Lead Acquisition: Digital Recruiting Leverage Booming!

Lead Acquisition: Digital Recruiting Leverage Booming! Visual credit: DR.

What is Lead Acquisition?

A practice that is spreading more and more among the structures of general interest, lead acquisition is information gathering technique accurate perspectives more or less close to the structure. Lead acquisition includes different marketing techniques in order to convince potential customers to join the organization.

What is a benefit?

One advantage is a more or less qualified contact generated by a prospect. The level of qualification of the contact depends on the information that the prospect is ready to provide to the structure as part of its campaign. The more information you provide, the more qualified the advantage. This intentional act shows the potential client’s interest in the structure, and it is in these contacts that it will arise your future donors.

What information can we acquire?

It is possible to request all the information you want, but these must still meet the expectations of the structure in order to be able to process them in the best possible way. Beware, if you ask for too much informationthe risk of having nothing e losing the potential customer’s interest it’s more important.

He is, at least, asked during the lead acquisition campaigns for the surname, name and e-mail address in order to be able to contact the lead directly in a second step. But you can also request the telephone number with a view to PA transformation through a call center or age during a legacy campaign to better qualify your prospects.

What mechanisms should be put in place to acquire lead?

Petition, poster, quiz, contest … depending on the audience you want, the mechanism put in place can vary. This mechanism should adapt to the speech you want to convey but also campaign objectives : recruit new donors, increase your supporter base, develop your donations … Anything is possible as long as it stays consistent with your goals!

Why acquire leads?

Clearly define your needs before starting

Whatever your needs, the acquisition campaign which will be implemented will meet your expectations. In fact, the flexibility that you can have during the preparation of the campaign allows you not to place barriers to your expectations. However, it is essential to precisely define your needs before taking any action.

Both from recruiting new donors in regular support, the development of sympathizers o data acquisition for a gift campaign, an answer can be given to your expectations. Don’t wait any longer to get started!

A performance-based offering

The bids set up for acquisition campaigns are generally service offers. What is a service offer? You pay only leads collected has a fixed price. This price varies based on the information requested but also on the setting of the campaign, the levers used and the times.

Thanks to this model of remuneration with the agency, since the launch of the campaign, the number of unique leads what this investment will bring you. It’s up to you to transform them later!

Our Genelead solution

Thanks to its experience in buying digital media and its experience in creating and supporting lead acquisition campaigns, Orixa Media has created its own solution: Genelead.

What is Genelead?

Genelead is a tool 100% automated And 100% safe. meet the GDPR standards that allows it generate qualified and exclusive leads for all your campaigns.

Directly through this tool, we can create and distribute your acquisition campaign. Since the creation of the landing page, from the integration of your database (automatic encryption) to the duplication of the collected leads, to the transmission of data to the Call center or to the integration into your database, everything is possible from Genelead. Your secure and unique access allows you to monitor the progress and results of your campaign in real time!

What levers can we use?

The achievement of your goals is made possible thanks to a broadcast of the show. We have set multi-lever campaignswhich have proved to be valid on the various campaigns managed.

Email prospecting through our partners’ databases, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or programmatic, the levers used for your campaign will be driven by performance our team of experts.

A few figures * to convince you

  • 400,000 leads generated in 2021
  • 75% of campaigns compared to 2019
  • € 2.25 excluding VAT per average lead
  • Average campaign duration of 1 month

* Data from campaigns managed by Orixa Media.

How can we support you?

Want to learn more about lead capture campaigns and how to do it? At Orixa Fundraising, our team of experts is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Your campaign implementation can be done within 48 hours of defining your needs and goals. Don’t wait any longer and contact them!

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