Master SEO in Google SERPs [Podcast]

Google is always looking for ways to push the boundaries and make its search engine smarter.

dr Moz’s Pete Meyers joined me to talk about how you can optimize your site to rank better in Google search results, including title tags, featured snippets, results in pullback, and other Google SERP real estate opportunities.

If you want to rank higher in Google search results, this episode is for you! Get insights that improve your online presence and give users the right information they need when searching.

There’s more volatility and it’s harder to identify a single thing. And now Google says about three to 4000 changes a year. On average ten a day. – dr Pete Meyers, 9:00 a.m

I’m seeing a growing trend of pushing people from general information requests to something more commercial, a little further down the funnel. Google is trying to bring you side-by-side from fridge to fridge freezer in Chrome. To the point where the ads will be more effective. – dr Pete Meyers, 7:00 p.m

First, make sure your new SEO KPI is in place on your phone team. It’s about someone answering the phone. – Loren Baker, 42:10

[06:40] – What Dr. Pete moved to Moz.
[08:59] – Are there any other changes to Google’s forecast?
[11:35] – Changes at Google that have a positive effect on site operators.
[16:32] – Should SEO professionals learn to work in the Google ecosystem?
[23:21] – Should we commit to the hybrid approach of PPC and organic?
[25:15] – Is the domain authority a Google or Moz metric?
[28:10] – How to define authority in research.
[29:13] – The difference between domain authority and page authority.
[31:06] – If a brand becomes more popular, does visibility outside of the brand also increase?
[37:57] – Which components of SEO should not be overlooked?
[45:16] – Changes made by Google that changed the behavior of the website owner or the user.
[52:23] – Will SEO be left behind with Web 3.0?
[57:13] – Does Google rotate the first 10 results?

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As long as there are places to find things, people who want to see things, and other people who want to be found, there will be SEO, form or form. What it looks like and how we do it will change. – dr Pete Meyers, 53:11

I wanted Search Engine Journal to be about search engines, not just SEO or paid search, because I believe search engines are the glue that holds the internet together. And no matter which page you are on, you must find what you are looking for. So there’s SEO and paid search for everything. – Loren Baker, 55:22

I don’t think we understand how much things are changing. And it’s not just Google that’s making the rounds, you know, the world is changing, our intent changes day by day as new information comes in. – dr Pete Meyers, 1:01:28

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If you want to know what’s going on with Google, Dr. Pete has your back! He spends his days working as a marketing scientist for Moz in Seattle. His job is to monitor changes made by algorithms for periods from 2002 to the present – so trust us when we say this guy knows his stuff!

dr Pete is not only a computer scientist, but also a psychologist and an entrepreneur! After building an events startup in the early years, he came to Moz. In his day-to-day responsibilities, he works with the Marketing and Data Science teams to develop product research and data-driven content.

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