Louis Vuitton is the most valuable French brand in the world

According to 2022 world ranking Kantar BrandZ, French luxury brands are now among the most popular brands in the world! And this, with a record increase in their estimated value of + 45%. This is all the more true as Louis Vuitton this year enters the TOP 10 of the most popular brands! The group is thus the first in France to be able to climb this prestigious world ranking.

French brands: a growth worthy of the world giants!

This 2022 edition of Kantar Brand Z Top100TM notably reveals that French luxury brands have experienced record growth this year, with a progress of 45%, a rate comparable to that of the global tech giants.

Cartier, among others, is part of this dynamic. The brand shows a spectacular increase in brand value of 88.3% compared to 2021. The highest growth rate of all brands in the Kantar BrandZ Top100TM, unheard of for a French brand. Among other tricolor successes:

  • Hermès records the 5th highest growth rate in the ranking (73%),
  • Lancôme is back in the standings at 87th position.

Marie-Agathe Nicoli, Head of Brand, Kantar Insights France comments: ” The current values ​​of the company are combined with the values ​​of luxury: sustainability, timelessness, anchoring in the territories and enhancement of craftsmanship forge points of reference in a period of uncertainty. All these factors related to France’s ability to attract creative geniuses for several centuries and at the same time a rapid appropriation of digital (e-commerce, NFT, etc.) explain the exceptional growth of this sector. “.

The success of ” Luxury “ !

The value of luxury brands increases by an average of 45%, thanks in particular to the success they are enjoying on the Chinese market. For Bain & Company, Chinese consumers accounted for 33% of luxury purchases worldwide (at home and abroad) in 2019. A share, which will increase to 46-48% in 2025. For 2022, the ‘company expects a 20% increase in their purchases, “Thanks to a partial return to travel abroad, but also thanks to the arrival of new consumers in this segment and the good dynamism of women”.

Closely linked to luxury, the care and hygiene products market is also experiencing strong growth (17%), which can be explained by a renewed interest in self-care after the anxiety-inducing period of COVID and subsequent confinements. This notion is illustrated by the 24% growth of L’Oréal Paris, the class leader.

Louis Vuitton at the top of the most popular French luxury brands

Thanks to a 64% increase this year, Louis Vuitton is entering the inner circle of the most popular brands in the world. The flagship brand of the LVMH group enters the top 10 of the ranking, in tenth position, with a brand value of 124.3 billion dollars. It is the first French brand to achieve this performance and the first European brand since 2010 in a ranking that has since been entirely dominated by American and Chinese brands.

Photo credit: KANTAR

European brands are progressing at the pace of American brands

Buoyed by the dynamism of the luxury sector, European brands are advancing at an average rate of 25%; growth equivalent to that of American brands, and much higher than that of Chinese brands. The latter also show a negative rate (-7%).

The United States is benefiting in particular from the dynamism of some technology giants (Apple, n ° 1, + 55%, Google, n ° 2, + 79%, Microsoft, n ° 4, + 49%, AirBnB which is joining part of the ranking at 99th place) and also the thriving fast-food market, with a strong progression of McDonald’s (No. 6, + 27%) and KFC entering the ranking at 95th place).

The Tech sector in the world, a dynamism marked by a slight shortness of breath

Tech brands have once again demonstrated their dynamism with an average growth of 46% for the industry’s leading brands. In fact, the tech giants dominate the rankings, with Apple, Google and Amazon in particular on the podium. With a brand value close to trillions of dollars (947.1 billion dollars), Apple is up 55% since 2021 and climbs to the top spot.

This domain of GAFAM is partly explained by the diversity of their portfolios; By offering services at the crossroads of technology, entertainment and payment platforms, these companies have diversified into multiple markets, which is demonstrated by above-average growth and solid brand value.

Tesla is also a good example of a company at the crossroads: the American auto giant and leader in its category leaps from position 47 to position 29 in the ranking, making it one of the most successful success stories of the year.

The lesson to be learned?

This edition marks a new fact: the distress of some brands, excluded from this overall progression. Thus Facebook (-18%), Tencent (-11%) or Alibaba (-14%) remain in the top 10 and see the value of their brand decrease from one year to the next; Amazon shows only 3% growth. And there is a lesson to be learned from it, as Marie-Agathe Nicoli describes it so well.

The 17th edition of the global Kantar BrandZ Top100TM report shows us the importance of brand building to continue growing in markets devastated by the pandemic and war in Ukraine. The brand is the most important asset of a company and represents a guarantee of essential value in a period of high and lasting inflation. “Says Marie-Agathe Nicoli.

She continues: ” In these uncertain times, marketing investment decisions must be made using concrete, explanatory and predictive consumption indicators. The Kantar BrandZ Top 100 brand evaluation clearly shows the key role of marketing in developing brand value, giving it meaning, reinforcing its difference and developing its relevance. “.

Photo credit: KANTAR

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