Les Années Folles: «LinkedIn is a community of people who can’t afford their subscriptions»

Les Nouvelles Publications: Après avoir créé l’an dernier Chasseur de job, vous avez fondé à Paris, avec Clifford Mahu, l’agence Les Années Folles. What’s the idea?

Julien Morrison: We had the agency in 2020. With all the French, we are limited, available and very present on social issues. We realized that we know the connections of companies in the lack of visibility on LinkedIn, all in the presence of the appearance of profiles with a large number of subscribers.

Your agency has 25 influencers. What are your criteria for signing?

It has at least 10,000 subscriptions, more capitulations and an expert. Qu’il s’agisse de finance, de conseil, de RH, d’immobilier. However, this is the influence of our talents that we are not aware of and do not know. Community engagement is also calculated.

How do you make three entries in an influential account and a Lambda account, which is why you pay a lot of subscriptions?

For example, I post the latest reservations on Instagram. When it comes to engagement, it’s okay for the community to be fake. However, the link with LinkedIn, all of this is understandable. We still have to study the exact profile of a community. We appreciate that not only in our customers.

Do you have to think about the influence of those who want to work with you?

We have more plus and two font lodges. Dorith Naon, in Nice (+37,000 subscriptions) and Florent de Lécluse, in Marseille (+15,000 subscriptions). Chacun genere par an des millions de vues sur son LinkedIn.

Would you like to introduce two of them?

Dorith Naon’s park is atypical. She is an expert in social research. Communication and transparency on BFM’s business continuity will be a chronic event for Tech RH’s output. She breaks down to help the people who put the man at the heart of the company. Florent de Lécluse is a Masters in Management and Engineering of Innovation title. The ZeToolBox fund destined to promote TPE / PME traditional in its digitization. It logically specializes in recommending tools and logic to help companies improve their skills.

How high is the memory level? Which tools are useful?

We offer our customers posts, videos and animations of events. I want to post a Monnaye between €500 and €2,000. Avec toujours la mention #collaboration. Chez nous, c’est obligator. We bear the responsibility of the agency. All communications from our influencers are clearly identified.

Is it possible to take a new course to provoke a course with subscriptions?

Peut-être, mais à la difference des autres reseaux sociaux, LinkedIn is a personal community that you do not have to subscribe to. He does not write and swims well. When one of our talents realizes everything, a demo or real added value. Donc, an account that aurait a community without coherence and comme je vous l’ai dit, aucune knowledge propre, ne peut prétendre à devenir impactur. The talent of our talents is 40 years old. What are all points in your domain. D’ailleurs, ce nouveau metier peut devenir une source de rémunération pour desil seniors, en manke de perspective d’evolution dans leur entreprise.

What types of customer inquiries do you have?

Cela peut être une neo-banque qui souhaite toucher des PME, une avocate d’affaires désireuse de booster sa visibility auprès of start-up, une mark partysur veut augmenter sa notoriété à chaque demande, nus construison a campaign of communication adapté.

They are pioneers in this emerging sector. What development prospects do you see?

Our intentions include a new design of new talent. Sachant qu’enintern, to an agent heut suivre 10 to 15 talents. And surtout, since 2023 we have penetrated the English, German and Italian markets. Car là-bas, il n’existe pas encore une agency telle la notre. To do everything …

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