«LinkedIn, a subtle exercise in style for conductors», by Nicolas Daniels d’Ulysse Communication

Nicolas Daniels, co-founder of Ulysses Communication

Nicolas Daniels at Ulysses Co-Fund in 2014, a corporate communications cabinet. He had a career as a journalist at Figaro Economy before D&D Communication, a branded content agency. As co-author of the offer “Companies: Responsibility and trust – 12 tomoignante conductors” for business issues, he specializes in advising on communication with conductors.

Digital leadership and “leading online” is a subtle art of naming the most important and important leaders. Et la crisis sanitaire a encore accelelere le movement en faisant exploser l’audience de LinkedIn. Aujourd’hui, c’est donc clairement sur cette plateforme qui reassemble 70% of the active population in France qu’il faut être vu et entendu. Sans all jusqu’à dire smatérer qu’un post LinkedIn a autant d’impact qu’une prize de parole sur un plateau TV, il ne faut plus sous-estimer la portée du réseau social dans la construction de l’image du dirigeant et his company. Or hit up the editorial team on LinkedIn for a candid and subtle way that goes beyond journalism.

Before you start and define your position, some questions are:

  • Why invest in a LinkedIn content strategy? It can upfront meet the values ​​of your organization, your people, your skills and knowledge, or complement your parties’ awareness of a particular issue.
  • What should I do? Employee experience on the territory of others: Take the time to evaluate what other leaders of your industry partner are expressing on the territory. At LinkedIn, that’s the originality that pays off in the long run.
  • What numerical identity do you find? Chacun dans le cadre professionalne a son style et son ton propres. It’s in the middle of social media: anchor a narrative in the durée necessite de s’astreindre à un style rigoureux, en ligne avec ce que l’on souhaite

Position: You are not your employer.

On LinkedIn to office difference, you don’t know what you’re doing: you know what you’re doing. L’usage du “Je” auquel s’ajoutent vos ressentis, vos intuitions ou vos inquiétudes humanise vos propos et permet à vos publics de se s’identifier – ou non. Still, he had the guts to seize the opportunity to meet the consensus he was able to create a very busy audience. The position does not allow the commitment and this logic to be a sembler opposée à une autre: la course aux «likes». Sur la durée, elle est toutefois bien plus payante. You don’t have a job and you have to keep in mind that the role of a leader in the community is less inspiring than possible.

Submit Singles: a title to be incarnated in 100 characters

The little phrase about your name on LinkedIn can be found on the anode, or it won’t happen. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to incarnate while traversing a solid online lineage, and this is your profile’s 100-character title that will help you sort through the battles. The reflex of all chacuns is to provide the title of your post, but it can be very nice to explain that you can live in your professional life. A way of digging into the depths of your bravery university and say your sanity and age.

Top of the range: Information before the rehearsal

He has to find a subtle balance in the emancipation of the course he likes and the price in the account of the properties of the LinkedIn algorithm. Opter pour deux posts par semaine, par example le mardi et le jeudi matin, est souvent suffisant. Prefer the crowd, this is the risk of losing the password. Ne pas aller non plus toujours vers le plus evident. If the publications that work are among those that are at the forefront of personal experience, staff work, and self-empowerment, a credible management strategy, like a medium in general, is a generous and long-term graffiti. It also offers an opportunity to position oneself on the subject of Lesquels on the other side of the experiment and to engage the public in the face of a large quadrant composing The One. The rest of the information product is an action that requires much support in our expression areas.

A humble and careful way

The quality of the information provided, the journalistic information, depends on the quality of the veil over the topics of the Internet. Celle-ci doit all au-delà de la simple presentation des Echos ou du Figaro du jour et privilegier der sources moins évidentes, notamment la presse étrangère qui donne une ouverture sur le monde. He has the courage to educate the community on the issues that relate to the society’s vision and illustrate a sense of purpose.

It is not necessary to be able to assemble a team to engage with a strategy that can support your digital leadership and the omnipresent power. When it doesn’t, the performers of many veterans and many veterans are in need: share and apply information to those who feel you are able to make a direct connection between your activity or vision and to make that day. This is not a question due to the monitoring of such commitments by the management strategy adapters to measure your audience.

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