LinkedIn, Viadeo… Comment user les reseaux sociaux professional?

Present interests, be recommended, be visible to recruiters: this is what professional social networks have always done. The explanations given by Dominique Perez, recruitment specialist, are excerpts from his “Guide to the CV, letter of motivation and duration of the embauche”.

In order for the original reviews in the Facebook suite to contain information and professional contacts, The social resources deviate from the incompetent for those recruiting or being recruited – on the LinkedIn site (an American site with more than 6 million members in France and 150 million worldwide) and Viadeo (a French site with 4 million contacts in France and 55 million worldwide). Certain candidates have a reliable marketing strategy See the good deal and be well referenced. If you don’t have a long way to go, we can read up on how these sites affect your visibility.

Fault-il elaborer son profile as a CV?

“A dynamic business card, meanwhile blog and resume” : c’est ainsi qu’Olivier Fécherolle, directeur du development de Viadeo, definitely le rôle des séseaux sociaux. Welcome to the presentation, a profile for two of my graphic innovations with CVs. Most of the possibilities are very interesting, but it’s a live show with a professional world and presents the adventure of the network: you can validate your competences (on LinkedIn) and you can recommend (on LinkedIn and Viadeo). Is correct the members of your network (Couples, anciens patrons, voire collègues de promotion) about the possibility of storing your expertise in a domain and the condition that allows you to collaborate.

You can also add your profile to your account for other social media reviews, but rest assured that you don’t have to link to LinkedIn on video and LinkedIn and vice versaCommit competition!

To improve your reference, You are interested in changing the url he offers you on social topics. It’s simple: these functions are accessible on video in English “My Account” and on LinkedIn in English “Profile”. You can choose to address your name and, for example, the salutation of your name that can identify you as identified.

Besides working in a “confidential defense” sector, stay present and Bien renseigner son profil sur un réseau social n’est pas le signe absolutely que vous recherchez un emploi de manière active. This is the great adventure of social resources : On the difference of a resume not advertising on the internet signals recruiters that you want to consider big companies for your current business, a profile on social media issues can be created the moment you want a visitor to visit the moment comes! You have everything you need to gain transparency regarding tranquility in a professional field.

N’hésitez pas cependant à “Humanize” your profile in the specified extracurricular Internet centers. “Le monde a beaucoup changé au cours des dernières années, explique Olivier Fécherolle, directeur du developmentpement de Viadeo. He may be ‘pro’ without being sad. The result is a reflection of the Soi…”

Create a solution

N’attendez pas que l’on vous invite. To start your journey, you can Identify people working in your field, systematically invite them after meeting with professional trades, but they don’t care if you don’t invite them. Friends and families whose condition is specific to an organization organized by a professional staff. Reserve top rated messages for private messages on Facebook or Instagram and upload this message.

We would like to recommend that you recommend your skills and areas of expertise, which you do on the condition that these recommendations are and can be correct a minimum argumentées, prouver que vous avez de bonnes relations de travail et que vous n’avez pas travesti la reality. D’Ailleurs, For the frames of the frames, the recruits are in demand, based on the type of references de Recruitment for recruitment on your behalf. Authentic antiquity in light dispenser of (good) grain to kill before the treat!

Write a few lines of presentation

Don’t neglect the presentation you can do this is your debut profile, which you can use as an example to show that you are looking for a job very active

Exemplary presentation of the video on Viadeo

“I am very attentive to the University of Grande Distribution and comfort in selecting our levels in the marketing phase in the area of ​​experience and I am currently leading the production of a simulacrum in the agri-food and consumer goods sectors.

Claire and nettle, this candidate is looking for a job and focuses on her son’s profile and challenges her. He gets upset the equivalent of a cover letter or a motivational email, but you don’t want to pass on the formulas of the main courts; the resources are always direct.

