Laura Chateau: “Journalism has never abandoned me”

As of May 2, Laura Chateau took over 12.30pm control over Antenne Réunion. After a six-year hiatus, the reporter returns to her first love and replaces Julien Andy, who now holds the position of deputy director. TO

You return to Antenne Réunion after 6 years of absence. Why did you leave the channel?

Laura Castello: It was quite a personal choice. I wanted to spend some more time with my family. At the time I had a 4 1/2 year old boy who saw very little of his mother. In this environment where everything moves very quickly, it is important to find the right balance between private life, family and core business. I think the question mostly arises when you become a mother. When we are involved in our professional life, it is sometimes good to take a little break so as not to give up on our parental responsibility and to give all the love our children need.

What have you done in this period?

CL: I have carried out communication missions in the fields of culture and sport for a community. For me it was the continuity of my first job as a journalist. I have always tried to promote the local heritage, the culture of Reunion, our talents and our know-how. I talked about the artists and their plans for Reunion. On the sporting side, I highlighted young people who played high-level sports.

What motivated this return to the world of journalism?

CL: Journalism has never abandoned me. It was my first job, a profession of passion. But it’s good to take a break, take a step back. Then I realized I had it in my blood and skin. I like to process information as well as this contact with the people of Reunion.

Why did you go back to Antenne Réunion?

CL: This is the house I grew up in the most. Although I had already made several passes in different media on the island, I was linked to Antenne Réunion. I think it is also a chain that the Reunionese are linked to. Besides, I’ve always had a predilection for audiovisuals. It is a warmer and more immediate actuality through image and sound. Formats that reinforce information. Finally, my return to the presentation was done quite naturally. Especially since it was Julien Andy who expressed the desire to evolve within the editorial staff. Everything went smoothly.

You were an important face on the channel. Did this notoriety remain after your departure?

CL: Even during the health emergency and with the face mask on, the people of Reunion recognized me and challenged me. On several occasions I have been asked: ‘What are you becoming? When are you coming back?’. And it has always warmed my heart.

Are you planning to make any changes to the way the news program works?

CL: We always maintain the same editorial line, with this desire to stay close to viewers and to offer them news that affects their daily lives. Julien Andy put the sign on it with “12:30 and you”. We will not touch it: at every midday meeting I will ensure this continuity with the guests. But there are other things to come too …

Do you have a message for Reunionese?

CL: I am happy and looking forward to finding them, every day from Monday to Friday at 12.30pm. It will be an informative meeting, built together, where the floor will be given. They are the ones who make the news.

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After earning her baccalaureate, Laura Chateau studied Spanish at university, then management at the IAE. Subsequently she graduated in Information and Communication, specializing in journalism and media. Noteworthy fact: you did your first internship at Antenna Réunion. Once graduated, the journalist worked for various local media, on TV, radio and even on the web. Since 2009 you have officially joined the editorial team of Antenne Réunion. La Réunionnaise first aired during a live broadcast in the context of an election. Then during the holidays of December 2010 and January 2011, Laura Chateau held the position of joker presenter. A role that she has covered several times for different editions, before officially taking over the reins of the weekend news. In 2016, the presenter suspended her career as a journalist to carry out communication missions for a community. At the same time, you followed a graduate in digital marketing strategy at a distance. Finally, from May 2nd, Laura Chateau became the new 12:30 presenter on Antenne Réunion. Where it all began.

It is moving in the air

Julien Andy gives way to Laura Chateau and becomes Deputy Director. © Wilfrid Daffon

The return of Laura Chateau is not the only significant change in the editorial team of Antenne Réunion. The presenter replaces Julien Andy, who now holds the position of Deputy Director. He carries out this mission together with the new editor-in-chief, Karen Brun. The latter succeeds Sabrina Supervièle, who left the company. For his part, Antoine Hassler remains at the 7 pm edition and also acts as editorial director. Maëva Pausé, temporarily absent from the screens, is back on the air for the weekend news. Finally, very soon, Maëlys Erissy will present a new information magazine.

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