Les imperiales 2022: the news of the 5th edition (VIDEO)

Under the theme “Morocco tomorrow: brands, culture, talents, technology”, the fifth edition of the Impériales brings several innovations, with a highlight of the event which will be characterized by the presentation of the study “Les Marocains et le made in Morocco”.

Les Impériales, the annual meeting of marketing, communication, media and digital professionals, returns with new innovations in its fifth edition, which will take place in the week from 19 to 25 September 2022 in Casablanca, under the theme “Morocco Tomorrow : Brands, Culture, Talents, Tech “.

A program innovative
This year, therefore, “Les Impériales” returns with a rich program and the support of an audience of national and international experts. Its organizers have in fact decided to innovate with the introduction of different original formats. Including a television, a quick speech, keynotes, as well as panels and workshops on the theme of the future “Morocco Tomorrow: Brands, Culture, Talents, Tech”. The highlight of these days will be the opening ceremony, the presentation of the study “Moroccans and Made in Morocco”.

Also scheduled is the “Love Brand” evening for the presentation of the Love Brand and The good pitch trophies and the gala evening for the presentation of the “Les Étoiles” trophies. It should be noted that it is on the initiative of the Association Les Impériales, created in 2018, that the event of the same name has become, over the years, one of the flagship national sectoral meetings of the year. A sector made up of over 8,500 SMEs and representing a turnover of almost 12 billion DH, one of the rings of the national economy.

Thus, with almost 3,000 Moroccan and international participants in previous editions, especially in 2019 and 2020, “Les Impériales” is positioned as a meeting point for the various players in the Marketing, Communication and Media sectors, be they advertisers, agencies, brands or independent.

A theme topical
As for the theme of the 5th edition, the organizers wanted it to be topical. It is deliberately in line with the New Development Model, in particular in terms of promoting national skills, talents and know-how.

In this perspective, the concept of “Nation branding” has been placed at the center of the national economic recovery strategies, a real catalyst that will guarantee a great dynamic for the recovery of our national economy, both on the local and international market. In this regard, Anouar Sabri, president of the Les Impériales Association, assures that “the role of the Marketing and Communication sector is undeniable, in contributing to the promotion of national competitiveness and the promotion of the Morocco brand”.

During the conference to announce the event, the organizers detailed the various prizes that will be awarded next September and declared the registrations open for the 5th edition. Indeed, participation in the “Les Etoiles” trophies is already open to brands, agencies, internal marketing teams, designers, consultancy firms, public relations agencies, charities and all other organizations that have provided top-notch marketing. in 2020 and 2021. Entries must be submitted online on the official website of the event. *

Furthermore, during the week of the Imperial 2022 event, the “Museum of Advertising and Media” will resume its neighborhoods in Casablanca, with the aim of tracing a panorama of the advertising objects that have founded the history of this sociology of art in Morocco . “From its birth to its most recent creations, the Museum’s collection bears witness to the richness and evolution of Moroccan advertising and media culture”, assures the Association.

Furthermore, after each edition, the Association will retrace all the scientific contents developed during the event in its book “L’Essentiel”, which will resume the substantial points of the topics and conferences dealt with during the event, as well as detailed cases – studies of all the campaigns presented.

Anouar Sabri

President of the Les Impériales Association

“The theme” Morocco Tomorrow: Brands, Culture, Talents, Tech “will be divided into several axes, creating the link with the sector, connecting the market to the major trends in marketing, digital and new technologies, rehabilitating the cultural dimension of production advertising, promoting their professions and talents, and looking to the future, in particular, highlighting the new wave of Web 3.0 and the metaverse “.

Sanae Raqui / ECO Inspirations

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