Maud Coiret: a digital expert woman in the service of Dracénie

“ANDn Dracénie, there are real hidden nuggets and very far from digital “, observed Maud Coiret. At 32, the young woman who grew up in La Motte then studied in Draguignan, supports companies and traders in the digital sector.

“From logos to feeding social networks and writing texts on websites to promote SEO, I approach everything according to them, at their own pace”explains its mission.

“And it is exciting to be able to help them highlight their identity, their work and their know-how”.

Because it is the communication from which Maud Coiret comes. After graduating from high school Jean-Moulin in Draguignan, the young woman enrolled in the Skema Business School in Sophia-Antipolis to learn business communication.

“A strong experience that also allowed me to study and live in London”remember.

He has been browsing it for some time as a web marketing communication assistant.

Back on the other side of the Channel, Maud Coiret returned to her native Dracénie and returned to the French Riviera for work. “I was in charge of development with companies to increase or improve their activities, both internal and external”explains. “I traveled an hour every day to Mandelieu.”

He then added many strings to his arc as e-commerce customer relations manager in Cogolin, then customer manager of digital and print communication in Draguignan.

“I gradually touched on many aspects of digital: branding, SEO, social networking and writing content for websites”she lists.

Want “take your independence and leave the workforce”, Maud decides to start in 2019. You have created your own digital communication consulting company. This is the beginning of the Com ‘Effect.

The young woman accompanies Dracénie merchants and artisans so that they can “take responsibility for the communication and development of one’s business”.

It shows the dynamism of Dracénie

Over time it makes discoveries and encounters. “I’ve been in the area for years and the people I meet are resourceful or have great stories, but they don’t want to talk about it and they’re shy.”she regrets.

It is in this enhancement of the territory that Maud fits. Last February a group of digital actors from Dracénie was born. Dubbed DracéTech, the structure brings together local digital actors and large national groups to create synergies.

Neither one nor two, Maud was immediately involved in the structure, now sits on the board of directors. “I hope this group demonstrates all the dynamism and potential of the Dracénie”she smiles.

A sector that is still very masculine

In the digital world, women like Maud Coiret are few.

“There aren’t many of us, but that’s not a handicap either, although more diversity never hurts,” said the 30-year-old.

Create vocations from high school

On the scale of France, only 6% of employees and actors in the sector are women.

“It’s still too little”, says Bruno Mestre, president of DracéTech, the digital group of Dracénie.

“But we are already working to feminize our workforce a little more.”

Evode’s boss, located on the Lorgues Campus, works with these colleagues to create vocations from high school.

“We regularly organize digital conferences so girls can grasp digital and it’s not just for men.”explains when creating the digital nesting.

The last of its kind took place at the Thomas-Edison school complex in Lorgues on March 18.

“The sector is not yet very feminized because digital, coding and web development still have the old image of the geek stuck on their skin”adds Maud Coiret.

“But like video games, women will take the field.”

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