Lav Flavie Deprez, co-founder and general manager of the social network Carenews

Flavie Deprez’s social networks. Photo credit: iStock

Flavie Deprez shares some of the personalities or structures involved at the moment and in relation to LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram that have evolved from these years.

I have this very acro. Aujourd’hui, j’ai moins le temps. The rehearsal gimmicks and rehearsals put me together and capture what I am connected to. I know that you are one of my parents. The moments are weary and weary of passion. This is a report he knows the alternative is pens. »

« It’s about looking after and supporting the industry and the company, not just in marketing, management and development. He has many new accounts that are of interest to LinkedIn. I don’t have a certificate. »

Maud Sarda, co-founder and managing director of Label Emmaüs

J’ai choisi Maud pour ses tribunes et prizes de paroles fortes. Elle a vraiment le bon ton pour interroger sa communauté sur la consommation de masse … Dans ses posts, elle ne culpabilise pas.

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traoré, Director of Novethic

I can use your posts on finance and economics. Novethic’s expertise is a point of reference on Carenews topics.

Adrien de Blanzy, President of the ADN Group

It’s a medium that I appreciate. Le Shift is very interesting from the point of view of the economic model, the positive effects and the historical richness. All I have! I find there are a lot of problems in the media right now when I’m looking for impact information; it is very important to you, but it is the fault of the information.

Vincent Edin, dedicated chronicler

J’aime sa plume. Et le fait qu’il mette les pieds dans le plat. The selection of books that is part of your contributions is brilliant. Query the system and its position positions very “free”. C’est la troisième personne que j’ai sélectionnée issue du monde des medias, je dois vraiment aimer cela.

“Twitter has a network of controversy, politics and news, and a lot of resources. It is very different from the few years, it is on parlait plus soi et du sektor de l’engagement. This is the immediate fix. I would like to share a triptych with “world association, effect and ESS” with these personalities involved. »

Nils Pedersen, President of La Fonda and General Delegate of Global Compact France

This is an ideal account to support the actuality of ODD and the associative world. Nils remet toujours l’eglise au milieu du village sur ces sujets. It’s a good base for your industry.

Jean Philippe Brun

Jean-Philippe is very good for the ESS and gives all the necessary information.

Jean Moreau

Jean talks about circulating economy and impact. The proportion of different sources is appropriate.

“We just noticed that at the time. This is also a medium of militantism, not just on environmental and egalitarian issues. Instagram is a very interesting event of interest for Twitter. »

National Geographic

I like the National Geographic account. I want to be very active and up-to-date, but there are some posts on the issues that touch me as the condition of life and upbringing of children and ecology. It’s very good animation.

The Great Palace

True, that’s a bit of ADN “culture” lied to by Proust. It is very good. At the moment, it was easy for me to write the best stories in the business. The work of community management It is very cold.

Baptist Beaulieu

It’s a very militant report that makes me laugh. Baptiste Beaulieu is a doctor, poet and novelist. The warning about the state of health and the position of women. He did it stories Supplements on the topics of graves, their cost of living, the pandemic, social conditions, LGBTqi+ topics…

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