Loubna Hajji: “Our vision of digital transformation is inspired by the expectations of our customers”

Loubna Haji
BMCI Marketing, Innovation and Digital Director

BMCI recently launched a new innovation on the market: the Visa biometric card. New faster and safer payment method made available to its customers, it is a national and international debit card (payment and withdrawal), assisted by the dirham account. Details on this innovative solution with Loubna Hajji.

What need does the launch of the BMCI Biometric Card meet?

The payments market is booming and we need to constantly innovate to deliver unique and unprecedented user experiences.

As a result, BMCI attaches great importance to supporting technological innovations through a new biometric card offering aimed at private banking customers and promoting the card by differentiating and improving the user experience.

What investments have been made for the deployment of this first national team?

BMCI has chosen to adopt the latest technological advances placed on the world market in terms of means of payment. We are very proud to be the first bank in Morocco to offer a contactless biometric card to our customers. Furthermore, as a responsible bank, we have also opted for a connector made entirely of recyclable plastic.

There is innovation behind the launch of this card, what are the technical aspects for its implementation?

The card is equipped with a connector that allows the cardholder to register their fingerprint in seconds. A fingerprint sensor is integrated into this card which makes it unnecessary to enter a PIN code on the TPE.

All you have to do is put your finger (previously registered fingerprint) on the card at the time of the transaction. The biometric check is carried out directly on the card providing additional security in order to avoid cases of fraud.

Respect for personal data is an essential aspect of BMCI’s strategy, what are the advantages of the biometric card in this sense?

The Visa Infinite biometric card allows the use of two fingerprints for biometric control based on strong authentication at the time of the transaction. The two fingerprints are not stored either on the card or on the connector (registration reader).

Fingerprints cannot be accessed. Only some particular points or aspects of the fingerprint image are acquired and encoded in a mathematical representation. The fingerprint image can never be reconstructed from this data, because it is only partial.

And the various services offered to customers holding this card?

This card provides access to the same services as a Visa Infinite card. Several programs are offered to customers, namely discount programs in high-end hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies, access to various airport lounges and many other benefits. For more details, please consult our website.

Can you remind us of the main axes of your digital transformation strategy?

Our vision of digital transformation is directly inspired by the expectations of our customers, our shareholders and even our employees. Our customers remain at the center of our concerns with the main goal of serving them better and better.

The dematerialization of our processes and products has become a major challenge to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. BMCI’s digital strategy has been built around 3 major ambitions: facilitating day-to-day banking, simplifying the banking relationship and supporting our clients from start to finish.

To give us the means to realize our ambitions, our action plan focuses on 4 main pillars. First, the digitization of customer journeys. At this level, the digitization of our customers’ key journeys remains essential.

Then there is Selfcare Banking, which aims to increase the empowerment of our clients. For us, our customers must be able to carry out their banking operations in complete autonomy and have access to services and features with high added value that simplify their daily life. The third pillar of our digital transformation strategy focuses on Mobile First.

The growing use of the mobile device in Africa, and more particularly in Morocco, pushes us to review the uses and to ensure that our products and services are easily consumable from the Mobile.

Fourthly, we are working on Phygital, whose goal is to ensure the continuity of the digital experience in agencies for better support and to ensure omnichannel to maintain consistency / continuity between online and physical channels.

Our client must be able to choose the channel with which he wishes to interact and change as he pleases whenever he wishes.

What will be the next news that the bank will launch in the future? What needs will they meet?
BMCI’s roadmap is ambitious to respond quickly and in the best possible way to the expectations of its customers. Functional enhancements are planned on several aspects with, in particular, BMCI Connect to give our customers even more autonomy in the daily management of their account.

In general, the new products and services, which will be launched by BMCI later this year, will help to fully satisfy our customers.

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