage the entire organization and mobilize the company behind the data. ” We start with a business problem with specific questions to make it a real movement within the organization continues the manager. ” In the beginning, we didn’t have many resources to dedicate to Data as the Data Client was not at the center of the company’s development. recalls Constance d’Ambrières.

In 2019 there was a revision of the abandonment risk score based on the data from the old score that La Poste Mobile had been using up until then. The customer base was segmented by value, with the site partially outsourced to Equancy. The data used are those of the DataWarehouse. There was the rapid launch of the first anti-abandonment campaigns on small cohorts of customers to control the park’s wake-up effect. An analysis of the composition of the customer base was carried out on the basis of risk and value.

Work on very limited perimeters to go fast

This allowed us to demonstrate ROI very quickly with minimal technical effort. she states. As for the results, there was a drop in dropout in the targeted cohorts. ” In terms of lessons, you have to work on very limited perimeters to go quickly, and start with sometimes handcrafted tools, to quickly demonstrate a return on your investment. she holds back.

“If we target cohorts of clients that are too large, we can generate a phenomenon called park wake-up

Test & Learn is the basic principle for demonstrating the effectiveness and return on investment of expenses she resumes. She conducted these tests taking care not to induce the “park alarm” effect. ” On a customer base of 2 million subscribers, the risk is that if we target cohorts of customers that are too large, if we go too fast, we can also generate a phenomenon called Park awakening. she warns.

The park’s wake-up call is to give customers ideas that wouldn’t have come to them if they hadn’t been sent a badly calibrated or unexpected message. ” Customers are surprised by the message they receive and this can have a counterproductive effect. This is why we have always favored small cohorts of clients and always ensuring results over time. We have to stay on course. It’s long because you have to measure the performance of previous campaigns month after month. You have to be patient and grow gradually she advises.

Resist the Codir’s enthusiasm to continue testing

He also had to resist the pressure of the Codir convinced by the success of the data use and wanted to migrate all the customers of the park. The manager managed to defend the possibility of making a targeted address rather with a discount, and not to the whole park because it is too expensive. ” Finally, through this Test & Learn, we have shown that it is more relevant to specifically target and offer some discounts to a few customers, rather than migrating the entire fleet. sums up Nina Crazover. ” We identify the cases that work and generalize them. For example, we decided to include people in customer service, to create a specific unit for loyalty campaigns she illustrates.

The consultants of La Poste Mobile identify through the data that it is a customer at risk

La Poste Mobile identifies customers who present a risk of abandonment thanks to the termination risk score built with Equancy. Either the operator sends them a message proposing an offer that best suits their needs, or when these customers call the operator, the latter has started preparing the customization of the routes. The consultants of La Poste Mobile identify through the data that it is a customer at risk. This allows for a more efficient and personalized experience.

For example, for a customer who risks leaving La Poste Mobile, he receives an SMS suggesting that he reposition himself on another mobile phone offer from the operator. Finally, he asks another topic, and if the climate lends itself to him, in 20% or 30% of cases, the consultant of La Poste Mobile offers him a loyalty offer at the end of the conversation. The customer will be repositioned on another offer. “ We manage to reduce its dropout rate by 40% over the next six months describes Constance d’Ambrières.

It’s time to retrain your dropout risk score

The current phase being implemented at La Poste Mobile is to retrain a customer’s starting risk score with the new fleet behaviors, as the current score is now 2 years old. ” We enrich it with new data. We work on a new technological basis she introduces. La Poste Mobile has also implemented a recommendation engine that allows it to personalize messages on all contact points, in pools and in pushes. This suggestion engine can, for example, suggest a new mobile phone.

“By the end of 2022, all of our touchpoints must enable us to build customer loyalty and develop fleet value”

These are major projects currently under construction. The idea at the end of 2022 is for all of our touchpoints to help build customer loyalty and build fleet value. The goal is to earn another 2 new abandonment points. This makes the challenge bigger. That is why we have to work on all points of contact she announces. “ The data project becomes the cornerstone of the development of the value of La Poste Mobile. He is supported by the management committee and is monitored by all lines of business of the company she concludes.

La Poste Mobile can count on a sales and distribution network with 17,000 contact points in France, of which 8,000 are post offices. La Poste Mobile affirms its desire to be close to its customers. There are municipal post offices where there is no post office.

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