Exemption from the presentation in the form of a letter on Viadeo

“Hello and welcome to my profile,

Passionate about entrepreneurship, business model innovation and education, start-up interventions, PME and institutions on issues related to business creation, strategy, financial finance and other channels. Most recently, he wrote a thesis on founding and supporting entrepreneurship. I am affiliated with […], the reference to the topicality of entrepreneurs and start-ups in France. I have expertise in Management, Commercial & Marketing and Audit / Certification. I am a double degree graduate in Master Specialized Entrepreneur [nom de l’école] and from a master too [nom de l’école]. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

Signature “

He can also help in a commercial plus commercial or “entrepreneurial” way to read a letter presenting services. In this case, he is a man of great importance in the field of teaching on his diplomas and the presentation of his skills, since he is the director of the company aurait sans doute du axer justement en quelques mots sur ses realizations concretes. The fans do this in the suite of their profile on Viadeo.

Choisir des mots-kles pertinents

The title is the first element identified by the search engines, choisissez-le donc avec soin. On the video you can write an “acroch”, a place where you can put your name to summarize what you want to say about what you have to say: “Develop your professional career”, “Innovation” À l’écoute des opportunités”… Vous avez un large choix de formulas, mais il est conseillé, si vous êtes en recherche active, d’y indiker au moins un terme qui vous distance. You are not required to state in the title that you are involved in the search, it is still possible to be counterproductive. “People don’t need ‘responsible marketing and research,’ says one recruiter. “Responsible Marketing” Only

Make the best selection of Mots-Kles that require a minimum of searches: “Quand je cherchais un stage, I have the time to visit the profiles of people in the posts of companies interested in customizing my words, Témoigne par example Marie Sagarzazu, Director of Compte chez, canadienne digital agency qui met in relation of “influencers” (bloggers) et des brands. For example, in the field of digital communication, I can prove that these companies speak of ‘community management’ plus ‘community management’…”

Emmanuel Stanislas, the founder of the Clementine recruitment cabinet, insists on the interest in this research on social issues, in order to impregnate the culture of the company and not just find the goals that determine the determinants of correspondence. “It is possible to consult the profiles, advise, see all the additional comments that appeal to the people in the companies you are interested in, which are your titles. Il ne s’agit pas seulement d’être vu, mais de ‘tout’ voir. If you have a phone line at a company, you can also access the patron’s resume, see what type of formation is in the world, ainsi que les membres de son équipe, voir qui a été embauché rècemment, depuis combien de temps Certains sont partis, etc. This type of search is more than an application that can be used by candidates. take care of the young diplomas.”

Respond to regular information

I would like to say that profiling is that of a maze. Cela ne vous prendra que quelques minut, mais veillez à actualiser regulation vos informations. They have complementary skills Do you have a new customer, do you want a price, do you have a new foundation? Pensez à l’ajouter aussitôt.

This update is relevant to reading your profile, which will help you make progress and give you a chance to be referred to me. As a matter of fact, The information provided can be repaired in Google searches Recruiter effects.

A good strategy: Oser!

Baptist in charge of communications in a large engineering school, formerly available to any student looking for a message: “Lors de mes recherches sur Internet, I advised social networks to recognize the absences and identify companies that need hiring. For example, I will be able to pass a job as Director of Communications and I paid attention to the contours of the post. It was written that the service was provided by a team of three people. Not having the experience to respond to the Director’s offer, I put forward a candidacy for one of his team’s positions.

Information on the inauguration of the new building, The Baptist is open to open doors and can live up to the responsibility of communication To debate with the most informative person, make sure you play with a good souvenir. “Il n’avait pas de poste à pourvoir à ce moment-la, mais j’ai pu lui dire que j’avais postulé en amont.” Back to the link, read a link on LinkedIn and the link available and l’intereê de leur Discussion de visu. It is also marked by the memory of the prospective recruiter.

To discover the student’s studies:
“The guide to the CV, the letter of motivation and the effort of the embauche”,
by Dominique Perez, recruitment specialist.

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