Les 15 employs les plus demandés in 2021, selon LinkedIn

What are the 15 most popular jobs on LinkedIn in 2021? In 2020, this year is complicated for the market, and to see what is happening with the current one, you are interested in this: 15 employees are the most demanded in 2021, LinkedIn link. LinkedIn, the platform is more professional than ever and the public has reported on these appointments and confirmed that we have imagination. To understand what staff know about the strength of the crown over the past month, we have yet to comment on how we may change with the plumbing crisis. The technologies, health and education are the most important sectors.

15. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Do you know the term Big Data? The science of data, which covers the process of analysis and management of information detected by different domains, is a sector with great projection in recent years, and artificial intelligence between the two.

14. Personal and Professional Trainers

L’Année 2020 a mis à l’épreuve nos capacités autodidactes, et Certains ont choisi de devenir des professionals dans leur domaine, mais d’une manière différente: en utilisant leurs competencies pour aid d’autres personates en tant que mentors ou coaches.

13. Specialized Engineering

The professional platforms indicate that the line of information technology in the cloud and the development of logic are represented among other technological specialties with a 63% crossing of the last two with Microsoft and IBM as the main recruiters.

12. Mental health professionals

Another aspect that will rehabilitate the crisis in the future: mental health. 2020 and this year the price of the conscience of importing allergies from specialists but also the lack of access to the accessible sites and value.

11. Independent of the numeric content domain

The professional market will be followed by the creation of a range of content by progressives in 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021: social networks, podcasts, blogs…

10. Retail Sale

Also in 2020, the supermarkets and the big magazines are concentrating in a few months the compulsory visits of the compulsory for the products of the first need and the best of the characters most loved by cashiers and shopkeepers.

9. Technology

LinkedIn’s report on the general signal that can indicate the peculiarities of certain domains, finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, entertainment …

8. Business

Commercial development and management consulting, product management, business strategy…

7. Experts in numerical marketing

One area that is not missing from this list of applications in 2021 is numerical marketing. These businesses are on the internet and in 2020 we have everything on the internet and what, awareness, sales and relationships with the essential users.

6. Real estate sector

Well, the real estate park is a detail with a lot of uncertainty, the LinkedIn lounge, the residential property is on the hill. Nou avons d’ailleurs dejà évoqué ici la façon dont le télétravail modifie le mode et les lieux de vie des Employés.

5. Customer Service

Because we are priority in 2020, we have all the work, the bureaucracies of bureaucratic procedures, and the entire aura is impenetrable without the work of customer service specialists.

4. Electronic Commerce

Before it was important to buy e-commerce and this is one of the professional sectors as well as the key performers of the day and it is very important to talk to our people in 2021.

3. Medical Personnel

The dream is the profession most in demand in 2020 and its market is among those who know more about the strength of the crown. According to women, the demand for laboratory technicians and clinical assistants increased by 62%.

2. Knowledgeable Medical Professionals

We are interested in the health sector, with special medical professionals, recruiting no more than 50% and making a profit for women of 27 years, not only in the posts of informants.

1. Education

Croyez-le ou non, the profession, which connaîtra la plus forte croissance dans les mois à venir sera l’enseignement. Why? The health crisis derives from the environment and numerical strategies, and the demand for experts in this field has grown by more than 90% in 2020.

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