Married, Hipto and Avent Media become the great leaders of intentional lead and performance marketing.

7 April, birth of the group OLYN, candidate in France for the position of leader in omnichannel engagement and bringing together Advent media (Harry Melki), Network of influencers, Hipto And Skaze (David Levy). The group, supported by GIMV, aims to respond to the challenges posed by the irruption of the omnichannel in customer journeys, by the activation of prospects. OLYN thus configured already reaches over 35 million euros in consolidated turnover. Read more in En-Contact issue 124 about these entrepreneurs and the emergence of performance marketing.

According to our exclusive information, a first significant growth operation has just concluded and is expected to bring together Hipto and Avent Media, two renowned agencies in the market for intentional leads and omnichannel performance-based marketing (lead generation). Having Hubspot, Salesforce, or other lead nurturing tools isn’t everything in digital commerce because CRMs store and improve the data they collect. In advance, you need to acquire customers or build traffic to the store. The “Conversociads” help in this.

What is intentional driving? ?

Charles-Emmanuel Berc (president of Vipp) and Léo Hauet (co-founder of Hipto) exchange their contact details at the Salon Stratégie Clients 2022.

To find owners about to sell their property, real estate agencies leave letters or items in your inbox. To unearth potential potential customers, telecom operators, insurers or radiator manufacturers purchase qualified registrations of potential insured subscribers. We call this informed and refined data of potential customers, having agreed to be solicited, intentional leads.

Booming, this market on which a small dozen French players work seriously and often on performance, sees its first operation of growth and consolidation, thanks to the combination of Hipto And Advent media.

Founded by schoolmates Kilian Le Menestrel and Leo Hauet, Hipto has made a name for itself with its short, punchy snack videos., designed internally and then distributed on Facebook and which allow you to identify prospects and qualify their contact details. The data collected in this way is then transferred to brands or telemarketing and prospecting companies, which thus improve their performance in the acquisition phase *. Hipto then trains sedentary salespeople to take full advantage of this well-refined, legal “commercial cocaine”. For its part, Avent Media, founded fifteen years ago by Harrys Melki, is a recognized digital agency whose business portfolio goes beyond simply providing leads and prospects. For Swarovski, Clarins, or even Nikon, Avent Media teams design and implement omnichannel systems for customer acquisition or in-store events. The nascent group thus created and financed thanks to a partner is establishing itself as a competitor of groups such as the European Digital Group.

* Forced to continue to win customers and at the same time to do so efficiently, by controlling the cost of acquisition, SMEs or large groups increasingly rely on the services of these service providers, capable of intervening in all sectors or in certain only corporate verticals, such as Selectra or Papernest.

Meet at the TangerCX Forum.

The most dynamic and recognized players on the market, including Tagadamedia, Refine or even Hipto will meet during the Tangier Forum Cx : “North or sub-Saharan Africa is at the same time the continent where we sometimes qualify our files, indicates Jonathan Zisermann or the one on which many telesales platforms use our files, explains Kilian Le Menestrel: I started as an insurance broker and so he had the opportunity to discover an important fact: teleprospecting is a very dry and exhausting job.

Cold calls are dead.

Although more expensive than leased files on the Broker market, intentional leads allow you to establish the total cost of the acquired customer at a lower cost price than in scenarios where we call the hard way: Cold calls are dead. In a legendary scene from David Mamet’s cult film, Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin, a dispatch from Mitch and Murray’s headquarters, has already explained to his mercenary salespeople that the prospective sheets were very expensive for the promoter. That had to be transformed! Cables are like gas, they are expensive and there are not many sources of supply.

Hip to good contacts!

Please note: the marriage should be announced in the next few hours via an official press release, it would be preceded by a separation of the property contract. Each party retains its autonomy within the whole, which has chosen to rely on a financial partner to accelerate the creation of a group specializing in digital marketing.

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