Learn a new Illician language to take advantage of all the benefits that come with it!

The importance and benefits of learning at least one foreign language have been strongly felt in recent decades. This is certainly explained by globalization and the ability to travel anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, multilingualism is becoming a highly valued personal quality in the professional sphere. So why not succumb to the idea of ​​speaking more than one language? Today our editorial team presents 6 good reasons to face this challenge right away!

Why is it good to learn a new language now?

With the boom in social media, communicating with people from all corners of the globe is easier than ever. However, the language barrier does not allow us to take full advantage of this opportunity. Not to mention the fact that sometimes it is difficult to exchange even a few words with the other, if the latter turns out to be a stranger. Learning a new language, for its part, gives us the opportunity to meet interesting people, to get in touch with the people around us or even to establish friendships from a distance.

Enhance your social life and communicate more easily with people from different cultures

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Travel and make your adventures more interesting

Travel addict? So one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to learn a foreign language. We guarantee that you will soon discover the many benefits of this decision! Above all, it is an excellent way to explore new cultures, learn about the customs and traditions of other peoples. You can also find much more authentic and cheaper options for accommodation, transport or food. Not to mention that the locals will be able to recommend less touristy and more interesting places to see!

Make the most of your travels

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Have a competitive CV and increase your chances of professional success

Nowadays, bilingual recruiting is booming. Language skills thus become an important resource in the field of logistics, trade and sales, in digital marketing and in many other areas of activity. For this reason, speaking more than one language is becoming an essential condition for having a competitive CV. Furthermore, multilingualism often increases the chances of professional success and professional development.

Write a competitive CV or evolve your career

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Make better use of your potential

According to several studies, bilingualism stimulates brain function making us more intelligent and creative. It also improves our resolution skills, our cognitive performance and even our memory. Among its most appreciated virtues there is also multitasking. In other words, bilingual people seem to be more inclined to move quickly from one task to another.

Boost your intelligence, cognitive performance and creativity

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Have wider access to information

Speaking a foreign language also allows for greater access to information. In this way, with a few clicks of the mouse, we can access specialized and more detailed texts than those available in our mother tongue. The same goes for the media. Reading some news online or watching a foreign broadcast gives us the opportunity to set the record straight and become more aware of the current global situation.

It constantly feeds their curiosity and they have wider access to information online

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Become more confident

Oh yes, you read that right. Learning a new language turns out to be a double strategy for improving your language skills but also your personal development. Indeed, the courage to start communicating in a foreign language and subsequently receive approval and compliments from native speakers has been shown to have a positive impact on our confidence. Therefore, after successfully passing this challenge, you feel better prepared to face future challenges in your life, whatever their nature.

Gain confidence by overcoming the language barrier

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